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Bermuda Carnival 2015 | Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2015 Coverage :: on the inside


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TJJ's Party Guru's Guide to Bermuda Heroes Weekend

The Bermudas, more commonly known as Bermuda is a small quaint and intimate island that is 21 square miles. It is actually 15 miles long and approximately 1-1/2 miles wide.  It is very narrow and you will feel this while traveling on the roads.


Although the Bermuda is an island which was colonized by the British as many in the Caribbean, Bermuda in not in the Caribbean although she does share many similarities with some of the islands in the Caribbean such as her love for cricket and the Gombey culture, also known as the Goombay culture which is akin to the islands of the Bahamas. And also her tropical weather, sand and pink sand beaches.


Bermuda is home to some of the best sailing in the world and is known friendly people and it's cleanliness. It is almost unbelievable to witness how clean the island is.  You don't see trash anywhere. It's amazing.


The carnival in Bermuda, promoted as "Bermuda Heroes Weekend" began in the year of 2015 but Bermuda has had much experience in celebrations such as this from being known all around the world for the Bermuda Cup Match celebrations where the two main cricket teams on the islands play a series of games against each other amidst celebrations, parties, and festivities.




The USD is widely accepted here, as in most places and as an American citizen, there was no need personally for me to exchange money. I paid in USD and in most cases, I received USD in return except for on a few occasions and then I was please because the exchange rate was even, as it is in the Bahamas. However, there is extreme value in exchanging your money when you arrive at the airport for the best exchange rate. But the best exchange rate that you are going to get is through your debit card when you withdraw money. Just make sure that you “make the call.” The exchange rate is 1USD = 1BD.


How Much Cash Do I Need? – That's a tricky one but you will most definitely need some cab fare while in Bermuda and most likely when leaving the airport. At the time of this post, gasoline (petrol) in Bermuda $8.00 USD per gallon. I traveled with $250 and ran out of cab fare.



Get a Bermuda Sim card. It's worth it. Because communication has changed with the cloud technology and wireless access you can most definitely make calls through the cloud utilizing some of the new technological advances of the day but when out and about and not around a wireless connection, communication is pretty tough if you do not have a GSM unlocked phone, get one. If you plan on traveling the world during carnivals is a QUALITY investment.


The Phone Calls You Need To Make – Because credit and debit card companies are concerned with fraud, you should most definitely call your credit card and debit card company to make sure that they understand the dates which you will be outside of the country and to make a notation on your account. There's nothing worse than getting to Bermuda and not having your debit/credit cards work. This happened to me and it was not a big deal until I ran out of cash.



The best hotels to reside in for carnival are the ones that are closest to Front Street. One of the best hotels in Hamilton, Bermuda is the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club ( And just as it is one of the best it also is one of the most expensive. There are some other hotels and apartment type options that are very reasonable such as the Surf Side Hotel ( and the Sandpiper ( Caveat! Make sure that you do not make the error of thinking that you are "saving" on a hotel or apartment because of the price without actually researching how far your domicile is away from the fetes, parties or road. Remember, the cab fare. Do not forget to put this in your calculations.



The airport which you will fly into is entitle BDA. There are several airlines that can satiate your needs for travel. Upon arrival most people utilize a cab, van or jitney service to get to their hotel. However, when on the island you will notice that there are several mopeds, motorcycles and bicycles on the road. These options are some of the most popular modes of transportation on the island. Personally, I was scared to death to utilize them because as a U.S. citizen, I would be challenged in terms of remember, when tired, the correct side of the road in which I should drive. And the roads are very, very narrow in Bermuda which is to be understood because the island is very narrow as well. Traffic is generally not bad but has it's moments, especially after fetes as there are not many entry and exit options per a location. Normally just one way in and out, as with most smaller islands.


Remember, that at the time of this post, gasoline is $8.00 USD per gallon in Bermuda. This has a TREMENDOUS effect on the cab fare. And if you take a cab at night after 12am or 1am, the rate increases 25%. I have traveled to the UK before and the cab fare in Bermuda is comparable. The key is to travel with your crew or as a group. It is a lot less expensive and much more reasonable.



You will quickly notice the Bermuda style shorts, shirts and attire here. And you have probably seen its influence in other places but here it is completely normal to see a male with a loose fitting "Bermuda" style shirt and some "Bermuda" shorts with longs knee length socks on and a pair of well polished dress shoes. We recommend that the men pack 2 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of cargo shorts along with some t-shirts, polo shirts and a guayabera or two for the old school players and hustlers. For the ladies, some sexy shorts, designer tops, dresses (defiinitely one or two white options for Glow/Pure parties) and your heels/wedges. If you are going to do J'Ouvert, of course you need your J'Ouvert clothes/shoes. And very important, swimwear... swimwear...swimwear! From interviews, most women pack 2-5 swimsuits. And yes, it's an island... bring flip flops.


