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Atlanta Carnival 2017 | Carnival in Atlanta 2017 Coverage :: on the inside


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Over the years people have often wondered and asked me this question, "How is Atlanta Carnival?" They typically follow up with statement – "I hear it growing!" Well let me tell you, it has grown. Not just in numbers but from a single entity to two carnivals in one city. Now it may not seem to be the wisest thing, or may not be beneficial to the promoters, but two things are for sure... 1) the city of Atlanta has taken the challenge head on successfully, and 2) It does not stop the people from heading to the ATL. This leads me to answering the initial question... Atlanta Carnival is one of the leading Carnivals globally. So yes, it is growing.


It's extremely important to note that the growth of this year's carnival is true for the number of and types of events hosted my local promoters, outside of the carnival parade. From the previous weekend, the Demolition Crew held their 13th Annual Demolition Crew Cooler Fete. From the days in the Pan Yard where we saw trucks filled with drinks, to the thousands that flock the Jolie Center with refrigerators, deep freezers and caskets stacked with everything liquid.


As the Memorial weekend hits, it's Carnival Thursday with Flag Party and #HashTag. On Carnival Friday during the day, Jouvert Mike made his first Friday stop at EPIC Day Party hosted by Unitec Entertainment. Needless to say, it was EPIC! Atlanta Jouvert typically claims Friday night year after year. This year was no different. Possibly the most well attended, high entertaining and consistent event for years due to the leadership of its promoters; True of Krushmore Entertainment and Otis of Peachtree Carnival. The Atlanta Jouvert as previously mentioned, brought out some of the top DJs in the carnival industry... DJ Spice, Kevy Kev, Assassin, Optimystic and Shane Talon just to name a few. The instagram sensation Majah Hype was the designated host. Orlando Octave, Bunji Garlin and Pressure all saw time, maintaining the hype of the event.


DJ/promoter DJ Stephen, the official deejay for Machel Montano, hosted the Atlanta Carnival Experience (ACE) Weekend and had sold out shows across Atlanta. The re-birth of Machel Montano in Love Soca was outstanding on Friday after a successful inaugural #HashTag event. He followed this with Black Rave on Sunday and Last Lap on Monday.


Hmmmmmm..... Let's bypass the Parade for a second and talk about Sunday! Sunday Morning to be exact. Who can remember the days when Jaspa and Lotus started Sunday Morning Breakfast Party by the old rusty garage shed??? I do! For sure! And the 75 people that were there. And we had birthday cake. You know who does not remember? The 1500 people who showed up to see Uncle Sunny getting jam certainly do not remember the beginning. Ah mean... they showed up for other reasons too... the endless food, endless drinks, endless fans, endless cups, endless woman, endless jamming, endless DJs, endless music.... geeze... is this ever going to end? Nope! Endless.... okay, okay. You get the picture though. And for the only event I saw that started with a blessing from the devine, a prayer, a shot, and not a heavy cloud in the sky, is testimony to the promoters Jaspa and One Drop Sounds, doing a great job by providing for the people.


Now back to the Parade of the Bands. This year the Team TJJ Atlanta had their eyes focused on just one Carnival... the Atlanta Carnival Bandleaders Council (ACBC) and their hosting of one of the biggest turnouts they have had in their few years of existence. Thousands of masqueraders and supporters alike took to the streets to witness the 2017 Parade of the Bands, both filling the streets and lining the sidewalks of Covington Highway, in Decatur Georgia. The event ended at an open car park on the same stretch with a massive artists and DJ filled concert.


Several bands worked steadily for the past year to get ready for the Memorial Day celebrations, all anticipating becoming Atlanta Carnival's "Band of The Year". From the small bands that represented a country like Dominica or Haiti, to several large bands that represented serious revelry with hundreds of band members from several countries, for several hours. Once the bands completed their 'Jammin' on the road, and for those who still had the energy, it was an easy decision to enter the Festival Village. The venue was filled with Caribbean vendors who showcased their culinary skills. And for those who were not lining up for food, they were eagerly anticipating the results of the parade. Who is it going to be?


And the Winner is, drum roll please... MADD Colors. This 2017 Atlanta Carnival competition for "Band of The Year" is another successful one for leading Mas designer Rochelle and her followers. A well-deserved victory as their costumes littered the streets with color, appeal and its elements of sexiness. MADD Colors started as a small t-shirt band with just about 100 masqueraders. Designer Rochelle shared, "Never did we imagine we would be designing and producing costumes for over 1400 masqueraders. Look at us now." MADD Colors is the largest Masquerade band Atlanta Carnival has ever seen. This year, is their 3rd year winning band of the year with a few other titles to add to their accolades; "Junior Queen", "King of the Band" and 1st place children's band. While Atlanta is their home, they take pride in participating in Houston and Miami carnival. Congrats to MADD Colors.


Following the announcement, the show went on as top local and Caribbean artists took to the stage. Ricardo Drue, Patrice Roberts, Jumo, Wuss Ways, Shal Mashal and Lyrikal all kept the attention of the crowd to close off Saturday night. A must mention is the DJ set played by 13 year old DJ Marquis. Though he holds a name on his own, there is no shame in sharing that he literally honed his skills watching and listening to his older brother DJ Stephen.


To wrap up the weekend on Sunday, newcomers to the Atlanta Carnival itinerary, Supa Soca had a stellar event. Promoted by veteran DJs Crown Prince, Barrie Hype, Dr Jay and Jester in association with location promoter Trends Concept, there was nothing left our imagination. The décor, the vibes and the crowd all scored big time points in our book. Sunday night saw JT and Associates lock down MX Prime at their annual Wear White. And the all white outfits.... oui pa! On fire.


So next time you, or your friends and family members asking about Atlanta Carnival, just tell them check out Carnival page. The answer will be clear. To the DJs we missed, thank you for your love of the music. To the artists, keep us uplifted. To the promoters, we value your art in what you give us by keeping us entertained. As for the TJJ Team, both Jouvert Mike and I had a great time celebrating another ATL Carnival with you.


We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL!

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Joy Juice .... Out and About!

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