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A.M. Nesia 2014 (DC)
A.M. Nesia 2014 (DC)

Jun 29th, 2014
XEN 2014 (DC)
XEN 2014 (DC)

Jun 28th, 2014
Day Dream (DC)
Day Dream (DC)

Jun 28th, 2014
Flags Till Morning (MD)
Flags Till Morning

Jun 27th, 2014
Islands In The Sun 2014 (DC)
Islands In The Sun 2014

Jun 21st, 2014
Soca In The City (DC)
Soca In The City

Jun 7th, 2014

DC Carnival Experience 2014

Some people say that there is no DC Carnival any more. We say it's a lie! In fact, some people may believe that you need to be in a costume and parade through the streets to be called… a Carnival? Maybe so, for some parts of the world right? And though for the last several years, and on the last weekend in June, the nation's capital has been the home to the DC Carnival as we know it, the Carnival exists today in the form of fetes, limes, Jouverts etc etc. To their credit, the DC Carnival veteran promoters, have held on to their names, their events, their belief and their love for Carnival, and have successfully retained the weekend for their various events. This year certainly spoke volumes about the magnificent job these promoters are doing. They are continuously showcasing and promoting the Carnival culture, brand and love by their presentations.

The carnival celebrations actually began a week prior with Carib United's "Island's In The Sun". An exclusive all-inclusive fete that brings out the multitudes holds nothing back. This year was no different. In fact, the event was held at the Crestidge Mansion in Fairfax Station, VA, an area where massive homes lined every street. This place was a bit difficult to find but certainly unique. From the get go, parking seemed to cause a problem, but we ventured onwards towards the mansion to see hundreds feting around a pool to the tunes of DJ Hazzard, Sprang Int'l and Back to Basics. The vibes was nice from beginning to end. The food was top notch and the drinks off the roof, added to the already existing euphoria. And though the guy in the pool marred the event a bit and blue lights appeared, we were excited that Islands In The Sun was a success.

As the last weekend came around, we were all ready for the event line up. Mystique Vibes and their team and kicked off the weekend with "Release Therapy" on the Carnival Thursday and followed that up with "Hookie" at the Capitol Skyline hotel in Washington, DC!! This year, we regret that we missed Hookie! The promoter's credit, they did all they could have done for us to have us there. We are sorry guys… however, we heard the stories!!! Hookie, according to our source… was a scorcher!! Fine women, great music and a massive pool! Kaboom! We regret our absence! You cannot, and we will not miss Hookie 2015!!!

As the night when on, our trails took us to BK Entertainment's "BYOB (Bring Your Own Cooler)" at the 'Ranch!' With a 7pm start time, the feters were not making joke when they showed up with their coolers on point! No gallery for this but we were there nonetheless. Nice vibe and great crowd! And having Private Ryan and B2B back in town was a plus.

Sekou Flex and MoFiah's "Flags Till Morning" never fails to disappoint. This year, K.I. and Lyrikal complemented Merry Perry, DJ Stephen and Back to Basics and Tony Cross, to make a stellar party. Even the 75 year old woman showed everyone her best behavior and flags on stage! You just had to be there.

Saturday was full. Mystique Vibe and Lion's Pride Jouvert kicked things off at 7am at the track. We heard that the 500+ crowd, celebrated Jouvert in the finest of styles… with mud, paint and powder! On Saturday evening, everyone had choices to make. The "Day Dream" Day Fete however, was our first stop at Dirty Bar downtown DC. Niceness. Big up to Barrie Hype, DJ Armageddon, DJ Spyda and NY's very own DJ Spice who were all on the inside with Private Ryan. Later that day, there were several choices to make between Sekou Flex's "RAMA" Dj's In Concert and BK Entertainment's "XEN" that featured Farmer Nappy of the HD Family. RAMA was a sold out show as too was XEN. The great thing is that at both events, the vibes was nice!

On Sunday, this would not have been complete without the annual "A.M. Nesia" Boat Cruise. Departing from the Alexandria Marina, the Cherry Blossom boat was packed from top to bottom with beautiful people. Free food and drinks is always a plus. With great music to add to the cake, we guarantee that missing this event that had B2B, Sprang Int'l and Private Ryan, should leave you "Haunted"!

So who say DC doh have ah Carnival??? Tell them they wrong! Just look at this line up. And shhhhhh… we hear next year will be bigger and better! We must give respect to Hector and the Mystique Vibe/Hookie Party Crew, BK Entertainment, Sekou Flex and Mofiah, DJ Spice, Majestic, Sprang Int'l, Spyda, Barrie Hype, Merry Perry, Tony Cross, Back to Basics, DJ Stephen, Private Ryan, DJ Bimshire, Maga, and Hazzard. We certainly salute your efforts.

To all our viewers, we look forward to seeing you at the next Carnival!!

We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL!

Atlanta Carnival 2014

As Always,
Joy Juice .... Out and About!

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