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The Epic After Party (Hollywood)
The EPIC After Party

Jun 23rd, 2014

TJJ + Hollywood + Carnival = Bacchanal on the Boulevard Part 3

When we "Press A Button" we get this "Haunted" feeling straight "To Meh Heart", which makes us feel like the "Happiest Man Alive"! This carnival fever had many names and easily spread from one person to another causing Hollywood Boulevard and environs to be infested with happy people, musical vibrations and colourful displays. Hollywood Carnival carved its name on the Walk of Fame! And this year was particularly an "EPIC" year with King of Soca, Machel Montano (MM), right in the mix; adding some key ingredients.

Montano invited both local and international celebs such as Trinidad James (rapper), Eva Marcille (actress/fashion model), Director X (music video director), Anya Ayoung-Chee (designer) and Damien Dante Wayans (actor) to come out and see what the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Culture Festival (LACF) had to offer. Of course, this meant that Trini Jungle Juice once again had full access and this year, Dre AKA Daddy Juice AKA The Carnival Ref made the trip out to LA to join in on the action! Unable to drum up the energy for Thursday night's V.I.C.E 'The Blue & White Party', our weekend kicked off on Friday...

Friday June 20th: Pure Happiness
Just as expected, Machel Montano brought the vibes to Hollywood Carnival on Friday night. Rolling into Bardot nightclub came Trinidad James, Joel Anthony (of the NBA's Boston Celtics), Anya Ayoung-Chee, Director X, Lyrikal, Leah Marville (former Miss Barbados World), DJ Stephen, Eternal Vibes, Bass Line (D'Enforcas), Tony Cross, Giselle the Wassi One and more! Vibes Cyah Done when you have all of we in di building!

Lyrikal opened the stage with performances that got the crowd jumping from the start. Then came the main attraction, Mr. Machel Montano himself. He had a big performance on a small stage. Covering it from one side to the next, he had everyone in the zone. Flags up in the air and people staggering from side to side, the crowd was wild. Ending the night at 3:30am, everyone that came out seemed to have gotten their money's worth.

Twenty For Plenty

#twentyforplenty #tooreal #comeouttoplay This year the fetes have grown three-fold. Besides soca pumpin' in downtown Hollywood, Deja Vu promotions hosted Too Real: Twenty For Plenty featuring the 2014 Groovy Soca King Kerwin Du Bois and Benjai at Local 250 Union Hall in Gardena. Venue was a decent size with plenty wining room; plenty room for those "Too Real" bumpers!! Promoters provided free secured parking which accommodated many cars, SUVs and even party buses. Patrons partied to the sounds of DJ Spice (NY), MysteryMan and Gary B whilst MC Wassi kept the crowd wining, waving and singing to his every command as he handed out free tickets to comedy shows and other post-carnival weekend parties. Vibes!!! Drinks were plentiful at $5 from 9p to 12am and kept everyone’s spirits high. Benjai was first to perform and as expected, his clothing came off piece by piece by piece as his fans cheered him on. Drink, Wine, Strip, Repeat!!! I come out to play, play, play!!! With this fete scheduled until 5AM, the Groovy Soca King arrived at the venue after we left but word is he did not disappoint and had the hardcore partygoers on "Lockdown".

With all these events taking place for Hollywood Carnival, "Say the word and we dey.. we dey.. we dey! And if you can’t go hard well it's best you stay home cuz we ain't toting no loadddddddddddd ..... and if you don't want we inside ah yuh party, we go cover it from the roaddddddd!!" smile

Saturday June 21st: Parade of the Bands
The parade started at it's usual meeting point (Hollywood Blvd/Vermont), but moved up to a 10:15am start time giving an extra hour and a half jump ... BONUS! Most masqeraders (well the early ones) got secured parking close to the Carnival Village (corner of Hollywood Blvd/Highland) where the parade ends and took advantage of the free shuttle service provided by the LACF committee. As always, we arrived on "TJJ time". smile No shuttles, no problem!! We all hopped into a taxi which happened to be a tiny Toyota Prius one by one .... 1, 2, 3 wait ... 4, 5 .... wait one more.... 6! A 15 minute ride and .... brapssssss, WE IN DE MAS!

It's its 3rd year, although it was rumoured that the number of spectators might have been less than previous years, the growth of the costume mas bands was clearly evident. Extacy Mas added new section EPIC Mas, which was hosted by Machel Montano. Trinifeters, Island Revellers, Jump Synergy, Carnival Jumbies, Sistas-wit-Style were some of the other mas bands that promoted our fun-filled culture along the estimated 3.5 mile parade route down Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood Carnival now boasts of having the longest parade route on the ROAD in the US. Shout out to all the hard working DJs; Stephen, Eternal Vibes, Barrie Hype, The Governor, Marcus G and Supa Dan to name a few. And to MCs Giselle D' Wassi One and Tony Cross who kept the masqueraders pumping whilst spreading the vibes as they usually do.

