Past Contest/Give-A-Way Winners
Past TJJ/VP Records Give-A-Way Winners

Past TJJ/VP Records Give-A-Way Winners

It's really a great feeling to see folks taking part in our giveaways from different parts of the globe... we talking about people all across North America... the U.S and Canada, the Caribbean Islands... big up to all W.I massive, and then countries as far as Australia, Holland, Czech Republic, Iraq (yeah man, Trinis out dey too), South Africa and Venezuela. Pure niceness! In our efforts to take Caribbean music and entertainment worldwide, we reached out to our winners and asked them to share some information about themselves...

Sept/Nov'07 - Reggae Gold 2007 CD Give-A-Way Contest

  • Trivia Quiz: The "Energy God" earned his name because of his large ears. Who is this artist?
  • Contest Winner(s):
    (1) Leslie Ann Gill from Trinidad and Tobago. I'm from Trinidad and Tobago. I found about during a search and I fell in love with it. I enjoy reading other persons comments about the site and how they found out about the site. I love the wedding feature, its something I have never seen on other sites. I enjoy all Caribbean music especially Soca and Reggae. I'm so happy to be this contest winner. I'm a great fan of Elephant Man. Shout out to all me fellow Trinis and to my daughter Dominique.
    (2) Sabrina Lockwood from Philadelphia, PA. I'm 23 years old from Philly. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Soca music!! Trini people are the best people! I'll be at Carnival'08!
    (3) Candice Gabriel from Brooklyn, NY. I'm a dark-skinned, pisces-cutey, with talents and mad skills, born of Trini parents, and raised in New York. I'm working towards a Masters degree in Social work, so in three years look for me in A.C.S. being an advocate and helping children who can't speak for themselves. I'm a friend to everyone and if you don't like me; you have a problem with your own self! Some say I'm a white-girl trapped in a black-girl body, but you have to know me to judge that. I would like to wish everyone logging on to Trini Jungle Juice all the very best.
    (4) Joyce Anderson from Valley Stream, NY (Bonus Winner). A native of Aruba - raised in St. Kitts. A close Trinidadian friend told me about Trini Jungle Juice and since then I've passed on the website to many friends and acquaintances.

June/July'07 - Soca Gold 2007 CD Give-A-Way Contest

  • Trivia Quiz: Which island is Soca artist El-A-Kru from? The correct answer is Antigua!
  • Contest Winner(s):
    (1) Melina Hector from Norfolk, VA. I'm from Mt. St. George, Tobago, but currently live and work in VA. I found out about TJJ through a friend and its been one of my favorite sites ever since. I'm a lover of all type of music, espeacially SOCA. Thanks again, I'm really still rather surprised that I actually won! :)
    (2) Marisa Johnson from Baltimore, MD. I was born in the U.S., but my mother is from Trinidad and I visit all the time. I participate in DC Caribbean Carnival every year so I always check for pictures.
    (3) Maria Victoria Malela from Bordeaux, France. I'm a 22-year-old student currently living in France. I'm fascinated by the Caribbean culture, especially since I've been to the islands several times. I listen to various types of music, but share the opinion (like most Soca fans), that there is just something about Soca music that makes you want to jump and wave and get in a frenzy, where you forget about everything else all together!! That's also why I like, because you guys simply share the best with us, whether it's Carnival or fetes! So no matter where we are in the world, we could still get that little and genuine piece of the islands. Thank you!!

