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Trini Jungle Juice: Carnival Photos :: Berlin Carnival


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Karneval der Kulturen / Carnival of Cultures

The Carnival of Cultures is a reflection of Berlin‘s cultural diversity. It brings together professional artists and amateurs, young and old, and - furthermore - is a great opportunity for members of Berlin's ethnic communities to make their cultures visible to Berliners and visitors equally. Whether it's traditional or modern - every culture gets its chance to add their aesthetic vision to the capital‘s reputation as a vibrant and constantly changing metropolis. Being part of this traditional event has always been an unbelievable experience for both, visitors and participants.

When the lust for life and the delight of colours unite and old and young are dancing in the streets together and creating a festival of tolerance and variety then Berlin is celebrating the Carnival of Cultures. During the four-day festival 1.3 million visitors will experience the capital at its best: cosmopolitan, dynamic, buoyant, diverse and colourful.


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