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Hollywood Carnival 2012 (California)
Hollywood Carnival 2012

June 30th, 2012

Caribbean Carnival Parade in Hollywood?? No way! Yes folks, this is the 1st Caribbean Carnival on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and it was brought to you by Regulaz Entertainment who has gone above and beyond as well as against the odds to promote the culture in the mecca of entertainment; Hollywood, California. The promoters with special mention of Keron Adams, took the first step in highlighting the carnival in Hollywood and showcasing the Caribbean cultural diversity to the world through music, costume and dance. Big up Keron!! They incorporated the carnival with the National Caribbean-American Heritage Month and dubbed it the 1st annual LA Cultural Festival. Lights, camera and action which we have grown to know Hollywood as will now be combined with Soca, Feathers and Bachannal. It can only get better from here on. It was a pleasure for TJJ to be amongst the participants and spectators which consisted of mainly residents and business owners of Hollywood, various other cities within the US and the Caribbean as well as tourists from around the world.

The crowd was intrigued and stunned at the various costumes and dance moves (wining) both naughty and nice that the revellers were showing them. All shapes and sizes adorned in glitter, bling, beads and feathers showed the spectators what the Caribbean carnival was all about and with various flags representing each individual country. The warmth of the Caribbean burnt up Hollywood Blvd and left its mark of better things to come. Some of the celebs spotted were Nia Long (waving a large Trini flag), Lorraine Toussaint, Antonio Fargas, Mark Ridley-Thomas just to name a few.

The parade started at Hollywood Blvd/ Berendo at 11.40am and went all the way to the venue which was in a primetime location in Hollywood at the corner of Hollywood Blvd/Vine. The shuttles provided allowed masqueraders to park near the Village and ride to the beginning of the parade. The weather was great…..75-80 degrees and the warm sun lit up the colourful costumes. Parade was incident-free and the streets were left clean. Everybody thinking green nowadays even the masqueraders. No trash or pieces of costumes left behind. The accessibility into the Carnival Village seemed to be a little difficult and disorganized due to the number of people trying to get into the event. Some were in line while others were taking a last lap wine on the streets much to the amusement of the police officers and cleaning crew.

DJ Stephen, D Wassi One, Eternal Vibes, D Governor and some other local Los Angeles DJ's were definitely keeping the vibes uplifted with their own totally different style of delivering our cultural music to both Caribbean and non-Caribbean people. It was level waist and constant pace throughout the parade and in the Carnival Village. People waving rags, flags, drinks, umbrellas, costume pieces…anything they could get their hands on. Mad vibes!! The tourists and onlookers had a great time and it was heart-warming to see them attempt to wine down low and dance to the pulsating rhythms. Some may not have understood the lyrics but they sure followed the rhythms and sang their own versions to the songs. Regulaz Entertainment supported the artistes especially the younger generation and gave them a chance to perform onstage: Angelica, Dylan Hyde, Caligrafi, Lex Lane, Hollywood High Drill Team, Sistas wit style, Justice and Michael Wagner/ Elijai and the Roots band.

Food, Food, Food… there was a variety of food available and my favorite was the Bake and Shark. It was on point! No wonder it was sold out in 3 hours. Yes folks I made sure I tried every single item: food at the beginning of the parade, VIP and at the Carnival Village. Masqueraders and patrons had to refuel themselves after the mad vibes on the street and it was evident from the food lines which remained constant for a few hours but moved along quickly. Vendors served Trinidadian, Jamaican and Belizean cuisines just to name a few. Event was cash only.

Thanks to Regulaz Entertainment especially Charisse, Cece and Keron for my wire bra costume, breakfast, lunch along with the fluids aka Jungle Juice. That juice was dangerous but ah like it. Love you guys! Colin (Trinifeters) ….. thanks for sharing your pelau and allowing me to eat all the meat in the plate. Promoters and committee members did their best to ensure the patrons had a great time. It was a lil hectic at the entrance to the Village with numerous people trying to get in but the promoters promised an improved plan for next year’s carnival.

The cost was $10 to enter the Carnival Village which included a wide range of cultural entertainment stemming from the US and various Caribbean countries and an array of food, drinks and delicacies. Great seeing the younger generation performing and highlighting the culture as well as their talents. Nice idea combining the Hollywood life with the Caribbean culture. Keep flying the flag and reppin’ the culture in the Entertainment capital of the world. Would love to see more Caribbean artistes and performers in next year's celebrations.

Much love goes out to Giselle "D Wassi One", and DJ Eternal Vibes for making the trip to Hollywood and ensuring everyone had a great time with non-stop music and vibes. Tempo from beginning to end. Regulaz Entertainment, you carved your star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. Job well done!! Very impressed with the turnout and support. Looking forward to June 22nd, 2013. Also BIG UP to the Machel Montano puppet who made headlines and probably took the most pictures and did the most interviews. Very Original. Much respect to DJ Stephen, DJ Kerwin “D Governor”, Flash da Jagwar, Trinifeters, Joyce Productions, CFTT, Super Sonic Samba School, Sexy Soca Sailors, 3Ni Productions, Sistas-wit-Style and Extacy Mas for showcasing a wide range of colour, splendor and fantastic display of Caribbean culture in the 1st ever Hollywood carnival parade. Yuh light up the Boulevard! Special thanks to Regulaz Ent. for going the extra mile to ensure TJJ was well fed and hydrated.

Mark your calendars folks, you don’t want to miss it next year. I envision it to be bigger and better. Hollywood + Caribbean culture = Bachannal on d Boulevard!

Hollywood Carnival 2012 - Jesan

Jesan for the TJJ fam

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