D’Vybz Band grew out of the vision of three talented and much revered young Kittitian musicians, who envisioned a Caribbean musical group that surpassed any that preceded in terms of musicianship, professionalism and management. This was the vision of Steve “Steba” Dublin, Carl “Ozzy” Osbourne and Chad “Sucky Benjamin. After many years as the musical core of the regionally acclaimed Nu-Vybes Band, Steba, Ozzy and Sucky ventured out from the Nu-Vybes to pursue and achieve the ideal that they envisioned. A vision that was not shared by the band that they helped to make world famous. A vision that encompassed an approach to the music business that had not been seen in the Caribbean music industry particularly in St.Kitts-Nevis. The approach is simply to effectively marry great music with equally or exceedingly greater management and conduct. It was felt that pursuing such and achieving it would be the difference between moderate regional success and tremendous international acclaim.

The pursuance of this vision brought about the inclusion of persons from various fields that will enhance and effectively guide the organization to the ideal envisioned by Steba, Ozzy and Sucky. Thus a management team was put together which included professionals versed in various aspects of business and finance. Mr. Val Henry, Mr. Wallis Wilkin, Mr. Shanwa Broadbelt and Mr. Osdel Hanley professionals in the fields of marketing, finance and public relations forms the management team that provides the perfect compliment to the great musicianship that exists in d’Vybz. It is this group complimented by the tremendous talents of accomplished performers and musicians including vocalists Jacinth “Shakki” Smithen a 2003 St.Kitts Soca Monarch and Lynshell “Shakkal” poets a talented young singer with #1 hits already under his belt, in addition to easily the most talented young drummer in the Caribbean Emris “Jay” Forbes d’Vybz will certainly and most definitely achieve the ideals and goals envisioned by Steba, Ozzy and Sucki which is to simply take soca and caribbeam music and the business of soca and Caribbean music to a higher level.

In the bands first carnival season they were quickly recognized as one of the BIG bands in St.Kitts-Nevis as they were contracted more heavily and consistently than the long established bands like Small Axe and Nu-Vybes. They gave very memorable performances at the Miss St.Kitts Queen Pageant and the Miss Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant where they brought the audience to their feet with their electrifying performances. They capped off their inaugural carnival season with great road performances on last lap and carnival day and were among the top contenders for the road march title with their hit “Turn it up”. Turn it up was one of the biggest songs for the season and that song along with Hello and One Time To many solidified them in the heart of fans and skeptics alike as the hottest new band in st.kitts-nevis and the Caribbean.

December 2006: Debut Album Release
Album: No Turning Back
Producers: Steve “Steba” Dublin (St.Kitts) and Andrew Denny (Barbados)
Big Tunes: "Hello", "Turn It Up", "One Time To Many", Wukkin On It

E-mail: , ,
Phone: 869-664-7517 (Manager), 869-664-5255 (Bandleader), 869-662-7434 (Road Manager), 869-662-5152 (Marketing and Promotions Manager)



Steve Dublin - Bandleader, KeyboardsSteve Dublin - Bandleader, Keyboards

Steve “Steba” Dublin is one of the most lauded keyboardist and musical arrangers in the Caribbean, having produced and arranged an amazing 5 Kittitian Road March titles including Ting Lang in 2005, Street Style in 1998, Hand Signal in 1997, Step Up in 2002 and the landmark hit Sugar in 2001.

Steba , as he is affectionately known has been in the music business well over 20 years. Steve’s musical journey began even before he was born as his father whom he cites as his musical inspiration is one of the most respected and regarded musicians in St.Kitts-Nevis. He grew up around music listening to his dads bands which are many and includes legendary kitittian bands like Earthtones, Grand Ash 2 and Ellie Matt and the GI’s Brass. Steba’s love for music developed as he grew older and this love drew him to the St.Kitts-Nevis Defense force band which is the musical birth place of many kittitian musicians. He played various instruments but developed a passion for the keyboards. After some years in the defense force band Steve ventured out and started his own band in 1987 with a few Defense Force band mates and school friends. New Vibrations was the name of the band which subsequently became Nu-Vybes. After almost 20 years as the heart and soul of the Nu-Vybes Band, Steve again ventured out to further enhance not only his own musical talents but the music talents of others and the industry on a whole and started d’Vybz band in 2006. Dublin lists his first major US tour as well as the arranging of his first road march as some of his most notable achievements in his 20 plus years in the music industry. Steve’s accomplishments and talents as a musician is arguably un-matched in the St.Kitts-Nevis music landscape.

Carl “Ozzy” Osborne - GuitaristCarl “Ozzy” Osborne - Guitarist

Like most if not all musicians on St.Kitts and Nevis “Ozzy” began his musical journey way back in 1984 as a member of the St.Kitts-Nevis Defense Force Band of which he is still a member as a very accomplished Barritonist. The multi-talented Osborne is a well versed and rounded musician as he boasts the ability to play a number of musical instruments including the Drums, Bass , Barritone and of course the Sax and Lead Guitar. He credits his foundation as a Basseterre Boys School alumni and a student of Mr. Obadiah Williams as well as Mr. Nigel “Numpy” Williams of the Defense Force Band for his talents and success as a musician.

