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Batabano Street Fete (Cayman)
Batabano Street Fete

May 4th, 2012
Glow ft Alison Hinds (Cayman)
Glow ft Alison Hinds

May 3rd, 2012
S.O.S. Boat Cruise (Cayman)
S.O.S. Boat Cruise

May 3rd, 2012
Masquerade Fete 2012 (Cayman Islands)
Masquerade Fete 2012

May 2nd, 2012
Batabano Carnival 2012 Extras (Cayman)
Batabano Carnival 2012 Extras

May 2nd - May 6th, 2012

There's something special about Batabano that keeps on bringing us back every Year!

Cayman Carnival has to be one of the sweetest carnivals in the world. While not the saga that is Trini carnival, the enjoyment that oozes out of the 4 days of carnival activity is sweeet tooo badd!

This year we stayed at Treasure Island (locally called TI) located on the Seven Mile Beach stretch, which worked out perfectly as it was striking distance from all of the action. From the minute we touched down in Grand Cayman on the Wednesday night, it was pure paceeeee.

Wednesday: Masquerade Fete thrown by the Cayman Carnival Batabano committee got the more seasoned partygoers started. They upped the ante this year holding event at new venue, Tiki Beach.

Thursday: Kicked off evening with Swanky's Boat Cruise that felt like a real carnival launch that literally walks you into the annual fete at Margaritaville (Bacchanal at The Ville). Also a stone throw away, the carnival committee hosted their carnival Thursday event at The RoofTop (Glow featuring Alison Hinds). The RoofTop drew the mature soca lovers, while The Ville most certainly had all of your 'Bacchanalists' and 'Wutliss' folks! Like TJJ, if you plan to hit all three events, please pace yourself drinking wise. Otherwise, you will most certainly sample some the island's flora at the after lime eating spot... ask Roopie! SMH.

Friday: Options, options, options. There's the free Batabano Street Concert; this year Alison Hinds, Andy 'Blood' Armstrong and Oscar B joined local band Cay NRG to thrill the Cardinal Square crowd. Swanky's Jouvert Fete (The Blue & The Orange) was literally down the street and full of vibes and plenty action. And like last year, a reggae concert with the legendary Barrington Levy delighted the crowd. We still scratching we head at this one. TJJ Carnival Guide Book; Chapter 7; Section 1:- "Reggae/Dancehall in a carnival week is permitted, but please make sure it doesn't clash any major Soca events."

Saturday: The Adult Parade and boy are there some carnival lovers on this island! Is nothing to cry about nah!! The number of bands/masqueraders is increasing, and this year we saw new comers All Nations presented by One (345) Swanky Shack and Island Mas (formerly Cayman Bacchanal) hit the Seven Mile Beach stretch. Swanky International defended their "Band of the Year" title with 2012 presentation 'Bedazzle', claiming their fifth title. Swanky, you guys definitely keep Cayman Carnival seXy! As for the man to women ratio ... insane, and WE LOVE IT!

Sunday: As previously stated, don't book your flight home until Monday for the earliest! Every Sunday, ALL roads/boats/jet skis lead to Rum Point with deviations to Stingray City and Kaibo! So Carnival Sunday, it's ACTION X 2 ... a completely chill flex! Secure a boat and be sure to pack your KFC, Roti, Pholurie, Pelau and of course DRINKS (don't forget to buy plenty ice). We even managed to grab an interview with one of the exotic creatures... stay tuned! Text-a-holic, how you like the feel of that stingray girl?? (see photo)

In between all of the action, besides practically living at Singh's Roti Shop (make sure to get your doubles order in before Roopie; and remember, no one loves off ah dhal more than Juicy Juice), we did manage to enjoy the blue waters and white sand at Governor's Beach and grab some bites at other recommended local restaurants (we likey Blue Cilantro).

Once again, a special thanks to the Cayman Carnival Batabano Committee (Donna and Laura) for inviting TJJ. We're looking forward to celebrating Batabano's 30th Anniversary next year!

There's a potential to make Cayman Carnival a real tourist draw for the island which is largely untapped... and once that gets dialed in, there won't be any stopping this mas! Cayman, you can call the Carnival Ref anytime for suggestions wink

Cayman Carnival 2012 - Team TJJ

The 2012 TJJ Batabano Team; Dre aka The Carnival Ref, Party McFly, Roopie, Text-a-Holic and Juicy Juice ... Rack City!!

ps. Alton, thanks for sorting out my local digits with LIME... better late than never! And luv to Roopie for organizing the Rum Point lime... bess.

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