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Boat Lime @ Rum Point (Grand Cayman)
Boat Lime @ Rum Point

May 2nd , 2010
Bataba-Boom 2010 - The Official Batabano After Party (Grand Cayman)
Bataba-Boom 2010

May 1st, 2010
Art in the Heart (Grand Cayman)
Art in the Heart

May 1st, 2010
Represent - Shurwayne Winchester & Y.O.U (Grand Cayman)
Represent - SW & Y.O.U

April 30th, 2010
Batabano 2010 Extras (Grand Cayman)
Batabano 2010 Extras

29th April - 3rd May 2010

Is Cayman Carnival Worth the Trip?

I'm sure by now, most of you are familiar with NBC's new television series "The Marriage Ref". Well following my 1st Cayman Carnival experience, and to answer the question on every carnival lover's mind, "Is Cayman Carnival worth the trip?"; I'm now officially deeming myself "The Carnival Ref" ... and will be making my ruling on Batabano 2010!

The Situation:
How to turn this 27 year old Carnival into a worldwide success?

Batabano has grown significantly since its inception, especially since chairperson Donna Myrie-Stephen and committee took over, providing the traditional carnival elements and structure. Besides the Batabano parade (which we would love to see made even longer), there's the "Annual Batabano Song Competition", Food Festival and new addition, "Art in the Heart". Also, parents... your kids can enjoy themselves in the Junior Carnival Batabano Street Parade a week before it's your turn to 'palance'. And with companies such as Total Vision Entertainment, a multifaceted development company (whose operation include entertainment marketing, business development and carnival/event promotions), bringing their mindshare & experience gained from T&T Carnival and beyond, Batabano is only getting better and better!

The pre-fete season kicks off a couple of months before the Carnival weekend to get everyone into the carnival spirit with the likes of "University Glow Fete", "Mocha and Soca Fete" and "Insane! Wet Fete". Now if you love to party, your actual carnival week can start as early as Wednesday night, but things really get heated from Thursday and the fire continues to blaze onto Carnival Friday with all day/all night action (entertainment by the Caribbean's hottest acts - Shurwayne Winchester & Y.O.U headlined this year's "Represent"). The weekend climaxes with the Parade & Street Fete on Saturday (plenty of fun in the sun), not forgetting the several after parties.

On the Sunday, even though Carnival is officially over, Rum Point is the place to be! It's hands down one of, if not, THE BEST Carnival Cooldown party/lime in the world!

Cayman Carnival is well on it's way, and starting to get the attention from people both near and far. It's becoming a part of the Caymanian culture and it's younger generation.

The Call:
When it comes to Carnival, we carnival lovers are only concerned about ONE thing; enjoying a fun, action packed weekend with a sweet jump up! BATABANO DELIVERS THIS! What I'll like to see, is for Batabano to deliver this fun, action packed weekend with a 1-2 knockout combination!!

It would be great to see the the local promoters/mas bands etc. work hand in hand with the Cayman Carnival Batabano Committee when it comes to planning the Carnival week (and even preceding events) because of the size of the carnival/island, supporting one another 100%. This will only make Batabano an even greater success, whereby carnival-goers, promoters, sponsors and the Cayman Islands as a whole may all reap the benefits.

That said, you should definitely add Cayman Carnival Batabano to your annual carnival schedule. It's two weeks after Carnival in Jamaica and doesn't clash with any other carnivals. And unlike most Carnival's, you can actually find the time to relax and enjoy this beautiful island in between all of the partying! Going with a crew is strongly recommended.

The call has been made. See you guys next year!

A very special thanks to the Cayman Carnival Batabano Committee (Donna, Delfia, KD) and all the sponsors who made our trip possible, and not forgetting the friendly people of the Cayman Islands for their hospitality.

Cayman Carnival 2010 - Team TJJ

Ready to make the next Carnival call...
Dre aka "The Carnival Ref"; and the 2010 TJJ Batabano Team
-- Mai, COOP ® and P.S.I Juice

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Cayman Carnival Batabano

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