May/June'07 - Bunji Garlin "Global" CD Give-A-Way Contest

  • Trivia Quiz: Which Soca artist is Bunji Garlin married to? The correct answer is Fay Ann Lyons!
  • Contest Winner(s):
    (1) Renee Dottin from Miami Grdns, Florida. New Jersey born, but was instilled with the Trini culture from birth from both of my Trini parents. Bunji Garlin is one of my favorite soca artists. I actually saw him perform about two weeks ago, when he came into town to record for his new video. I learned about from my sister. My birthday is the 8th of June so this is a great birthday gift. Thank you very much.
    (2) Cherryl Koylass from Toronto, Canada. My background is homegrown Trini through and through. I honestly cannot remember how I found the TJJ website – probably through aimless internet browsing – but I love the site, I love the newsletter. TJJ has some of the best photos from fetes and Trinidad Carnival – respect to your photographer(s). I’m a hopeless soca music lover. I first saw Bunji do his thing live at Jamboree back in 2000 or 2001; I became an instant fan. Thanks again, TJJ. Keep up the good work!
    (3) Zakiya Francois from Washington DC. I'm originally from Belmont, Trinidad and I always used to log onto TriniJungleJuice, ever since I left Trinidad exactly a yr ago. Bunji is definitely one of my favourite artistes of all time and I knew I had to get this Album. What a coincidence as just the night before I had a dream asking Bunji for the album and also after meeting him at DC Carnival. I'm sooo happy!!!!!!! I love TriniJungleJuice, especially as I was away for Carnival 2k7 for the first time and it was my main source of all the Carnival tunes and also the local Reggae and Chutney. I'm a lover of music, any type especially we music! Because of TriniJungleJuice, I was able to keep in touch with Trini music away from home and if TriniJungleJuice can do it for me, it can for you! Much love :) BRRTTTTTT!!!!!

May'07 - The Official Cricket World Cup Soundtrack "Caribbean Party" CD Give-A-Way Contest (Round 2)

  • Trivia Quiz: By how many runs did Australia beat the West Indies by in the Super Eight (Tue 27th March)? The correct answer is 103 runs!
  • Contest Winner: Michelle Ann Batson from St. George, Tobago. I'm from Tobago and love Cricket, also enjoy playing it. I love Soca music and also listen to Hip Hop , Soul, R&B and Dancehalll. I'm a very cool, fun loving person. From listening to the tracks on the CD I fell in love with the songs, so I decided to try my luck an enter. is great for locals - it consist of lots of entertaining stuff!

Mar'07 - The Official Cricket World Cup Soundtrack "Caribbean Party" CD Give-A-Way Contest (Round 1)

  • Trivia Quiz: When does/did ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 official begin? The correct answer is March 11th!
  • Contest Winner: Leah Nolden from Brooklyn, NY. I'm a fashion designer/ stylist based in NYC (by way of St. Louis. so I'm not West Indian, but 100% American). I was introduced to Caribbean culture (mainly Jamaican) as a child, but learned about soca music in the past few years from my best friends (one from Trinidad and other from Dominica). I found out about by searching the net for soca and keep coming back 'cause the site is on point. Loving the vibes of Caribbean culture, I have jumped up in Barbados for Crop Over and played mas in Trinidad the past 2 seasons and had a time (Barbados! You will be seeing me again come festival). I listen to pretty much all genres of music and I am a fan of soca artists Rupee, Edwin Yearwood, and Alison Hinds. Thanks again. I'm still rather surprised I won! :-)

Feb'07 - D'Soca Zone 7th Flag Up" CD Give-A-Way Contest

  • Trivia Quiz: Which song on the D'Soca Zone The 7th Flag Up CD won Barbados Roadmarch 2006? The correct answer is Flames!
  • Contest Winner: Jennifer Cape from Coconut Creek, FL. Wow!!! What a pleasant surprise, and just when I needed one :-) I live and work in South Florida and am also pursuing a BSc in Spa Management. A Trini friend introduced me to this site and it's been on my 'favourites' list ever since. I like that I can log on to my favourite T&T radio stations and get a heads-up on what's happening back home and listen to some good Caribbean music. Trin Jungle Juice also keeps me informed on where the Trinis are limin' up here so I know where to go and when. Thanks for this great website and keep up the good work!!!

Sept'06 - Reggae Gold 2006 CD Give-A-Way Contest (TJJ/VP 2006 Gold Series Round 2)

  • Trivia Quiz: This Portugese-Chinese-Jamaican artist helped jumpstart a dancehall surge in the U.S. with a few hit songs in 2002. The correct answer is Sean Paul! Sean Paul's hits "Gimme the Light" caught the U.S. by storm as did his other hits "Get Busy", "Like Glue", "Make it Clap" with Busta Rhymes and "Baby Boy" with Beyonce. That helped pave the way for other artists like Elephant Man and Vybz Kartel.
  • Contest Winner: Michelle Douglas-Sweeney from Brooklyn, New York. I'm a 200% Trini who found out about TJJ while surfing the Net looking for Trini entertainment. My birthday is this Thursday 26th, so being a winner was in perfect timing. I'm a 200% Trini who found out about TJJ while surfing the Net looking for Trini entertainment. My birthday is this Thursday 26th, so being a winner was in perfect timing. I love Gospel, my Soca and R&B music. Hey I'm proud to be a TJJ fan and
    winner and always remember that God loves all of you at TJJ. Keep smiling and shooting those photos!!!!

