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R.E.P.R.E.S.E.N.T ft. Fayann & Lyrikal (Los Angeles)

Jun 22nd, 2013
PURE ft. Bunji Garlin (Los Angeles)
PURE ft. Bunji Garlin

Jun 21st, 2013
Yellow & White Party (Los Angeles)
Yellow & White Party

Jun 20th, 2013

Hollywood + Carnival = Bacchanal on the Boulevard

Ahhhh… Carnival fever has arrived once again in Hollywood and it's heating up the airwaves, news channel and folks with anticipation. Rumored to be better than last year with celebrities such as the Soca Viking family, Machel Montano and Lyrikal to name a few were expected. Trini jungle Juice will have exclusive access to LACF 2nd Annual fetes and parade in celebration of Caribbean Heritage Month in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles Culture Festival (LACF) awarded TJJ with All Access VIP wristbands and Team TJJ (Coop & I) discussed our work schedule and dress code …… aye aye, of course we have to maintain the cuteness factor that TJJ is known for. No flight needed, no hotel booking and no suitcases to pack as Hollywood carnival will be in our hometown and just a jump, hop, skip away from home.

Thursday June 20th: Yellow & White Party
Decked in our Yellow and White attire with a splash of red and black from our media badges, Team TJJ arrived at the venue around 11pm. Room 86 is a favourite spot for me to wind down from a hard week at work and to get my dose of reggae music but we were more than eager to attend this event to wine up to the Soca music, fog up the place and to spread our hands and leggo!!!! I must add that DJ Stephen, DJ Eternal Vibes and Giselle D' Wassi One clearly exceeded my expectations and even though the place was filled to capacity without much elbow room, "a little wine never hurt nobody" and I didn't hear any complaints either... heehee!!

Friday June 21st: PURE feat Bunji Garlin
The promoters definitely followed the theme of this party: PURE. Excitement from beginning to end with pure vibes, pure energy and pure niceness. Can I say PURE provided a different-ology approach to fog up the place by going one hour and… one extra dayyyyyyyyy? Yes, Mr. 25/8 Lyrikal and the Grand Marshall of Hollywood Carnival, Machel Montano alongside Mr. Differentology, Bunji d gyal dem dahlin, were most present from early in the fete which gave patrons enough time to pose with them, take photos, chit-chat and enjoy the atmosphere of having all these celebs under one roof for the first time in California. Extra points for promoters: LACF, Regulaz Entertainment and Poundaz Int'l. Screams were heard as soon as the popular words "We ready, we ready, yeah we ready, we ready, yeah we ready, ready, ready" blasted from the speakers surrounding the venue alongside the guitar notes as the Soca Viking Bunji Garlin hit the stage for the first time ever in Hollywood. He gave a great performance as expected which included his past and present soca anthems including his new tune "Carnival Tabanca" much to the delight of the crowd.

Saturday June 22nd:

TJJ crew arrived on time to capture to beauty and essence of carnival as diverse cultures, backgrounds and countries were in display. The parade started at Hollywood Blvd/ Vermont at 11.45am and went all the way to the Carnival Village which was in a primetime location in Hollywood at the corner of Hollywood Blvd/Cherokee.

Comments such as "Weyyyy TJJ here too"..."Allyuh all over the place"…"Please take meh picture" and "Thank you for coming" along with hugs and kisses from the masqueraders and crowd, made Coop and I feel right at home. The love and support from them showed the warmth of the Caribbean, South American and African people which complimented the colours of the costumes, music and dance. The Parade of Bands was headed by Mar Yvette; reporter from FOX 11 News, Dr. Claire Nelson; Founder and President of the Institute of Caribbean Studies and the King of Soca; Machel Montano. There were more costume bands this year with special mention of Extacy Mas & Three Ni for incorporating a Queen of the band, Tan Tan and Saga Boy look-alike and Trinifeters, who undoubtedly had the biggest band. Big up to the DJs; Stephen, Hyper Leon, Eternal Vibes, D' Enforces, The Governor, Tony Tempo and Island Rhythms Int. to name a few. MC Giselle D' Wassi One kept the Carnival Village pumping and spreading the vibes as she usually does. Machel Montano gave a great performance on stage which sent the crowd wild as they sang, cheered him on, waved rags/flags and even started a Rhythm section which he joined. Vibes, vibes and more vibes!!! Dancehall artiste Serani gave an impromptu performance and teased the crowd with a few songs and even gave away tixs to his concert.

Carnival Saturday night... after the parade... sun kissed skin, sore feet and tired eyes... yet the wotless behavior and insane vibes cyah done yet! No rest for the wicked and well… sore. smile The idea behind Carnival is simple. PARTY HARD!!! The end. Vikings family ... check, Machelments .... check, Mr. 25/8 Lyrikal ... check. Every Caribbean country represented as Soca lovers waved rags and flags to the favourite tunes and upon command by the artistes.

DJ Stephen, Hyperactive Sounds, DJ Eternal Vibes, Giselle D' Wassi One and D'Enforcas kept the crowd bubbling, wining low, jumping up, waving and reppin dey country! There were no unnecessary talking on the mic, cutting of tunes and the flow between sets were flawless. Lyrikal and Fayann blew away the vibes meter in this party. Mr. 25/8 rose the meter when he started the wining competition on stage. Ah swear snake oil sell off in California! However, the highlight of the night was Fayann's commitment to her fans... she tossed her high heeled boots and jumped into the crowd, parted the sea of flags and rags and partied the night away amongst the screaming patrons. Well done Fayann. You had the "Formula" to keep "De Stage Open" and you are the "Eff" in Fete, Fun and Frolic. Partygoers surely got their money's worth.

In conclusion, if you weren't in the Entertainment Capital of the World (Hollywood) to experience the Carnival… your loss!!! Congratulations to LACF, Regulaz crew and Poundaz Int. for another successful carnival. Like I said last year, you carved your star on the Walk of Fame… this year you added the shine. It was a delight to cover 2012 events and see the Machel puppet. However the promoters did their best to bring Mr. Double M himself and as the Grand Marshall. See you in 2014. Bigger and better things to come.

Special thanks to Coop aka Smiley Juice, my bff/TJJ twin. It's always fun to cover events with you.

We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL!

Hollywood Carnival 2013

With Love,
- Jesan S. AKA Cali Juice

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