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Limerz Cruise 2010 (Barbados)
Limerz Cruise 2010

August 1st, 2010
Crack Of Dawn 3 (Barbados)
Crack Of Dawn 3

July 31st, 2010
Foreday Morning 2010 (Barbados)
Foreday Morning 2010

July 31st, 2010
Glow Barbados 2010 (Barbados)
Glow Barbados 2010

July 29th, 2010
Frazzled 2 (Barbados)
Frazzled 2

July 29th, 2010

TJJ Guru Report Card for Crop Over 2010

Event Name
Baje Int'l J'Ouvert 2010
Frazzled 2
Crack Of Dawn 3
Glow Barbados 2010
The Bathsheba Experience 2010
Harbour Lights Cruise 2010
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The details behind this report card is posted in each gallery (click on event name). And yes, we'll love to hear from you!

Foreday Morning Tek Over!

1st things 1st ... let me set the record straight for all those people who asked, "Dre, how come you're not in Caribana?" Well I really like Caribana, and have done it several times (seeing both the good and bad times) ... BUT, at the end of the day .... I prefer to drink, lime & party on an island! And if it's a Caribbean island, better yet! smile

Three (3) Key Things to note about this year's Crop Over:-

  1. Foreday Morning has set a record for number of J'Ouvert bands
  2. Kadooment Day parade route has been extended. No more assembling of bands in the National Stadium
  3. Tuesday is now a Public Holiday (in addition to Monday) to allow for a 2-day Jump for Crop Over 2011

I landed a weekend earlier to check out "Harbour Lights Cruise", which has been the talk of the town for the past two year. It's really tough to compare it to "Booze Cruise" because the crowd for each cruise is like comparing apples and grapes. And to add more to the pot, there's Limerz Cruise which runs at the same time as Booze Cruise. I'll leave it like that!

Fete wise, BLISS Summer Edition stole the show by a mile this rounds! We must give praise where praise is due ... and the gentlemen of Esquire Entertainment definitely raised the bar. One BLISS patron mentioned to us that they saw a 200% improvement from the previous year (which we thought was a great fete) and left 100% satisfied this year.

New to the party line up for 2010 was Scorch & Caesar's Army Cooler Cruise on the Carnival Saturday afternoon. The timing was a lil' jumbie with BLISS, and since this one had "Trini" written all over it, we made the judgment call skip it. Now from the reports we got afterwards, we might have very well made the wrong call. On the other hand, so many people had such a grand ole time on the cruise that they didn't make a note until Sunday! Humph? We in dat next year!

There was sooooooo much anticipation and hype around this year's Foreday Morning that we were all pumped and ready! We deployed two teams ... one in Island Fusion and the other in MuddSlyde Jouvert band. By the time we got down to the Party Stand to catch MuddSlyde before they hit the road ... two words ... "Torrential Downpour"! And that was my jouvert... standing under a 20'x20' bar tent watching rain, rain and more rain!! We still managed to catch some flicks of the action (still not a happy camper).

The TJJ Crop Over 2010 "Rabbit In A Hat" Award goes to The Bathsheba Experience All Inclusive when surprise dancehall guest artiste Shabba Ranks blessed the mic with classics like "Ting A Ling", "Dem Bow" and "Trailer Load" and set the crowd into a frenzy ... pore raising!

Looking forward for a proper 2 day jump come Crop Over 2K11!

Chooks aka The Carnival Ref - Crop Over 2010

Yours truly,
Chooks aka The Carnival Ref and The 2010 TJJ Crop Over Team
-- Red Sno Cone, Apple Bottom, Nic B., Jeni I., Bajan Cane Juice, Sweet Stamina Banana with a lil' Bajan Cherry Juice in da mix!

ps. "I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad...." Okay, so I might not be in a different city every night like Travie McCoy ... but a different country every few days ent that bad eh! wink Heading to St. Maarten before hitting Grenada's Spice Mas at the end of the week!

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