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Batabano... The Naked Truth.


I love Cayman Carnival aka Batabano, but this year... something was missing. Where shall I begin?



I love the Cayman Islands. The beaches, the people, the islands. It's the epitome of #IslandLife. I absolutely love the Caribbean and it's culture, but this thing they call "Cayman Kind" is too real. From the friendly staff at Cayman Airways and their magical Rum Punch to the immigration officer who stamps your passport, the rental car employees who stay past working hours (to ensure you get your vehicle) to the hotel clerk making sure you get the right room, friends who ensure you get back home safe and sound every night to strangers (now friends) who invite you into their homes and onto their yachts... it's all Cayman Kind. And I love it.


I love the Batabano Parade. Celebrating 33 years, Batabano has clearly been growing each year and is still one of the sexiest carnival jumps. Fresh Carnival, congrats on winning Band of the Year. Tribal Cayman, from what we saw, the vibes was madd (yes, two d's). If there's a Spirit of Carnival, the award is yours. FLOW, always the first band on the road and a good time. And then there's Swanky International. I've watched this mas band grow from around 200-300 masqueraders (in 2010) to the now well over 1000 sexy revellers, which Included the likes of the Miss Universe 2015 beauty queens... Miss Great Britain, Miss Ghana, Miss Ireland, Miss Jamaica, Miss Mexico, Miss Nigeria and not forgetting Cayman's very own Miss Cayman 2016, Monyque Brooks. Kudos Swanky! You guys make my Batabano road experience year after year, without fail. I also loved everyone hosting their After Batabano Parade parties in town. George Town was buzzing. Great move.


I love Rum Point and Stingray City. There's absolutely no rush to leave the island once the parade is over. Sunday, all roads.... well boats lead to Rum Point and/or Starfish Island. Whether you jump on one of the big party boats to continue the weekend pump or choose a more intimate setting with friends on a private speed boat, it's the ultimate cool down party/lime and not to be missed. Be sure to check out Fat Fish Adventures for jet skis, charters and safari tours.


I love Singh's Roti Shop. It's a daily stop for Team TJJ. Roti or local Caribbean food, you can't go wrong. #slightpepper



The potential for this Destination Carnival is endless, and although it's been continually growing, the lack of unity is holding it back; which is disheartening to see after all these years. This is not Trinidad, and as such, smaller islands equals smaller numbers for carnival. I will elaborate in next section.



Like all successful carnivals, Cayman simply needs a planned calendar of official events for the actual carnival week (Wednesday to Sunday) which is properly promoted at least six months in advanced, both locally and internationally. This plan should be developed by the governing body in association with the mas bands and key promoters to be 100% effective. All spokes must be in tact for the wheel to spin. New and upcoming carnivals such as the Bahamas and Bermuda are perfect examples.


Batabano's official "Le Masque" event was missed on the Thursday night, which in previous years gave everyone an opportunity to party and interact on a social level. Ideally, I see this event being revamped and moved to the Wednesday slot as the official opening event to the carnival week. I know they say competition is healthy, but when it comes to Batabano, if there's more than one event on any given day, the impact is clear.... as seen on the Carnival Friday night.


As of today, there are some uncertainties as to the direction of Cayman Carnival. But it's certain that there are some mas bands that make the carnival what it is and it would be a shame if they are no longer part of Cayman Batabano. The solution is ... UNITY. I've been preaching this from Day 1, but it must start from the top. Let's not toss 30+ years of Batabano history out the window but work together to continue to grow it and make it BIGGER and BETTER.



Big respect to all the artistes and DJs, local and international, that rocked the parties, shows and the road. Skinny Fabulous, Lyrikal, and 1st timers to Batabano... Shal Marshall and 5 Star Akil, great energy at Friday Night Fete. Love to ALL the mas bands. I always say, the corner stone of any successful carnival is having a great road experience, and Batabano.... YOU HAVE THIS!


As a final note, we must thank presenting sponsor FLOW Cayman and all other sponsors for your continued support of Cayman Carnival Batabano.


Cayman Islands, I heart YOU!


We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL!


Dre aka The Carnival Ref and the 2016 TJJ Cayman Carnival Team
-- Juicy Juice and LeeQuest

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