Born a native of Trinidad & Tobago, began singing at the age of 12 and a year later started composing songs. He has been continuously validated by radio stations and audiences wherever he performed; his solo debut was at the Launching of a new night club where he was widely popular.

His most celebrated performance however, was that in 2004. It was no surprise that the audience accepted this young artiste with much fanfare even as he was so new to the scene.

For the handsome and equally talented "Master Logikal", his stirring 2004-2005 release "Burning up" was an opportunity to show off his talent which qualifies with the most seasoned soca artistes.

Master Logikal has teamed up with Terri Lyons on his only scheduled release for the 2009 Carnival Season. "Whining Time Again" will be released in December 2008.

The Remix, however is also collaboration with Terri Lyons and Snakey from the Big Band SURFACE which will be released in time for the 2009 Carnival Season

"Master Logikal has already recorded and Schedule to release for 2009 - 2010 Carnival Season"

Title: Carnival Is Coming Near
Artiste: Master Logikal

He also plans to collaborate with Nicole Greaves, Knycky Cordner, Keishea Stewart, Rizon and Ziggy Ranking in the future.

"Although I'm a soca-entertainer, a lot of people told me I should try R&B and see if it will work out. So I decided to try a little something and was able to come up with my first official R&B song" said "Master Logikal" during an interview. "I wanna be there" will be released in 2009.

"Master Logikal" will soon start production on his first album -- "New Beginning"

The Album "New Beginning" Will consist of a transition of Master Logikal.
From being only a soca artiste and getting into "R&B and Reggae.

An avid writer and arranger of his own material, Master Logikal's main goal is to get his songs heard by the music industry and spread throughout the European audiences & internationally. "Master Logikal" said in a recent Interview "I am willing to go where ever the wind takes me, music is my passion and I am gonna take the risk and see how well I can do in other genres of music, which will also show that I'm not only about soca but, at the same time Utilize My Skills without forgetting my Starting Point in The Industry.

Effective November 1st 2008

  • Master Logikal will not be heard from much during the next coming months as he is currently working on different projects.
  • None of His New Music will be released until April - May 2009.
  • His Latest Project was a complete success as he has teamed up with a well known Production Company in Germany. He has since then worked on numerous R&B songs with the company which will have a schedule release in the year 2009.
  • Master Logikal also hooked up with one of Grenada's best producers, To Co-Produce his Reggae/Concious Music for the year of 2009 and is also working with 2 producers when it comes to Soca Music.
    • Studio 12 Based in Trinidad and Tobago will be producing numerous, Soca Music for the Entertainer for the 2009-2010 season as well as
    • Roma Soca Productions in Italy who proudly Produced 2 of Master Logikal's 2009-2010 Releases.

"Be like a sponge, just soak up all the information you need to know. And say fewer words."

For Bookings & Information Please Contact Master Logikal's General Manager at

Logikal - Carnival Is Coming Near (Carnival 2K8 Riddim)
Logikal ft Terri Lyons, Snake Man & Trilla - Whining Time Again (Bluetooth Riddim)

Logikal - Burning Up
Logikal - Give It To Me (Front Page Riddim)

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