Carl played briefly with the Police Brass back in the late 80’s and made his name as a renowned guitarist as a member of the Nu-Vybes band which he joined in the early 90’s and played with until 2006 where he joined his fellow defense force and boy school alumni Steve to form d’Vybz in the fall of 2006.

Carl is also a very accomplished barber and cites his performance with the Nu-Vybes at the Midem Music festival in France as one of his major achievements as a musician.

Chad “Suckie” Benjamin - Bass/VocalsChad “Suckie” Benjamin - Bass/Vocals

Barely 30 years of age Sucky has already had an amazing 15 years in the music industry. He developed a passion for music as a result of his dad who was a Sax player. Inspired by his dad’s late night and afternoon saxophone workouts Chad got into the sax and subsequently branched off into the bass where he progressed into one of the most sort after bassists in the region. His first band was the short-lived but very popular 14 minus which he started with childhood friend Carl Archibald. After the minus disbanded in the early 90’s Chad’s talents were eagerly pursued by many bands, musicians and performers which resulted in him enhancing and developing his skills while working with some of the most revered bands and musicians in St. Kitts-Nevis including Mick Stokes, the Nation Groove Band and Starshield. In 2001 he joined the Nu-Vybes Band and it was seen by many as the catalyst for the bands meteoric rise to the top of Caribbean music. In 2006 he left the band to join his former Nu-Vybes Band mates Steba and Ozzy to start d’Vybz with a view to take music in St.Kitts-Nevis to the stratosphere.

Jacinth “Shakki” Smithen - Lead Vocalist/VocalsJacinth “Shakki” Smithen - Lead Vocalist/Vocals

Shakki is well known in Caribbean music circles as a vibrant and exciting female vocalist. Her powerful voice and creative and appealing lyrics and style has endeared her to many and has also resulted in her services being heavily sort by bands, artistes and music industry executives. Her 12 year singing career has seen Shakki progress from playing the ST.Kitts-Nevis hotel circuit while still in high school to fronting some of the top bands in the region. Grand Masters, Ultra Sonics and Better Band of Anguilla have all benefited from the immense talents of Shakki as their leading lady. In 2004 she sang the Nevis Culturama Road March song “Sun or Rain” with the Ultra Sonics. She has done many recordings with other bands like Small Axe, Tornado and Mussington out of Anguilla and also has a critically acclaimed solo project under her belt with 2005’s “Sterling” album. She is also the 2003 Soca Monarch. Shakki burst into the limelight as a member of the Grand Masters in 2000. However it was not until 2003 where she was etched into our minds with a truly memorable performance at the Music Festival of that year.

Shakki sees herself as an introvert and indicated that her involvement and passion for music grew out of her desire to open up and get out of her “shell”.

Shakki’s hair and outfits are almost as revered and exciting as her performances. When Shakki is around she is sure to steal any show.

Lynshell “Shakal” Peets - Lead Vocalist/VocalsLynshell “Shakal” Peets - Lead Vocalist/Vocals

Lynshell is well known as one of the most talented young vocalists in StKtts-Nevis. With number 1 hits already under his belt Lynshell is no doubt among the top echelon of singers in the twin island federation.

Shakal began his singing career as a young teenager when he started his own band. He later joined various musical groups and worked the hotel circuit singing with and fronting bands like Modern Image and the Friends band out of Nevis. Lynshell is the CEO of his own musical organization known as the Chronical Family and his solo hits resulted in a place on the St.Kitts Music Festival line-up in 2004 where he brought the house down with his scintillating performance.

Shakal’s early influences, Bob Marley and the Mighty Sparrow are reflected in his conscious yet humorous and fun-loving style and presence.

Lynshell’s impressive vocals and tremendous stage presence has created the perfect synergy with his fellow vocalist Shakki and within d’VYBZ which has inspired the term “the SHAK ATTAK” Shakki and Shakal two the good way.

Emris “Jay” Forbes - DrummerEmris “Jay” Forbes - Drummer

Jay is the baby of d’VYBZ but you wouldn’t know that by just listening him play. He plays like an experienced pro. Jay is not yet 20 but has already had 8 years playing the drums with various bands including Coallishun, Caribbean Roots and the St.Kitts-Nevis Defense Force Band of which he is still a member. Emris’ talents was apparent to Steba and Suckie and when the opportunity came for him to join them as part of a group they did not hesitate to invite him to complete d’VYBZ unit.

Jay cites Oflyn Rogers, Mike, Dion and Steve Payne as some of his musical influences as well as Junie and Source former vocalist with the 14 minus and Tornado.

Gavin Charles - 2nd Keyboards/Programme

A well rounded and versed musician Gavin brings to the band a keen talent and knowledge for music. He plays a number of musical instruments including the Saxaphone,Bass,Guitar and Keyboards. His fresh youthful approach is sure to add another exciting dimension to d’Vybz.

d'Vybz Band - Hello
d'Vybz Band - One Time To Many
d'Vybz Band - Turn It Up

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