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Carnival Jump Up (Germany)
Carnival Jump Up 2010

May 21st, 2010
Carnival Glow (Germany)
Carnival Glow 2010

May 22nd, 2010

Me Never See A Carnival So Yet!

Berlin Carnival 2010 has to be one of the highlights for the TJJ UK team ... well ... just me, myself and I! Since seeing the coverage of Berlin Carnival 2009, I linked up with my fellow colleague D-One Jam Masters and we decided we going to cover the Carnival BIG and BOLD ... TJJ Style!

This is the overall outcome of the carnival 2010 and generally a guide for readers if they want to go for 2011 ... Trust Us ... it is worth spending the euros!

The Carnival is based over three (3) days - with parties leading up to the main parade day. In Germany, they celebrate this illustrious holiday with many things and one of these things is Berlin Carnival. So if you are in Europe - you could book your flight from days, weeks or even months in advance - the price does not correlate exponentially with reducing time periods on this trip. For foreigners ... I can't help you there! Just book your flight: the internet is your best friend.

ARRIVING DAY: Make sure you arrive either Friday midday or afternoon and for those who cannot get the day off ... Friday night is also very secure as an arriving point. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT book your flight for Schönefeld Airport - you want to land in Tegel! That's right spell it T-E-G-E-L!

Since this being my first trip, I laid all the power in the hands of D1 and he definitely did not let me down and the basis of this report just further makes the information more concrete! The transportation system in Germany is brilliant - from regularly running buses, to comfortable taxis and of course the sublime subway/underground. Fares for the taxis are a bit strange and depends on the size of the cab as well but the drivers are very friendly and without a doubt - loves the trinidadian accent! Then again who does not?? On a heavier note, the underground is free ... and I will not comment on that anymore!

WHERE TO STAY: You would think that staying in the centre of everything will be perfect - so we did! Think Port-Of-Spain & Environs with Trinidad, think anywhere in Zones 1 to 4 in London with Notting Hill; we recommend you stay in Alexanderplatz or one walking distance from Alexanderplatz. Alexander is always full of life especially around the fountains and in the square. The underground station has roughly three or four different train lines running through that station, endless taxis outside the square and of course the relevant bus stop that takes you directly to Tegel Airport ... what more can you ask for?

WHICH PARTIES TO ATTEND: We love the similarity of Berlin Carnival & Trinidad Carnival with respect to when a party supposed to finish - Yes Folks! We are leaving parties when the sun shining, when the day breaking, when you leaving a party and your eyes have to re-adjust to the lighting ... my gosh! oh my! what is this? Berlin! Berlin! Berlin! No restricted alcohol licences, no unnecessary rules, more or less a "free up and get on wassy" rule applies ... or as the cliche says ... "Berlin Carnival Has One Rule - There Are No Rules"!

You definitely have to attend Soca Twins' party on Friday night - Carnival Soca Jump Up - This event was held in an old bunker this year and lovely jubbly it was surreal! Saturday, you must attend the Bar-B-Que so that you can collect your costume if you were playing mas with Yard/Escobar - meet your fellow masqueraders, mingle, enjoy the scene, eat some food and really warm up your waistline for the party later in the night. Saturday night brings its highlight with Carnival Glow - this event is where you will absolutely see everybody who will be playing with Fantastic Flamingos on the Sunday. Also, you will get to meet most of the people who should be partaking in the Carnival.

The final day there are two (2) events - there is the main parade where you put on your costumes - I linked up with Fantastic Flamingos this year - No Regrets - and at the end of the night you have the big big big Carnival Explosion - which is the after party. This year there were live performances by Ken Marlon Charles & Problem Child as the carded soca invited guests. I could not make this one - the old bones gave up - however D-One took charge and upon speaking with him later - he said it was off the chain as usual - so two thumbs up and definitely a personal TJJ recommendation.

I am sure by this time you want more - but sorry and sadly there are not anymore events to attend ... three (3) days remember??!!

Further recommendations - after a frantic Friday night's schenanigans - do take the day Saturday just to stroll around Berlin - take in the scenery - maybe gape a little bit - buy a german hotdog - just have a time and experience the full Berlin - even I did not live the FULL city ... but next year - I believe a Day before and a Day after will be necessary!

For the true Carnival chaser - or someone who is just a fan of Caribbean music - whether it be dancehall, reggae, soca, calypso etc ... you have to experience Berlin Carnival! I guarantee you a time of your life even for just three (3) days ... pure non-stop excitement. It was what it was ... a memorable experience!

A huge thank you goes out to the following people for making this experience one never to forget, and one that I can guarantee and recommend to other people - D-One Jam Masters, Soca Twins: Frankie & Boone, Barney Millah, Mash Up Crew, DJ Tate, Skinny Fabulous, Problem Child, British Midland (BMI) for still operating flights during the "ash cloud" and last but not least Gersh, Bev, Benji & Wello - great times!

Berlin Carnival 2010 - Team TJJ

Scorn Juice
... worth the bitter after taste

Luton Carnival 2010 ... Here I Come!!

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