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After Glow 2012 (New York)
After Glow 2012

Sept 3rd, 2012

Amnesia 2012 (New York)
Amnesia 2012

Sept 2nd, 2012
Tan Ta Na (New York)
Tan Ta Na

Sept 1st, 2012
SantiManiTay 2012 (New York)
Santi-Mani-Tay 2012

Sept 1st, 2012
iN-SANiTy 2012 (New York)
iN-SANiTy 2012

Sept 1st, 2012
Crave 2012 (New York)
Crave 2012

Aug 31st, 2012
Brass Festival (New York)
Brass Festival 2012

Aug 31st, 2012
LIME NYC (New York)

Aug 30th, 2012
J'ouvert Jamishness (New York)
J'ouvert Jamishness)

Aug 25th, 2012


J'ouvert Jamishness, the ultra exclusive paint party started off the Labor Day festivities with a bang. With a vibe like no other and music that seemed so old yet so new, this carnival weekend could go nowhere but up if it's starting like this. WE PUMPIN!!!!!!!!!

Fall Out Summer Sunset Cruise was our next event on carnival Tuesday nite was pace, with some of NY's heavy hitters and a couple imports mixing it up, this ride will be a serious contender next year.

LIME with Vice in the swanky 404 Lounge in Manhattan was our next destination. The line to enter this one was beyond ridiculous; the line wrapped around the corner; real madness. This event had a more social vibe unless you were in the pit where the dj was stationed, mind you, that area was a sweatbox but that was the only area that seemed to have vibes but it was definitely nice to people gaze and catch up. Oh, look out for LIME with Trini Jungle Juice this Miami Carnival 2012.

So we made it to Friday and now getting into the weekend; our lineup is looking serious. Text-a-holic had to stock up on her 5 hour energy drink for the remainder of the weekend because it was going to be a long one. While the Original Lime Flavor and Dr. Ram Dass hit up Natalie's Crave featuring Kes The Band & Benjai, Brass Fest was the most anticipated for us because it's been a while since we've been there and when you hear Machel is the headliner in an outdoor space, well you have to go plain and simple. Brass was held at the Brooklyn Museum and it was packed. With a mix of young and old everybody was there for one reason, to show love to our beautiful culture and enjoy the music, food, people as well as arts and crafts. Brass was pumping from start to finish although we reach late but Mr. HD well you know how he and the family do, no need to explain. With Brass done we looking to lime in the next fete but we hear BK fetes getting shut down left and right..... like they blight we or juss doh want we to palance weself??

Saturday evening Daddy Juice aka The Carnival Ref landed in NYC and we were off to Santi-Mani-Tay and Tan Ta Na. Both events were filled with pretty faces as well as ambiance and decor that took us into another realm, where we almost forgot we were still in Brooklyn. It's almost 4am, vibes looking real nice and we still want to lime, good thing we have a boat to catch in a couple hours. We just hoping Uptown Juice, who's over at iN-SANiTy, will make it on board too.

Basic J'ouvert Boatride ... OMG ... was madness like I've never seen on a boat before. There was absolutely no social behavior on this boat but only level whining and acrobatics; Grenadians definitely know how to have a time that is all I'll say. Sunny Side Up NY, now what else is there to say besides water, foam, Johnnie and vibes. Maybe if we had gotten there a bit earlier we could've enjoyed it more but we was still able to pump. Amnesia was the next stop on the carnival roller coaster and though the pace was more mellow than the other events the vibe was still nice. Maybe everyone was as tired as we were but somewhere around 4am it was a wrap. Time to go home and get ready for J'ouvert.

Eh heh well I clean missed J'ouvert, but Text-a-holic made her way on the road and reveled with the Grenadians in the original jab jab band. At least somebody made it out on the road. By 1pm, better late than never, we made our way to Eastern Parkway for the Parade which was lack luster as a spectator. We only saw a few bands and its either masqueraders slept through the parade or went home early because the numbers was looking kinda small on the road compared to previous years. Shout outs to both Sesame Flyers and Natural Freaks for the love. However, behind the mas bands was a Grenadian truck; is like the entire country came to NY for the weekend. OMG now that band was huge!!!!!!!! Level powder, flags and vibes passing. It was nice to see the Grenadian pride given the gold medal taken home a few weeks earlier in the summer Olympics.

So now we bun, hungry and ready to go home; we still have to get ready for las lap which was After Glow being held at Tiki Village. Everyone for the most part was dressed in white under black lights and very social. Maybe all the pumping run out and tiredness was kicking in. We lime til about 2am then the rain started. That was our queue to ride out because some of us had work the next day.

After a week and a half of level pumpin NYC it's time to get some rest and recuperate.

NY Labor Day 2012 - Karamel

~Karamel~ and the entire TJJ NY Crew - Text-a-holic Juice, Up Town Juice, Daddy Juice, Star Child and Rasta Barbie

Disclaimer: Professional and experienced TJJ Fet-a-lot-athon® Party Gurus have rigorously tested these Carnival grounds and are providing said recommendations based on the fundamentals that the audience is a healthy rum drinking islander. If while performing any of these actions you begin to feel any dizziness, fatigue or pain please stop and consult your physician immediately.

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