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Miami Carnival 2007 Pt 1
Miami Carnival 2007 Pt 1

Sun 7th Oct 2007
Miami Carnival 2007 Pt 2
Miami Carnival 2007 Pt 2

Sun 7th Oct 2007
Bacchanal Wednesday'07 (Miami)
Bacchanal Wednesday'07

Wed 3rd Oct 2007
TRIBE Ignite (Miami)
TRIBE Ignite Miami'07

Thur 4th Oct 2007
Girl Power Miami 2007 (Miami)
Girl Power Miami'07

Thur 4th Oct 2007
Shine Meets Rise & Shine (Miami)
Shine Meets Rise & Shine

Fri 5th Oct 2007
Scruples Block-O 2007 (Miami)
Scruples Block-O 2007

Fri 5th Oct 2007
Red Eye 2007 (Miami)
Red Eye 2007

Sat 6th Oct 2007
DV8 All Inclusive 2007 (Miami)
DV8 All Inclusive 2007

Sat 6th Oct 2007
All Inclusive University Fete'07 Pt. 1 (Miami)
University Fete'07 Pt 1

Sat 6th Oct 2007
All Inclusive University Fete'07 Pt. 2 (Miami)
University Fete'07 Pt. 2

Sat 6th Oct 2007
TAO All Inclusive'07 (Miami)
TAO All Inclusive'07

Sat 6th Oct 2007
FRIENDS Miami Carnival Edition (Miami)
FRIENDS Miami Carnival

Sat 6th Oct 2007
Soca Cowboys & Cowgirls 2007 (Miami)
Soca Cowboys & Cowgirls'07

Mon 8 7th Oct 2007

Hypa Hoppa at TRIBE IgniteThe 1st ting Hoppie say when he saw TJJ in Miami was, "If Bin Laden throw ah Carnival .... Trini Jungle Juice ga reach Afghanistan to cover it!" And dat is tru tru talk! It's well over 10 years that TJJ has been running the MIA Carnival route. We've seen Miami Carnival move from Miami-Dade County to Broward County and back with the parade being held at various locations over the years.... Bicentennial Park (Downtown Miami), Peacock Park (Coconut Grove), Opa Locka Airport, Miami-Homestead Speedway, and even down in South Beach.

In 2003, the Broward Caribbean Carnival was officially formed and has proven to be quite successful to-date; attracting over 50,000 patrons each year. So technically speaking, today there are two major South Florida Carnivals - Miami Carnival and Broward Carnival - taking place at the same time (Columbus Day Weekend) each year. Since they both pretty much share the same audience for fetes and events, it's really only their Parade & Festival location that differentiates the two. Of course, factors like which Mas band you're interested in playing with and live entertainment plays a huge role in which Carnival you would end up in come Carnival Sunday.

TJJ Crew on their way to Broward CarnivalOkay, history lessons over. Let's talk about how tings went down for TJJ for Miami Carnival 2k7. Lots of new comers to the party calendar this year, with some promoters brave enough to challenge the established foundation fetes. So we know some promoters dealt with some serious buss-ca-lay-lay action! We heard Bacchanal Wednesday this year, so we deployed our troops one day earlier than usual. But from the report, it seems that South FL don't have enough folks ready and willing to party back to back (Wed/Thur) on a week night or not enough out-of-towners reach in town to ram de dance, as no Carnival Wednesday parties truly scored.

TJJ with Machel Montano at Socavivor 7 Int'l Flag NightFrom Carnival Thursday on the other hand, it's pace until the finish! Just now there will be more fetes than people taking place in Miami fuss there's a party or lime everywhere you look! Our picks for Thursday were Girl Power and the 1st TRIBE Ignite to hit the Miami shores. It was then a quick hop to Nocturnal Rooftop for Shine NY meets Rise & Shine Miami 2007 Breakfast Party. If you were at Shine III NY Memorial Weekend, then you knew this was a fete not to miss. We had every intention to reach Thief Head Crew's Mawnin Neighbor "Miami Carnival Edition" later that day (Friday), but needed to rest up for a busy Carnival Friday night.

SM & Sig Juice at Socavivor 7 Int'l Flag NightTJJ up in our regular Friday night jammies - the annual Scruples Block-O and Black and White Carnival Edition - but also ventured to Socavivor 7 Int'l Flag Night and Galaxy 2K7 Champs on Fire. All totally different crowds and fetes, so if you not sure which fete is for you.... definitely check the photos and read the reviews. The nice thing was that Int'l Flag Night was scheduled to go until 10am, allowing all TJJ Teams to link up at Bayside Hut just in time to see the Machel Montano HD show as the sun rose..... a lil' Insomnia type vibes. TriniSouthBoyz (TSB), thanks for the love, we'll organize things better come next year.

