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Non Marina Race (Bermuda)
Non Marina Race 2011

Jul 31st, 2011
Soca VS Reggae (Bermuda)
Soca VS Reggae 2011

Jul 29th, 2011
Beach Fest (Bermuda)
Beach Fest 2011

Jul 28th, 2011
Bermuda Cup Match Weekend

Why should you care? Well here are some reasons...

1. Fly to the Caribbean from NY in one and half hours for $250 USD. It is not the Caribbean when you land you cannot tell the difference, blue water, soca/reggae and drinks for so.
2. Massive Beach Lime, Cricket Game, Soca and Reggae concert and Booze Cruise or a different order all in one weekend.
3. Beautiful People and Beautiful Location. it is not where you go but who you go with and the people are very lovely.

History in the Making

Slaves traditionally got Thursday evening off so they would do picnic and play cricket (they know how to lime long time). This East (St. George's) vs West (Somerset) grew into a tradition that is spanning scores of years now. It has even become a 2 day match called Cup Match. The first day is called "emancipation day" and the second "Somers day" after the founder of the Island, George Somers who ship wrecked his boat in 1609.

Bermuda's Cup match holiday is a two day, Thursday Friday holiday closest to to the 1st of august to celebrate the emancipation of slavery. The actual cup match is a cricket match held over the two days between a select team from the west and a select team from the east. While the match itself draws large crowds and has historic significance, the entire weekend is festive with large scale parties and concerts from Wednesday through Sunday.

In 2011 there are a few standout events in a schedule full of revelry..

Wed. July 27th

Walk with your bathing trunks for Beachfest VI Day 1 The chewstick foundation is a charity that provides artist development and youth empowerment programs, as well as event management. Chewstick's largest event of the year is Beachfest. Previously held only on the cup match Thursday, in 2011 they've grown to include a Wednesday night celebration on Bermuda's famous Horseshoe bay, featuring local and international dj's and live performances, unique emancipation celebration culminating in a beach j'ouvert.

In years past this night traditionally saw a Cup Match Soca concert take place, In recent years the night has not been dominated by one promoter or a particular event. All of the local Bars nightclubs will be packed as the island ramps up for the weekend. This year Mr. Vegas was the headliner and it was a big splash to play j'ouvert after till wee hours of the morning and into the beach.

Thurs. July 27th

2 Massive events running in Parallel

Get suntan lotion, shades, cooler and swimwear for Beachfest VI Day 2 - The Box kicks over first thing in the morning but people were there since 4am putting up tents, DJs play throughout the day, with performance blocks, an open volleyball tournament, an open football tournament, an exhibition rugby match, east vs. West tug of war, a skateboard half pipe, leading into a sunset concert and beach party into the early hours of the morning. 2011 saw 10, 000 people hit the beach to swim, eat and drink as they basked in the sunlight. Check out the web site and see our Beach Fest 2011 coverage.

Cup Match Day 1 - Somerset (West) vs. St. George's (East)
First ball at 9am. The match is one of the few opportunities locals have to gamble legally on the island and the crown and anchor tent is always popular. The game has a festive environment with food, drink, music which carries on after the match is done.

Friday July 29th - 2 Massive events to consume your whole day
Bring your Shades, Cup, whistle/Horn for Cupmatch day 2, This is the more popular day at 'd game' crowds swell towards the end of play and both teams celebrate, either in the large celebration for all or in one of the many party stalls set up. You know cricket is about the food, drink, this year was a close and exciting game with 2 balls and 10 runs needed. you believe they pull it out with a 6 runs then a boundary. it was Crazy

Lubricate your hips for Soca Vs. Reggae - The After Party
Although there are often other parties on, The largest event on cup match Friday is Soca Vs. Reggae, THE cup match after party. This is a large scale DJ battle with teams of local and int'l DJ's clashing for each genre, and even Int'l artists taking part, skinny fabulous and problem child graced the soca vs. Reggae stage in 2011. Reggae champion Poison Dart carried the show this year when soca DJ OX mighty was stopped by the police authorities for mashing up the dance musically in the Final round. Check out our footage of this great event - Soca vs Reggae

Saturday July 30th
Booze cruise, concert, party

There's always lots happening cup match Saturday, there's no established large event or promoter that dominates the day.

Sunday July 31st
Non Mariner's Race 11am-8pm

Arguably the best raft-up in the world. The Non-mariner's race takes place at mangrove bay in Somerset. The race is put on by Sandy's boat club and features 'sea craft' constructed of no seaworthy materials and assortment of no rules for the nonrace and nonrace judges where the points mean nothing. The raft up party around and after the race has grown to dwarf the race itself in recent years. All of the islands party craft take to the water and tie together to party on the water with DJ's and even live performances on barges, most notably local star Collie Buddz. Non mariners = sun, water, dancing, floating and FUN.

Bermuda Cup Match 2011

Original Lime Flavour
Son Of The Soil