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TJJ TV/Videos
DV8 Atlanta - Ultra All Inclusive Event
DV8 Atlanta 2008

May 16th, 2008
Atlanta Jouvert 2008
Atlanta Jouvert 2008

May 23rd, 2008
Carnival Eruption with Machel Montano HD
Carnival Eruption

May 24th, 2008

May 24th, 2008
Shine Atlanta "The Ultimate Breakfast Party"
Shine Atlanta 2008

May 25th, 2008
Euphoria! The Sexy Soca Party

May 25th, 2008
8th Annual Wear White Las Lap
Wear White Las Lap

May 25th, 2008

Masquerader on the road at Downtown ParadePanidad on the scene! Well, Atlanta Carnival for me started at 2pm on Friday May 23rd, when my flight left LAX. Gosh I'm ready for some humidity. Now, I don't care what the West Coasters say about the humidity... I lllllove it! It's just home!!

So anyway, I reach ATL @ 11:50PM. I disembark the plane and right at the gate I see the orange sign of Atlanta Caribbean Carnival greeting me. smile How exciting! I felt soooo important! That was Glenda picking up lil' ole me right by the gate! Now, dat's what I call having contacts! A jolt of energy recharged me! Now I wanna go OUT! I mean the plan was to go straight to the hotel, you know... to rest for the big day and all! But who are we kidding? It's Carnival weekend for crying out loud!

Bunji Garlin & Fayeann Lyons @ Atlanta Carnival Welcome PartyWe reach De Panyard! I had already been to Atlanta's Panyard before, and it was not as packed as I woulda thought, but then again it was only 1AM! The word was that people don't reach until much much later for this event. I was starving so went straight to look for some Pelau, but it done! So I got corn soup instead. The DJ's were spinning a mixture of old Soca tunes which was going down sweet. But by 5am, I had had enough, I mean ... I have to be downstairs ready to go by 9am (6am for me as I'm coming from the West Coast) and I've yet to checked in. So we took off... we saw people coming when we were leaving, but I's got to go to sleep!

TJJ Team working HARD!The first time the TJJ crew got together was in Paul's SUV. Paul, one of the ACCBA (Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Bandleaders Association) members; was our driver for the day. (Thanks bro!) You just had to get out of the rotating doors of the Renaissance Hotel and you could hear the Soca rhythm from the parade, so we weren't too fah! Ooooh! Did I forget to mention we were all staying at the mighty nice Renaissance Marriott in Downtown Atlanta? Eeehehehe! 24th floor to be exact! Wasi, your da'man!

The crowd enjoying themselves at Festival Village ConcertTJJ and St. Vincent's Problem Child were sharing the ride. He was going to do his scheduled sound check and we were running to catch the parade! Problem Child and TJJ got to chat a lil' bit. People? He is mad cool! Very down to earth, I like that! (be check out TJJ TV for more on the interview with the artists!)

We got to the media/artist area, behind the stage and loaded up on sunblock and watah! It's time to wo'k, and so we did… (see gallery of pictures of Atlanta Carnival)

Machel Montano passing thru Atlanta Jouvert 2008After the parade and concert, the TJJ crew got freshened up and went to cover Carnival Eruption - the Machel Montano HD featuring Patrice Roberts concert at Georgia Freight Underground ATL Depot. Wasi, the head of ATL Carnival Committee had organized our media passes and thank goodness for that cuz that place was raaaaam! I mean the entrance door was sooo jam and the line sooo long, that when we got there and started saying, "Excuse, excuse media passing through," it did not matter if we had our equipment as proof, these people were not having it!! smile But shuuuu, I totally understand, I would have done the same. We inside now. The place is huge, and with plenty space to hold all dem people, so I don't get the fuss, but I guess that's what clubbing is all about.

Jamesy P, Wasi, Peter Ram and Problem Child (L-R) @ Euphoria! The Sexy Soca PartyThe next night the TJJ crew got together again to cover Euphoria! The Sexy Soca Party at Endenu located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, which was also the Official Soca Gold 2008 Release Party (yuh buy your copy already?) It was a fun-filled event, where Peter Ram, Jamesey P and Problem Child performed again ... BUT this time, the concert was way more intimate, it felt like it was a house party in a very nice looking club.

By Monday the airplane was waiting for me, well, not really so I bettah get to the airport on time to catch it! Atlanta Carnival 2008 Weekend was fun! Wasi, Jana and their crew treated us like royalty, Trini Jungle Juice thanks you for that!

ATL Carnival 2k9 is already in my list for next year, the question is, is it in yours? wink

Atlanta Carnival 2008 - Panidad


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