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Labor Day Parade 2k8 (NY)
Labor Day Parade 2k8

Sept 1st, 2008
ACNY 2008 (NY)
ACNY 2008

Aug 30th, 2008
Soca Rave NY Edition (NY)
Soca Rave NY Edition

Aug 29th, 2008
Blast Off (NY)
Blast Off

Aug 29th, 2008
Alison Hinds at SOBs (NY)
Alison Hinds at SOBs

Aug 26th, 2008

Back to Basics, AJ and Hoppie @ VICE After Work ThursdaysOooohhh gooooshh! So it’s Labor Day time again in New York. You know what that means. No? Well if you reside here then it means that you’ve been fettin' since Memorial Wknd ... much like Team TJJ NY! Seriously! For some reason in New York, especially the “country of Brooklyn”, you just feel like you’ll miss out on a sweet lime somewhere.

Officially Team TJJ NY started jamming from the Tuesday before setting it off with Alison Hinds @ SOB’s. What a treat that was! We haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the Soca Diva in action since last year!

Alicia D Duchess @ Blast OffAnywho, Wednesday was just random limin', Mas makin etc. but it was on from Thursday right through!!! We headed to VICE Thursdays at Aura where Stabby mash down de dance and Kees (Kes The Band) & Ataklan both made cameos. Go Stabby!!!! As usual, the dance was jam ram cram... yuh cyah even take a good chip much less a wine! Lawd!

TGIF!! We hit Queens! Gotta love the Queens massive! They stay winin! Yours truly and Picture Dis Juice ran up in Blast Off and Soca Rave New York respectively with our crew and had ourselves a ball! I have to admit that around Labor Day I usually hit Brooklyn fetes, mind you I’m from Queens! Lol!!! Hey Queens is on point... Whhhaaaattt!!! We didn't even care that it poured down and back in Brooklyn, we heard from Text-a-holic Juice that the Sugarcane Backyard Jam got shut down Babylon style! Only in NY I swear!

Team TJJ NY reppin' at Vale Breakfast Party NYSaturday morning bright and flickin' early I was awakened by my anthem for the summer "Push Bumpers" on my BB ... guess what? People still looking for the impossible... tickets to Diamond Vale Breakfast Party NY! Poor souls. *sigh* Those tickets were gone faster than doubles in a hungry drunk hand! Try your luck early next year sorry! The Vale Vibe was a cool scene for it’s premier in NY with a top notch DJ lineup, ultra chic bar staffing thanks to Tillman’s (a fav spot of mine) and the fabulous crowd of course! Meanwhile Uptown Juice and Mix Juice handled Machel Montano HD & Friends @ ACNY 2008 (Alternative Concept NY) at the luxurious Cipriani’s downtown Manhattan. I understand that it was rhelll good bachannal with Krosfyah being the highlight!

Ready to fete on Basic Sundaze J’Ouvert BoatrideHave you been able to keep up? Ok! Straight from jamishness at Cipriani’s and Vale we hit Basic Sundaze J’Ouvert Boatride! Not a wink ah sleep ... it was just top off your cup and keep it movin!!! This boat was pure Lakaray! I can’t front, I had to switch up from my cheeky stilettoes to the old faithful Drag Mall sandals so that I could get my jam on propa!!! Did I mention before that I was forgotten in the car after the fete done??!! Lol! Sleep was kickin' my arse!

Now folks I have to apologize. The plan was to hit up Fantasy featuring Kes The Band at Club Exit later on that evening. Instead, some of the crew made it to Irie Jamboree 2008 on Sunday but the rest ... crickets .... the whole team crashed!!! You would swear we were a bunch of little old ladies! Lol!!! *Sniff Sniff* NEVER AGAIN though! Pinky swear! Ey, like we need a TJJ brand energy drink??!! (it in the R&D lab ... doh fret!)

Le Petite on the Parkway!Monday morn ... TIME TO JAM!!! Everybody fresh because they managed to catch up on some z’s ... well, all except for myself . I was still up like a jumbie putting the finishing touches on our costumes for the "Army of Peace," our section in Hawks Int’l. Soon it was a crazy mad dash to the band’s meeting place and we were ready to roll! As the truck literally bend de corner on the parkway .. Push .. Push .. Push .. unda wine we not unda pressha .. wheey ..... everybody gone clear!!! Thanks Bandit (reppin' outta the T-DOT)!!

The Parkway was action non-stop thanks to fabulous weather, secret stashes of scotch (say that 3 times fast and drunk!) and crew and crew. Unfortunately TJJ working crew could not find the band and did not share in our merriment but there’s always next year!

Petite ... chippin on the frontlines, well BBQ’d and wiped out!

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