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Grenada Spicemas 2013 Extras
Spicemas 2013 Extras

August 8th-14th 2013

Home of 100,000 Jab Jabs!

Lucian Carnival ... Check! Barbados Crop Over ... Check! It's just Antigua Carnival (we planning for 2014) and Grenada Spicemas left to round up the summer of Caribbean mas.

Besides my beloved local juices (with or without nutmeg), I was looking forward to drinking a cold Carib in a brown bottle (have only seen this in Grenada). Unlike the usual clear Carib bottles, they say that the brown bottle helps prevent the beer from having that flat taste. So I wonder why all Caribs don't come in brown bottles??!! #foodforthought

TJJ Travel Rule #21 - Avoid traveling on one's birthday. TJJ Travel Rule #22 - If forced to travel on one's birthday, avoid traveling with Liat! Although having a direct midday flight from Barbados to Grenada, Liat took us via Trinidad and got us to the spice isle a mere 4+ hours late; and without any luggage to boot. No time to cry over spilt milk ... WE REACH! Spice Island Beach Resort to the rescue. smile

After enjoying a mediocre birthday dinner at Grenada's #1 ranked restaurant according to TripAdvisor, The Beach House, the 'itis' kicked in and so "Tallpree & Friends" was no more for us on Thursday night.

Our Spicemas 2013 kicked off with a "Welcome Party at Umbrellas" located on the beautiful Grand Anse Beach. A stone throw away from our resort, it was not long before the melodious sounds from the live T&T rhythm section drew us into the lime. Minutes after, strawberry daiquiris (with vodka) were in hand... thanks Mel!

With three (3) other events to hit up tonight, there was barely anytime to take a shower and roll on a proper coat of deodorant before heading to the National Stadium for the "SMC/LIME Grenada Soca Monarch Finals". Blaka Dan took the Groovy title with "Whole Day We Jammin" play and Boyzie won the Power category with "Mass Everywhere (All Aboard)" play.

Stop #3 for Friday was at the infamous Bananas. It's their Annual Carnival fete ("Bacchanal Friday Free Drinks") with Summercrew and we only have two words to say ... FREE DRINKS!! Okay, make that four words ... Medical Students Gone Wild!! With operation 'Touch & Go' in full effect, it wasn't long before we bounced the starter and headed over to our last stop for the night.

Stop #4 for Friday - Fete Freaks annual "Permit Fete"! Whether you made it out to Soca Monarch or not, you know one thing for sure ... Permit Fete will be on and poppin' at the Aquarium with some real heat in de place (and we talking HEAT) as D' Bandit jammed the tunes.

After catching as much shut eye, beach and grub (those mini conch rotis were scrumptious) it was time to head down to Grenada Yacht Club to warm up for the "Wet n Wild Bikini Cruise". Guaranteed to be sold out every year ... do not pass go, do not collect $200; Go directly to SummerCrew's Bikini Cruise!! With bikinis and alcohol galore on board, this event is #islandlife at it's best. We spent most of the cruise on the VIP boat, but was shuttled over to the Party boat just in time to catch some of the jamishness and bacchanal taking place.

This year, SummerCrew: The Next Generation in conjunction with Carib did their first ever "Fuzion One" Day Fete at the Yacht Club. This was the also the official Bikini Cruise After Party. Who say coloured foam? Actually, who say food??!! Unlike my last cruise experience in 2011, lunch wasn't served on board the boat. But for the record, let's just say that waiting to serve everyone food at the After Party isn't a good idea. Moving along...

While pan lovers were at the National Stadium enjoying "Panorama", I think the rest of the island made their way to the country side for the annual "White in the Moonlight" with headliner Machel Montano & HD band. Sunday morning I was still hearing talk about the hours of traffic to get to Moonlight City and the rain, but more so, about what a fantastic time we missed out on. Be sure to check out Machel's Instagram photos.

Before the madness began at the "Home of 100,000 Jab Jabs" aka "Spicemas J'ouvert", we passed thru two jouvert pre-parties; "Daybreak - Pre J'ouvert Party @ Bananas" and "AfterDark- The Powder & Iron Experience" @ Grenada Yacht Club. This was my 3rd Spicemas J'Ouvert, and although I had a good idea of what to expect, when it all unfolded ... it was like my 1st time all over again. These Grenadians have real antics when it comes to 'playing ah wicked jab!' (Mr Killa - Rolly Polly play)

Monday Mas was a quiet day as usual with most revellers either still recovering from jouvert or gearing up for Monday Night Mas; which by the way didn't happen for us this year due to a lil' miscommunication with our transportation and new base camp at the True Blue Bay Resort. No fret, we have not one (1), but three (3) Carnival Tuesday Pretty Mas galleries (mostly of SummerCrew 2013 presentation "Jewels of the Caribbean") to make up for this.

Grenada Spicemas is most certainly growing in numbers, especially with more islanders (from within the region) visiting every year. That 3 hour ferry from Trinidad to Grenada with full package (hotel, parties, mas) is a great idea for Trinibagoians to come and add more spice to their life. Folks, plan ahead for 2014!

Thanks again to the Grenada Board of Tourism and the Spicemas Corporation for making this all possible. See you guys next year!

We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL!

Grenada Spicemas 2013

Whole Day Ah Jammin',
Daddy Juice aka The Carnival Ref
and The 2013 TJJ Spicemas Team
-- Juicy Juice, Mix Juice, Autty Juice & Robin

Disclaimer: Professional and experienced TJJ Fet-a-lot-athon® Party Gurus have rigorously tested these Carnival grounds and are providing said recommendations based on the fundamentals that the audience is a healthy rum drinking islander. If while performing any of these actions you begin to feel any dizziness, fatigue or pain please stop and consult your physician immediately.

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