Keith "Destiny" WaldronKEITH "DESTINY" WALDRON

The all round talent Keith "Destiny" Waldron's home are the Caribbean Islands. The Islands Under The Lee such as Trinidad and Tobago are also known as the home of Reggae, Calypso and Steel Pan Music. Destiny's father was an extraordinary dancer and popular dancing instructor. He loved the women and of course Destiny's mother.

There was always a spiritual and musical culture in the house, Destiny says. His mother loved singing, and she took her three- year old son to stagings. As Destiny had a wonderful voice people wanted him sing. He grew up in a spiritual and religious atmosphere in the ghetto.

Shaped by his ambit Destiny very soon became interested in the the rights of the poor and supported them by his songs. His numerous songs report about his multifaceted life, love songs, suppression, violence, Black Power and the High Tec Reality with their impact on man.

Destiny attended the Excelsior School of Music in Port of Spain, where he studied canto and playing instruments. Apart from his unique voice he masters various instruments, he composes, stages and writes movies scripts and film music.

Bob Marley and the Rastafary Movement influenced him very early. When he fell ill in 1979, the performing artist remembered: I remember sleeping with a book on my bed and a pen, writing, writing, always writing. He thinks of himself as Bob Marley's spiritual lineage, descendant. But he never copies his way of singing. He is an original artist combined with a style of his own, that's what his first manager Eddy Ayoung said about him.

One of the recordings was done with musicians of B.B. King in the Ruff Stuff studio in New York. Furthermore Destiny produced a Number of singles, which he also presented in the Trinidatian Broadcast and Television Corporation. There were more performances in Tobago, Barbados, Venezuela, St. Vincent Grenada, SanFrancisco and New York.

The audience is intensely affected by Keith "Destiny" Waldron's tunes, presented ad hoc live and direct on his guitar. They give an impression of extreme musicality and sensibility His groofs at once stimulate arms and hips to take part in dancing. Even hours after such an event the catchy melodies and lyrics accompany you throughout day and night. Destiny himself calls his style Blues, Reggae, Jazz and Pop, you can say cross over.

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