KMC is one of Trinidad's top ranking Soca artiste and producers. Hailing from the village of Rio Claro in Trinidad's deep south, KMC exudes a rhythmic flair that incites frenzied eruptions from his audience.

At the tender age of 26, KMC had sixteen (16) singles under his belt, all of which have earned him respect of fellow artiste. Early releases such as "King Pon Top", "Mr. Energiser", "Cyah Take Horn" and "Gal From Yard" on the IP International label was co-produced by KMC, Sly Robbie and Taxi Gang at the Mixing Lab, Kingston Jamaica.

Many would remember the first CD, KMC burst on the scene with, the memorable "Soca Bashment" with hits like "Kaya", "Bashment to Carnival" and the title track "Soca Bashment" which was the 17th recorded track and what catapulted him on the Soca scene. This set the pace for the annual "Party Alliance" collaboration CDs with artiste such as Machel, Denise Belfon, Maximum Dan and Blazer.

KMCKMC has to date released a total of 10 CDs which include 4 compilations.

1997 - She Send Meh (single)
1998 - Soca Bashment
1999 - Mad Vibes
2000 - 2000 Pieces of KMC
2001 - Life Pelau (compilation)
2002 - House on Fire Party Alliance CD (compilation
2003 - Party Alliance Riddim Party Alliance CD (compilation)
2004 - Party Alliance Riddim 2 Checkmate
2005 - Circle of Love

On a serious note with all the fame and financial stability that KMC has been blessed with he has not forgotten the hard times. The day so strapped with hunger he resorted to cracking open a dry coconut in the yard of the one room place where he lived in Laventille, putting a KLIM pan on the kerosene burner and proceeded to use a little end of curry powder to flavor it.

Don't be fooled the music business is a difficult industry and you don't just blow-up, there is a struggle before you make it big.

KMC is also determined to help the younger artiste out there to make it in this thriving industry.

KMC - Am Not Drunk

KMC - Carnival Clap
KMC - Cool U Down
KMC - Party Animal
KMC - Up In De Air

KMC and Fireball - No Chorus
KMC - We Are D Boss
KMC & Preston - Think About Me
KMC - Carnival Story
KMC - Kill Dem With Song

KMC - How We Do It
KMC - The Season Is Mine (St. Lucian Riddim)
KMC & Jungle - By Your Side
KMC ft Bounty Killer - 3 Miles (Remix)
KMC ft. Professor Ken Philmore - 3 Miles
KMC ft. Sizzla - For D Girls

KMC - First Experience
KMC - Pinky & The Brain
KMC - Soul On Fire
KMC ft. Beenie Man -
Soul On Fire (Remix)
KMC ft. Jungle - Man Still Love You
KMC ft. Maximus Dan - Soul On Fire (Remix)
KMC ft. Wayne Marshall - First Experience (Remix)

KMC - Mr. Adam Daughter
KMC - High In De Air
KMC & Jungle - Roll Back

KMC - Bashment to Carnival (1998)

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Interview with KMCInterview with K.M.C
by Andre C.Y. Choo Quan
Interview Date: 27th February 2005
Media: Streaming Audio [6:13 min]

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