Here is where I would recommend all persons starting here, before going to ANY carnival. Step 1. Get on website, Step 2. Get the book and Step 3. Make sure you are prepared by following the advice of packing and planning your clothing options in harmony with your fetes and activities. The advice in this guide is golden and is one of the few books actually endorsed by TriniJungleJuice as it pertains to carnival preparation.


Playing Mas: Don't be afraid to contact the Mas Camp via email or phone to get any details that you need. The website where you will find all of your options can be found here:


Food & Beverages:

The wonderful thing about Bermuda is that almost every gas station serves as a full scale eatery. The bad thing is that many of these gas stations close at the hour of 11pm to 12am. What I did was go to the gas station and stock up on a couple of sandwiches and beverages for my room and for my outings. Because of the nature of our work at TJJ, I am not sure exactly when I will get back to my domicile so I carry food with me all the time. Sandwiches, snacks, protein bars etc.,. It is my recommendation that you do this in Bermuda. Also the food at the gas station is QUITE GOOD!! I have macaroni pie, oxtail, carrot cake and rice & peas at the gas station and it is all cooked fresh. I know some people are reading this and thinking, "At a gas station?" Well, the gas stations kind of serve like little all-inclusive stores because there are no "big boxes" like Walmart, Target or the super grocery stores with every item in the world in it, in Bermuda. But they have gas stations that serve, made to order sandwiches, ice cream, prepared food, prepared sandwiches, and of course.... Gas.


Eating at the hotel was not in the budget for me. I really like to control my food intake and maintain a sense of regularity or normal eating when I pay money for carnival I am not as adventurous as I might be on a "vacation" because I do not want to expose myself to anything outside of the norm and ruin my opportunity to attend EVERY event that is on my fete lineup. With that being said, that's what I do. All persons are different. In Bermuda, I did eat at the gas station and the food was good. I also had some food that was fresh off the grill at a great little Jamaican restaurant that I'm sure you can find if you ask the cab drivers or front desk people at the Fairmont hotel.


Personal bias: I COMPLETELY believe that when one travels that they should enjoy the local foods. However, I am an Olympian and I've traveled the world competing and training and it was always my job and responsibility to be ready to perform at competition time and I'm just trained to remove all elements of randomness from life's equations in order to get to the competition and be ready. For me, playing Mas and J'Ouvert is the competition and I do my best to make sure that I don't miss it.



You can get there Friday during the day and get settled in for the first party BUT don't leave anytime before Tuesday. You must experience Raft Up on the Monday to completely satisfy your soca fix and carnival appetite.


Friday (Arrival date):- Bermuda Heroes Weekend Opening Night – FREE Street Party on Front Street with live performances by both local and international soca acts.

Saturday (Morning):- Bermuda Heroes Weekend J'ouvert – Paint – Water – Top DJs – Level Jamishness.

Saturday (Afternoon):- Bermuda Heroes Weekend Parade of the Bands – Come Play Ah Mas.

Sunday (Afternoon):- Bermuda Heroes Weekend Pan In The Park – Yet another FREE event which featured Live Steel Pan outside in Victoria Park in Hamilton. A perfect family affair. A little later in the evening is Glow Bermuda All Inclusive Day Fete just blocks away at Par-La-Ville Park.


Sunday (Night):- PURE All White Party

Monday:- Bermuda Heroes Weekend Raft Up – Two words... RAFT UP! Or what we call "The Game Changer". Come at no charge with your own craft, come out on the official BHW Party Boat (includes food, bring your cooler, or bottles on sale), just COME! This event took place on the North Shore outside Admiralty House in Hamilton and was hands down an amazing experience.


A massive THANK YOU to the entire Bermuda Heroes Weekend (BHW) team for inviting Trini Jungle Juice to experience and share with the world the very 1st BHW!

Enjoy the photo galleries and definitely check out ALL the videos, yes our Destination Carnival - Bermuda Heroes Weekend show will take you right back. See everyone for BHW 2016!

The Carnival Doctor; and the 2015 TJJ Bermuda Heroes Weekend Team
-- D' Original Lime Flavor, Lee Quest, Juicy Juice and The Carnival Ref

Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2015

We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL!

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