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Atlanta Carnival 2015 | Carnival in Atlanta 2015 Coverage :: on the inside


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The funny thing about carnival is that irrespective how much you prepare for it, it’s always better than expected. This year was no different for the 27th Annual Atlanta Carnival. The Atlanta Carnival Bandleaders Council, only in their 2nd year, pulled off a spectacle of events on Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta, GA. With the excitement pumping in one’s blood, as you look forward to seeing the array of colors and masqueraders all soon dancing in sync to the rhythms of Soca, the events that preceded the parade of the bands, made the Atlanta Carnival a memorable one.

From the week before, on May 17th, the Demolition Crew had their 11th Annual Cooler Fete. Boy oh boy… talk about people! Talk about vibes! Talk about bumpers! Chris, Bandy and the entire Demolition Crew family, pulled off another successful year of this event. They kept their DJ line up to high standard by having Dj Back to Basics (Da Party Rocker), Shane Talon, One Drop Sounds, Dj Touches, Optomistic and a host of others to the delight of the 2500+ patrons! Talk about session!

Back in the ATL on Friday May 22nd for the 11th Annual Atlanta Jouvert hosted by Krushmore Entertainment, I was ready to handle the challenge. This event is typically a tough one to cover but a good one! Two rooms, two sessions, two sets of vibes, and a large Dj cast, that included Optomistic Sounds, DJ Spice and Bobby Konders. Even the ever so popular Majah Hype was in attendance. That guy is a class! To top things off Fayann Lyons closed the show in tremendous fashion.

After a few hours of rest, we were ready for the road on Saturday morning. We were ready to witness the Parade of the Bands, chipping down the street to the sounds of this year’s soca hits. Different Islands and countries coming together as one to share the common interest of the Caribbean culture was a sight to see. It was also great to see the varying bands that showed off their beautiful costumes. To name a few, MaddColors (band of the year), We Kinda Ting, Inferno, MaddFlava and MasHysteria, all contributed to this year’s event. Even as the thousands of masqueraders filled the middle of the road, observers as well showed how the powers of Soca could unite people, by lining the street to witness this spectacle.

This year the Parade of the Bands took place in a new location. Decatur, GA came alive with the hearts of the Caribbean people and music simultaneously pumping! Seeing all the bands meet up in one location all side by side, with a variety of dj’s on their music trucks, it was easy to understand why tune after tune caused the rippling effect of bumpers rolling, waists gyrating and feet chipping. And though all the masqueraders were anxious to hit the road, they didn’t mind posing for a few pics by the Team TJJ before their journey began. Along the way there were both new and familiar faces that did not hesitate to smile for us! It was pleasurable to see people of different races, cultures, and ages partaking in all the enjoyment that carnival brings. After crossing the stage, masqueraders and patrons alike made their way into the park where there was a plethora of vendors, foods, cultural artifacts and most importantly a concert. Entering the arena one can smell different foods with easy access to the multitude of vendors selling their products, from ethnic clothing to trinkets, and refreshments. To cap things off, we were treated to live acts by top local dj’s and artists alike. Lyrikal, Shurwayne Winchester and Cassie all gave stellar performances. To close things off, Soul Train award winner Bunji Garlin reveled the thousands on hand in fine style. His wife Fay Ann Lyons to end the show graced him!

Though there were several events on Saturday night, the TJJ team felt it wise to rest up for Sunday morning! And what a good decision that was! With cameras, batteries, filters, press badges and chewing gum all in check, we made our way to SUNDAY Morning Breakfast Fete, hosted by Jaspa and Lotus of the One Drop Promotions and family. My goodness…. vibes from start to finish! The food was on point, top shelf drinks were in order and real ‘Bumpers Like Rain’ on a hot Sunday morning! Atlanta’s best Dj’s were on deck as well… Shane Talon, Frankie Squeeze, Dj Touches and of course One Drop! Just to name a few. Play yuh doh know…we are booked for 2016 already. Great job by the promoters to bring this event to this level of vibration.

As the evening moved on, everyone was anticipating the most prominent event of the weekend... JT and Associates Annual Wear White. Everyone…and I mean everyone wore White! Well... except for the odd one or two. No scene! And as we entered, the voice of MC Wassy could be heard revving the crowd up! “Show yuh Rag show yuh flag show yuh, show yuh!!!” Ahhhh MC Wassy... de bess in de business!!! The #1 singing MC out there! And not too far in the distant is the ‘speak easy’ DJ Spice of Team Soca, that complemented Wassy all the way through! DJ Touches, One Drop and a few other DJs made their way to the stage and kept the crowd vibing until the live performances. This year Jillian had both 5 Star Akil and Sherwin Winchester performing. To the crowd’s delight, they both were on point. We must say that it was a great job by both artists. Kudos to JT and Associates for a well-organized and entertaining Wear White.

To conclude, we had a great time in Atlanta for the 27th Annual Atlanta Carnival. We must thank all the promoters, hosts, artists, DJs and fans of TJJ for welcoming us and for their contributions in making this event a success. We are looking forward to bringing you coverage in 2016.

We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL!

Atlanta Carnival 2015

As Always,
Joy Juice .... Out and About!

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