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Big People Fete 2011 (Toronto)
Big People Fete 2011

Jul 31st, 2011
Caribana Parade 2011 (Toronto)
Caribana Parade 2011

Jul 30th, 2011
KOS J'Ouvert 2011 (Toronto)
KOS J'Ouvert 2011

Jul 29th, 2011
Boat Jam 2011 (Toronto)
Boat Jam 2011

Jul 28th, 2011

The festival formerly known as Caribana, now called Toronto Caribbean Carnival, was a resounding success.

There were a few changes to the parade route as well as the addition of a few fetes to the already Jam packed itinerary. TJJ Toronto reported on these and other important bits of information to ensure that your 2012 experience is a fun-filled one.

It goes without saying that the future of the event rests solely in the hands of the bandleaders masqueraders, promoters and patrons. Sponsors provide the financing however the spirit and life of the event exists in all of us, and as such, we are all responsible for our actions. Make no mistake there are those who would like nothing more than to see this event become a thing of the past and we must be ever mindful of this fact and continue to look out for each other and in doing so promote the event for what it is...... ONE of the SAFEST and most amazing weeks you will ever experience!

Get ready for 2012.

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