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It has typically been the perception that carnival was brought to Jamaica in 1990; however it was the previous year that saw over 300 revellers hitting the streets of Kingston to partake in the very first carnival parade by the Oakridge Boys. Unable to get their yearly T&T carnival “fix”, the resourceful posse decided to bring the fun to them. Thus it was a bright Sunday morning in 1989 on which Jamaica was treated to the first Mas parade, “Paradise” by the Oakridge Boys, Carnival in Jamaica was born!

Throughout the years, Jamaica has seen the emergence of inventive Mas Bands whom have imprinted their special touch to making Carnival in Jamaica unlike any other. When the group Revellers introduced their Pretty Mas costumes, Kingston was treated to striking designs in rich and vibrant colors rivaling those of any other island. Many of their costumes were and still are designed and manufactured right here in Jamaica. Another group who has shaped Carnival in Jamaica is the Midnight Raider’s Crew. Pioneering J'ouvert in Jamaica; some 13 years later the sight of thousands of paint covered masqueraders dancing through the streets of Kingston at 3am in the morning during the Bacchanal J'ouvert road march still amazes many.

The year 2001 marked another milestone for carnival in the island as these three top bands, Oakridge, Revellers and Raiders, merged into the dynamic entity now known as Bacchanal Jamaica. Now the leading Mas Band in the island with signature events, Bacchanal Jamaica still strives to continuously improve upon the carnival experience. Boasting an all-inclusive band, live entertainment on the road, and impeccable security Bacchanal Jamaica promises to deliver more fun, more fetes and even more Bacchanal.


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From the premier Miami Carnival band, GenX Carnival, comes Jamaica’s first Ultra-Premium Band, GenXS Carnival. Having established our place ahead of the pack in Miami, we strive to innovate and grow our Brand globally and what better place to start than home? The place where we all first experienced and fell in love with Carnival. Thus, GenXS Jamaica was born!


GenXS is built on the same philosophies of its sister company, embodying its dedication to the intricacies and nuances of Carnival production to effectively combine superior costumes with exceptional service. Our goal is to revive forgotten traditions and launch revolutionary attractions, always with the Masquerader Xperience at the forefront of our minds.


GenXS stands firmly on the foundation set by its Miami counterpart, proudly embracing a multiplicity of religious and political beliefs, age groups, ethnicities, educational backgrounds, socioeconomic realities, sexual orientations, and geographic locations.

With this new venture, we will champion the GenX mission of taking the Carnival we know and love to the world!


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Yard Mas is the newest Caribbean Carnival Band that is 100% Jamaican owned through a seamless collaboration between local Business Entertainment & Lifestyle brands: I Love Soca Jamaica, Fete Republic, Broadtail Designs and Zarmak Limited and Magnet Consultants. This creatively intentional grouping who are dubbed the “guardians of the renaissance of soca in Jamaica;” have developed a shared vision of how the growth and expansion of Carnival in Jamaica is experienced and will be showcasing this innovation on the streets of Kingston on Sunday, April 16, 2023.


With over 30+ combined years within the Entertainment Cultural and Creative Industries (ECCI); the Directors of Yard Mas Carnival pride on providing memorable event experiences within the regional carnival space infused with distinctive elements that make these engagements uniquely Jamaican. As a result; Yard Mas Carnival guarantees an unadulterated ambiance of vibes through a masquerader focused, high energy, costumer centric experience provided by true lovers of soca.


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In 2017 came Xodus Carnival​, a new premium carnival band in Jamaica. It is a merger between Jamaica’s leading entertainment tourism company Dream Entertainment Limited and one of Trinidad’s premier carnival Bands Y.U.M.A (Young Upwardly Moving Adults). Xodus plans to expand and redefine carnival in Jamaica through excellent service and a premium experience from our fetes to on the road.


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