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Permit Fete 2014 (Grenada)
Permit Fete 2014

Aug 8th, 2014

Soak It... Soak It... SOAK IT GOOD!

The "must do" to kick-start your Grenada Carnival experience is highlighted in the first gallery of this SpiceMas 2014 experience - Touch down on the beautiful Grand Anse Beach at any bar and just unwind a little, have a drink (or two) and enjoy some of the great food. It's here it will begin to sink in... the true beauty of the country and the friendliness of the people. From there, head on down to the National Stadium to enjoy the Soca Monarch Finals, where you will permanently etch in your mind the catchy tunes you're gonna be hearing for the carnival as well as start the wining and partying for the days to come. You can choose to spend the entire night there or head over to the second stop in this TJJ SpiceMas journey... Permit Fete!

The name originating from the earlier parties where a "permit" (invite) got you a discounted price at the door, now you can buy your tickets for the Permit Fete in advance and secure your place inside. With D' Bandit spinning hit after hit, it was non-stop vibes among this beautiful crowd. The Aquarium was a nice beach front location but if you do hit this pumping party, be prepared to jam! The place was so packed, I got three wines just trying to reach to the bar!

Luckily for me, this SpiceMas weekend fell smack in the middle of my birthday, and what better way could I ask to start my birthday than with a smoking hot SummerCrew Bikini Cruise??!! Talk about beauties on not just one, but two boats! Free drink and great music, and not to mention, Kerry D' Drummer to throw in a little of that Trini Rhythm Section vibe. After the boat's docked, all isn't over! After party right there at the Yacht Club with more drinks, food and foam! Yes, FOAM! A lot of people spent the rest of their afternoon there but the avid partiers knew to go home and prepare for the big bad fete later that night - White In The Moonlight.

Silly ole me almost unthinkingly left the hotel in a black Jungle Juice t-shirt when I was kindly reminded by the concierge to wear white or be the odd one out. After running and changing, I hadn't even began to prepare myself for the journey from St. George's to "the country" up North. After some winding roads and a few drinks with my new Grenadian friends, we arrived at what seemed to be the biggest fete I could've possibly imagined attending in such a small country. The UV lights on all the white clothes was spectacular as everyone jumped and sang to their favorite local artists. Added to that marvelous view was free premium drinks (VIP) and succulent food such as lobster and shrimp and other fine meats. An electrifying performance from Machel Montano and the entire HD family followed by the legendary 'Rolly Polly' King, Mr. Killa, ended the night as the sun rose.

Honestly, I didn't think this SpiceMas virgin could've made much more, but after resting up during the day, it was time to pump again for the infamous Grenada Spicemas J'Ouvert. Plans were to hit a pre-J'Ouvert party featuring the Caribbean's most demanded DJ, Private Ryan, but the heavy rain kept that plan out of sight. As the rain let up, people flooded to the streets of St. George's around 4 a.m. As you enter the city, you could feel the difference in the atmosphere as everyone was in some costume or as most were, in their Jab Jab oil. I cannot even begin to describe how unique of an experience this was. The pure energy and wildness of the Jab Jab, yet it was so well orchestrated to remain within themselves. Spectators can easily stay on the sidelines, experience the show, and leave without a stain. As the photos will show, almost any and everything goes for J'Ouvert, yet there were no fights or any form of danger whatsoever. This is a definite must experience for all Caribbean people!

Next up on our journey was Monday Night Mas. Every time I went to an event, from Soca Monarch onward, I kept saying, I think this is the best I'll experience for the carnival, and all the locals kept saying wait til' you see what's next. And everytime, I was more and more amazed, as each event passed by... but I think the epitome for the carnival was the Monday Night Mas. Imagine seeing an entire street, literally covered with people all wearing matching brightly lit hats. Another night filled with great music, flowing drinks and beautiful people, with an overall view that's just breathtaking.

Last stop in this journey was the Tuesday Parade of the Bands. Starting much later than expected, this parade of bands was more of an unwinding experience, focused on beauty of costumes than wildness and hype. Don't get me wrong, there was non-stop dancing, singing, music and drinks, but the "pretty mas", as it is dearly referred to, reflected more as a day centered around bands and costumes. It's similar to a much smaller scale Trinidad Carnival Tuesday (and I mean much).

That about wraps it up for my SpiceMas virgin experience. Two "stink and dutty jab jab" thumbs up from the Sammy Juice!

We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL!

Grenada Spicemas 2013

ps. Special thanks to the Grenada Board of Tourism for allowing us to showcase their carnival and beautiful island to the rest of the world.

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