Aug'06 - Soca Gold 2006 CD Give-A-Way Contest (TJJ/VP 2006 Gold Series Round 1)

  • Trivia Quiz: Rita Jones sings with which band? The correct answer is Roy Cape All Stars!
  • Contest Winner: Dennika Peters from St. Vincent. I am Vincentian but sometimes think I'm a Trini because I love a lot of action. Always in Trinidad for one day cricket; in Trini Posse stand of course! Found out about Trini Jungle Juice while checking out "Tempo" website. Thanks for the good news. Guess that's a good birthday gift!

Jun'06 - Strictly The Best (STB) 33 CD Give-A-Way Contest

  • Trivia Quiz: What was VP Records, 1994 number one hit? The correct answer is Anything for You (Remix) - Snow, Beenie, Buju, Nadine Sutherland etc.!
  • Contest Winner: Sade Roberts from Massachusetts.

Dec'05 - Assassin's "Infiltration" CD Give-A-Way Contest

  • Trivia Quiz: What movie did Sean Paul and Mr Vegas appear in? The correct answer is Belly!
  • Contest Winner: Christina McIntosh from Miami, FL. I'm a COOL down to earth LEO, who loves to have MADD FUN! Love going out on tha weekends and painting the town RED! Spontaneity is the KEY to Enjoying Life ! I'm into Reggae and Soca music. I heard about Trini Jungle Juice through a friend, love viewing the different pictures taken from different events.

Nov'05 - Edwin Yearwood's "Next To You" CD Give-A-Way Contest

  • Trivia Quiz: In which year did Edwin Yearwood win the Cropover Road March title with "Sak Pase"? The correct answer is 2001!
  • Contest Winner: Pepita Narinesingh from Trinidad. I am an Attorney-at-Law and a big fan of Edwin Yearwood. Trini of course!! I heard about Trini Jungle Juice from one of your photographers in a Carnival Event. Sooo happy I won! :-)

Aug'05 - Soca Gold 2005 CD Give-A-Way Contest (TJJ/VP 2005 Gold Series Round 3)

  • Trivia Quiz: What was the original name of the Xtatik Band? The correct answer is Pranasonic Express!
  • Contest Winner: Catherine Cunningham from Toronto, Canada. I was born in Tobago and came to Canada 21 years ago. I love to party! I was in Trinidad for 2005 Carnival and had a blast... and you might not actually believe me, but I just played Mas in Caribana for the first time in 20 years!!!

Aug'05 - Reggae Gold 2005 CD Give-A-Way Contest (TJJ/VP 2005 Gold Series Round 2)

  • Trivia Quiz: What is the real name of Beenie Man? The correct answer is Moses Davis!
  • Contest Winner: Cherrell Cartwright from Nassau, Bahamas. Also know as Sherrell, I was born in the Bahamas and love it here! I love Dancehall, Reggae and Hip Hop. My favorite artists are Missy Elliott and Sizzla!

Jul'05 -Soca Gold 2005 CD Give-A-Way Contest (TJJ/VP 2005 Gold Series Round 1)

  • Trivia Quiz: Who sang the original version of Soca hit "All Aboard"? The correct answer is Tony Prescott! The key word in the question was "original". Edwin Yearwood wrote the original version of "All Aboard" and Tony Prescott (with Atlantik at the time) sang it. Edwin Yearwood & Bunji Garlin did the remake "All Aboard 2K5" which is featured on the Soca Gold 2005 album.
  • Contest Winner: Stepan Vomacka from the Czech Republic. Stepan was born Czech (not Caribbean as we assumed), and is a Dancehall selector who goes by the name mAD_tONGAN aka YELLOW FELLOW. Stepan said, "Caribbean music is not too popular in Czech Republic like in rest of the world. Hip-Hop is much more popular, which I find very boring when compared to the juicy Caribbean music! I am sure, that Soca and Dancehall will find its way to central Europeans, like Reggaeton has recently done. Thanx a lot and good luck in dispensing the nice chunes from TnT and other Caribbean islands!"