Machel gave a great performance on the EPIC Mas truck which sent the celebs (both off and on the music truck like Damien Dante Wayans and winner of the third cycle of America's Next Top Model, Eva Marcille) and revellers into a frenzy as the crowd cheered him on. Vibes, vibes and more vibes!!! Every Caribbean country represented as carnival lovers waved rags and flags to their favourite soca tunes. Following the parade, the action continued at the Carnival Village (which needs to be easier to find following the parade), where there was live entertainment on the main stage and a wide variety of food on sale - the line for roti and bake & shark never let up - along with other cultural booths.

The night was still young with the Official Hollywood Carnival After Party "R.E.P.R.E.S.E.N.T" which featured reining Chutney Soca Monarch of T&T, K.I at Exchange LA to conclude Saturday's carnival activities.

Special mention goes to the Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Tourism and TDC for supporting the Los Angeles Culture Festival and celebrating the 25th anniversary of Peter Minshall's Tan Tan and SagaBoy. Their gigantic figures in the parade marked a beginning of bigger and better things to come in the years ahead for Hollywood Carnival.

Sunday June 22nd: RISE: The Ultimate Breakfast Boatride
Carnival Sunday Morning…. Sun-kissed skin, sore feet and tired eyes... yet the wotless behavior and insane vibes cyah done yet! No rest for the wicked! The idea behind Carnival is simple. PARTY HARD!!! The End.

So you woke up and your head still hurting from all the sun and alcohol from the day before. What do you do? Eat a bake & shark or hops and saltfish, add more alcohol over ice and stir in some TJJ vibes with soca and you have an ultimate time aboard the Kristina hosted by Trinifeters. If you weren't on board, well keep on dreaming!! No stush behavior aboard this vessel as all sorts of antics occurred. From palancing on the bottom deck which rocked the boat so much, a large speaker on the top deck toppled into the sea below (no lie) to holding onto the frames on the ceiling and doing pull ups in mid-wine... yes, men were doing pull-ups, push-ups, squats ... you name it, all while conducting a proper wine! Oppsie? Heck no!! Trinifeters boat ride demonstrated how to do the "Wineaerobic Workout". Musical geniuses The Governor and Marcus G cranked up the volume and the saga continued. At the end, partygoers were treated to local T&T snacks like cheeze balls, split channa, salt prunes and tamarind balls to compliment the end of an 'Ultimate Boatride'. Kudos to Trinifeters for a job well done. Next time, lasso all the speakers onto the posts to ensure nothing moves. smile

Next up for the 'TJJ Carnival Train for the Wicked' ... Machel's BBQ Pool lime and Hollywood Carnival Last Lap. One more day to go... the power levels UP!!

Monday June 23rd: The EPIC After Party
Double M blew away the vibes meter in this party. Intimate setting for an Epic After Party hosted by Anya Ayoung-Chee (Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe 2008/winner of Project Runway's ninth season) and Director X. Xen lounge was the place to be as the partygoers screamed with excitement as Machel performed his hits songs on stage and also invited Bajan songstress Nikita Browne onstage to sing 2014 hit "Haunted". DJ Stephen and Major Lazer's Jillionaire kept the crowd bubbling, wining low, jumping up and waving. There were no unnecessary talking on the mic, cutting of tunes and the flow between sets were flawless. The entrance to the party was marked by a huge backdrop in celebration of Epic Mas' success in this year's carnival and partygoers took turns snapping "selfies, wefies and groupies" and posting to Facebook and Instagram. Celebrities were in attendance and participated in taking photos, chatting, dancing and simply having a good time with the partygoers. Drinks were flowing, hostesses ensured all tables were well stocked and everyone in the party had a glass or two in hand. This night Epic had many meanings… E=Everyone P=Posted I=Instagram C=Comments to E=Every P=Partygoer I=Ideal C= Carnival.

And there you have it folks.... if you weren't in the Entertainment Capital of the World - Hollywood to experience this year's carnival, to simply put it... your loss!! Congratulations to the LACF committee for another successful carnival. And like we said the 1st year (see 2012 coverage), you carved your star on the Walk of Fame. 2nd year (see 2013 coverage), you added the shine. And this year, you sealed it! Bigger and better things to come.

We cannot wait until next year! #WillYouBeReady

We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL!

Hollywood Carnival 2014

With Love,
The 2014 TJJ Hollywood Team;
Jesan AKA Cali Juice, Coop AKA Smiley Juice & Daddy Juice AKA The Carnival Ref

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