Carnival Saturday is the day of the "All Inclusives" and the question on everyone's mind is which one to attend? Both annual University Fete and Miami Fly Girls is where the action is.... and where you'll find TJJ. Well, before the All Inclusive is D'Breakfast Party and our pick was Red Eye Breakfast Party. Scheduled every year from 6AM until, this fete really gets started around 12 noon, and does be in full swing by 2pm. The timing works out perfectly if you looking for nonstop jammin' between Friday night to Saturday evening.

TJJ at FRIENDSWith 4, yes 4 All Inclusive Fetes to cover on Saturday evening.... even the TJJ Team (as deep as we roll) was having a hard time planning how we were going to pull this one off. Then we got a call from one of the promoters, who unfortunately had to cancel their All Inclusive... bummer! But lucky for us, that meant one less fete to cover. So we were off to the All Inclusive University Fete 2007 (UpBeat Promotions Inc.), TAO - East Meets West ... "The Ultra All Inclusive Day Fete" (Miami Fly Girls & Rango) and new comer DV8 Ultra All Inclusive (Gresham & Friends) - which was an "By Invitation Only" & "Free" event - so you know TJJ had to make a special appearance. Oh, don't fret peoples, supposedly the Calder Race Course was a temporary home only for this year and the University Fete should return to it's regular F.I.U North Campus venue for 2008 (but don't hold us to this).

FRIENDSCarnival Saturday ent done yet peoples! FRIENDS "Miami Carnival Edition" was mandatory for all TJJ personnel to attend come Saturday night (or morning since most of the All Inclusive's wrapped up around midnight). Now one particular TJJ member didn't get the FRIENDS memo and booked himself to hold down AC Miami 2007 - The Alternative Concept Miami. Sorry bout dat!! So with Joy Juice missing out on what was said to be the most happening fete (that's party, not concert or all inclusive) for the Miami Carnival Saturday night, we're happy to provide you with more HD/Alternative Concept coverage for 2007.

Wining Criminal spotted at Miami Carnival ParadeBoth Miami Carnival 2007 Parade & Festival and Broward Caribbean Carnival 2007 "The People's Carnival" tomorrow BRIGHT & EARLY... and the question is, how we getting up on time??!! Off to de usual late TJJ start, we still manage to take hundreds of photos of masqueraders having a ball on the road and enjoyable entertainment provided at the After Concerts for both Carnivals. And you don't have to ask.... YES we did find the time to tek a wine and a jook too! As some of our "Wining Criminal" friends t-shirts rightfully read, "Tendency to Wine On Impact!"

TJJ Red Team at Miami Carnival Festival'07We gotta give very special shout outs to both the Broward Caribbean Carnival, Inc. (Larson and Nikki) and Miami Carnival Inc. (Dustin and Yvette... yes we got the spelling correct!) committees for the hospitality shown to Trini Jungle Juice. Congrats to Generation X for winning the "Band of the Year" title for Miami Carnival'07! As for the love shown to TJJ... incredible! The pelau went down nice too bad!!! Mascots International, congrats on taking 2nd place in the Large band category for Broward Carnival'07! You know we always enjoy the jump up with you guys! One Island Body Paint Band... allya jus getting bigger & better each year!

TJJ Team at Broward Carnival'07With loads of choices for Last Lap and Cool Down fetes, Soca Cowboys & Cowgirls 3 was our last stop on the Miami Carnival 2007 train for Monday. Thanks for holding that down for us Pee! Most of the out of town TJJ crew left town bright and early on Monday morning, and the few that decided to stay back, wound things down with some beach, house limes or shooting at the gun range action... yeah, Sig Juice took some of the fellas on ah lil' TJJ Team excursion.

It was another safe and God Bless Carnival for TJJ. We must thank all of our sponsors for making things possible, especially Caribbean Airlines ( Now both L.A and Jacksonville Carnival is next weekend, so be sure to show your support. However, TJJ will be busy gearing up for the greatest show on earth.... NO, not the Barnum & Bailey Circus.... NO, not "Deal or No Deal".... lol.... YES, Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2008!

See you all on our home soil.

Signature leg around de waist move with Panidad at Scruples Block-O 2007
Chooks aka Daddy Juice signing out from South Florida

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