A special thanks to VP Records. Be sure to check them out at

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Past Contest/Give-A-Way Winners

Dec'07 - Christmas Passion VI: The Love Boat (Trinidad)
>> Leanna Gobinda, Rhia Joseph, Cherish Peters

Dec'07 - Adventures of Children of the 80's (Trinidad)
>> V.I.P Tickets - Calvin A, Stacey Ryan; General Admission Tickets - Dalia Stephens, Fayola Wiltshire-Moore, Martin Franklyn, Josanne Edwards, Blossom Long

Nov'07 - Alison Hinds Live In Concert at the Rum Jungle (New York)
>> Mario Lucas, Natasha Brereton, Claudette Francis, Sophia Singh, Bryan Naidu, Gem Ross

July/Aug'07 - 4 (2 male, 2 female) Red Warriors All Inclusive Masquerade Band Costumes NY Labor Day Giveaways (New York)
>> Jul'07 - Tawana Chung (Brooklyn, NY) and Richard Bowles (New Jersey); Aug'07 - Bonnie Husbands (Brooklyn, NY) and Jayson H. Phillip (Chester, VA) -- Thank you to all TJJ subscribers who submitted their names for the Red Warriors Labor Day costume giveaway contest . Red Warriors would also like to thank everyone at TJJ for their support.

July'07 - 10 Callaloo Masquerade Band Costumes Caribana Giveaways (Toronto)
>> Michelle Ho Wong (TnT), Mallory Ross (Miami, FL), Rachel Jeremiah (Toronto, Ontario), Janelle S Powell (Peterborough, ON), Ayana Billy (Toronto, Ontario), Michael Alexander (Brooklyn, New York), Sherryma Smith (Miami, FL), Charles Williams (Apoka, FL), Lisa Taylor (Dunellen, NJ) and Kamla Rampersad (Windsor, Ontario)

July'07 - The 12th Annual KOS J'Ouvert (Toronto)
>> Carlene Charles (Maryland), Ryan Beckles (NY), Nekesha Caesar (Brampton, ON), Michelle Fergusson (Toronto, ON) and Rajesh Ramjeawan (NY)

Dec'06 - Christmas Passion V (Trinidad)
>> Sofiyah Ghany, Gabrielle Leotaud and Anika Bacchus

Dec'06 - Children of the 80s & teens of the 90s Bazzar (Trinidad)
>> PRINCIPAL OFFICE (V.I.P) TICKETS - Blossom Long, Dalia Stephens, Serah Rogers, Georgia Nedd; GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS - Astra De Suza, Ronald Burnett, Janine Dedier, Simone Capiatha, Richard Kajim, Ayanna Katrina Glasgow

Dec'06 - TEMPO Turns One - Trinidad Anniversary Concert (Trinidad)
>> Shynnelle Morris, Stacey Ryan, Lairfair Celestine, Corrine Thomas, Lennox T Bailey, Terrance Worrell, Shannon Sagar, Nekeisha Alfred, Kandice Gunning, Mechelle Simon, Tisha Roach, Daesean Germain, Deon Baptiste and Suzanne Katerson

June'06 - KOS Whiteout 11 (Toronto, Canada)
>> Michelle Flemming (Canada)

Nov'05 - A Night With The Stars (Toronto, Canada)
>> Carole Pilgrim and Andrea Ragoo (Canada)

Oct'05 - 5th All Inclusive University Fete (Miami, FL)
>> Sanjay Naidu (FL) and Gerren Young (NY)

Sept'05 - Hotter Than Fire (St. Catherine's, Canada)
>> Camisha Johnson, Vanessa Ramlal, Brent Gjuric, Dwayne Grant, Sonia Collaco (Canada)

Aug-05 - Fresh Fest (Toronto, Canada)
>> Jenn Kiura, Jason Seelochan, Tara Ross, Amanda Alvis, Jeremy Shaun (Canada)

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