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Notting Hill Carnival 2015 Photos and Reviews :: on the inside


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The Great British summer is here and oh boy… this year all is RAIN!!! Looks like biggest tune for the weekend is a major throwback... who say 'De people want water’...

Well if you let the weather forecast dictate your Notting Hill you would have missed out on what proved to be one of the most EPIC Notting Hill Carnivals ever!!! But be prepared to get WET!!!

This year saw an influx of new fetes and finally Notting Hill seems to have a proper ‘carnival season’ with parties galore to chose from.

If you are flying in for Notting Hill then no need to arrive before the Wednesday of the week before. However,  in the weekends running up to the carnival this year we were blessed with both a Kes and a Kerwin performance to suit the hardcore travellers with plenty time on their hands! So Wednesday this year saw a new fete in the form of Welcome Wednesday, hosted by One Island Entertainment with live performances from local UK soca artistes and all the latest tunes pumping to get your week started. This is a small and intimate affair to warm you up slowly! Easy...

From Thursday it’s pace and this year saw the return of Sunset from Sync Parties and the introduction of Purple Daze from big band Euphoria... both had level vibes – choose wisely!!! People went after work and sweat through their suit!!

2015 saw Scorch Duck Work join the gang sailing down the Thames on a Friday afternoon... now be warned people get mash up from this cruise and pass out!!! So pace yourself, as up next was Pon De Roof Top back in its 2nd year, followed conveniently by Busspepper’s Bacchanal Friday just a few minutes walk away. Pon De Rooftop proved they could go head to head with the man himself pulling a BIG crowd but... if rooftop liming wasn’t your thing then MM in concert (On My Way) for the first time in London in YEARS was the one not to miss!!!

Time for some Red Bull and serious caffeine as Saturday morning is boat ride time and trust me you don’t want to be late as real people get left behind!!! Ruk a Tuk Premium All Inclusive Breakfast Cruise, now in it's 3rd year, stuck to the early morning slot and easily pulled in ​the tough, the ​hardcore #team no sleep! This boat ride did not disappoint AT ALL - the only thing missing was a few extra hours of pumping as the post boat ride HAUNT is real!!! I f you needed a few hours extra sleep you could wait a few hours and catch Ice Box with their epic international boat ride SUITS now in it’s 2nd year and going strong. We only wish we didn’t have to choose!!!

A couple of hours sleep and it’s off to what is now a Notting Hill staple and, to date, the only All-inclusive fete for the weekend... Shipwrecked! This year taking their theme to India and providing endless curry and level shots!!! Definitely one NOT to miss!!!

If your foot still hot then Saturday night was all about TRIBE UK who returned to London after a few years break with Ignite London to ensure your party line up wasn’t done too early and making it just that little bit harder to get up Sunday morning.

So get what sleep you can for Sunday as it’s time to get dutty and hit the road... now you are spoilt for choice between Colours (powered by Scorch), Pure Lime Chocolate Mas and Abir 'Colours of Life' to name just a few... whether smothering yourself in Belgian chocolate or throwing paint is your thing, we guarantee you will find a spot to get dutty and like yourself!!

Monday is THE DAY and all about the pretty mas but don’t forget the raincoat!! Well the millions of people who come out for Notting Hill didn’t let the torrential rain (2nd year running... come on weather give us a break!!!) put them off... So put your feathers on the truck don your poncho and get drinking... ALL IS RUM!

Bacchanalia Mas band were straight out (post downpour)​ with their beautiful Queens showcasing some amazing designs for 'The Legacy of She'. TriniposseUK, UCOMM and Lagniappe are all Notting hill CLASSIC bands but we have to say big band Euphoria is where the vibes were at for 2015!!

So many fetes for 2015 and all a HUGE success... we can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store!!!

There are too many people to thank for what was an intense and awesome 2015 Notting Hill so a big shout out goes to:Konata and the team at One Island, DJ Shep Beats and the Ruk a Tuk posse, Ice Box Entertainment, Markee, Melysah, Mateen and the gang at Team Euphoria, Busspepper and TRIBE UK. Spicer, Lyndon and d boys from Sync Parties, all Scorch crew, Damian, Dallas & Melanie for another epic Shipwrecked, Patrick the Hypeman (endless entertainment), DJ Barrie Hype, Back to Basics, Private Ryan for playing the tunes. Edison and the Pure Lime family, Marc, Deso, JP & the ABIR crew for Sunday fun. Finally...Kelly, Anneline and the team at Bacchanalia UK.

Not forgetting the TJJ friends & family... Trine, Zoe, Aliyyah, Joel Markela, Anna, Ebony, Keyich, Alex, Alesia, Joselle, Kerra, Sharon... the list goes on and on!!!

Until 2016... don’t get left behind!

We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL!

Posh Juice & The Notting Hill Carnival 2015 Team
-- Scorn, Juicy Juice and The Carnival Ref!

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