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Although it's now officially called the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, we still going to refer to it as good ole Caribana like everyone else does. With TJJ Crew covering Crop Over 2006 the same weekend, TRW and rest of the T.O TJJ Crew were holding tings down in the T-DOT. There was all the usual drama that comes with Carnival, but we survived and you can read all out it in our reviews. Enjoy.

Blueberry Bashment IV
Blueberry Bashment IV

Fri 28th July 2006
Saldenah Boat Ride (Toronto)
Saldenah Mas-K Boat Ride

Wed 2nd Aug 2006
Boat Jam'06 (Toronto)
Inferno - Boat Jam'06

Thur 3rd Aug 2006
KOS J'Ouvert'06 (Toronto)
KOS J'Ouvert 2006

Fri 4th Aug 2006
MM@TW - Atlantis (Toronto)
MM@TW - Atlantis

Sat 5th Aug 2006
Caribana Parade Pt I
Caribana Parade Pt I

Sat 5th Aug 2006
Caribana Parade Pt II
Caribana Parade Pt II

Sat 5th Aug 2006
Fire Fete 4 (Toronto)
Fire Fete 4

Sun 6th Aug 2006

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