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TRIBE Thursday Ignite - Miami (Miami)
TRIBE Ignite - Miami

Oct 9th, 2008
University Fete 'The Original' All Inclusive (Miami)
University Fete 2008

Oct 11th, 2008
Eden Oct'08 (Toronto)
Eden Oct'08

Oct 12th, 2008

Over 17 Fetes and 2 Carnivals in 1 Weekend!

Vibrationzz girls @ Miami Carnival'08AAAAh! Another successful Carnival Fete-a-lot-athon® for Team TJJ! Panidad here ... welcoming you to enjoy another unique Carival coverage ... Trini Jungle Juice style!

South Florida is very special for me. It's my baptismal grounds as it was in Miami Carnival 1994, between a wine and a wukkup that I saw the light! I went from a good Christian Latina (alright alright ... so, not so good or Christian) into a full on "Carnival Hunter"! With the help of my TJJ friends and other West Indians that love me, I felt supported (I'm choking here) and thought it was time to come out of the closet and tell mi familia and the world ... that I am a Soca Lover!

Miami is also the place where most of the TJJ Crew met, back in our elementary school days of course (hehehehe). Big up to all the F.I.U, MDCC, Barry, UM, IFAC, FAU, and BCC crew!

TJJ's Crystal interviewing a Gen X masquerader @ Miami Carnival'08Well, the TJJ family members that don't live in South Florida started arriving as early as Monday Oct 6th for a pre-carnival vacation in the Sunshine State ... did someone say South Beach? I touched down on Wednesday Oct 8th, and made movements straight to Bacchanal Wednesday Miami, which was a very good way to start the Carnival weekend .. on hump day! smile

Carnival Thursday, we're in 2nd gear. Mugfest 'Miami Special' and TRIBE Ignite - Miami, followed by Rise Miami Meets Shine NY. Now, you think that because it's not Trinidad Carnival that you can actually rest between fetes, and that you could go home at 5AM or 6AM and sleep until the next fete (at night) BUT SHUUUUUUU .... not so at ALL!!! Miami Carnival has transformed into a full fledged Carnival with everything from regular Parties to huge Fetes, Free Drinks to All Inclusives, Boat Rides to Breakfast Parties. You name it, Miami Carnival have it. All it missing today is a proper J'Ouvert before Sunday's Mas parade. So from Thursday to Monday, you luckly if you catch a 10 winks, if participating in ALL events (like Team TJJ).

Sexy One Island Body Paint masquerader @ Broward Carnival 2008Then course, the shopping, seeing family and friends that don't even know Carnival is going on (I know ... those mortals really do exist!), takes time away from sleep as well! If you did not sleep before you reach Miami you are in deep trouble cuz that word is not really mentioned again until you hear the stewardess tell you to buckle up on the flight back! LOL.

After Friday, it seems time simply speeds up, you are trying to make it to E-V-E-R-Y fete while saying to yourself, "I have to go to the beach at least once!" I did not get to go to the beach as the only two days I gave myself time for it, it rained ... just my luck! GRRR!!!

Here's where I turn things over to our TJJ's Party Guru's for their "Guide to Miami Carnival 2008 & Beyond"


TJJ's Party Guru's Guide to
Miami Carnival 2008 & Beyond

In no particular order here's a list of things to do and places to go for the Columbus Day holiday otherwise known to West Indians as Miami Carnival.


  • Transportation: Reserve your rental car early, else you not getting one, or at least not the one that you want. Include GPS whether you know Miami or not. Venues change and others are in "Quite-O Quite-O"; we still don't know where "Quite-O Quite-O" is! Trust us, it's well worth avoiding the frustration of asking Cubans for directions. Don't try to save money and roll with people, you might end up home watching plenty Telemundo.
  • Accommodations: We recommend staying with a local friend. Better lime, more information and less likely that you will end up sleeping away.
  • Duration: Thurs night to Sunday night at a minimum. But Wed night is building up nicely.
  • Mas: Organize a Carnival costume for Sunday's parade. As always, earlier means getting the costume of choice.
  • Health: Walk with an extra liver!

TJJ Team @ Broward Carnival 2008Tuesday/Wednesday: Yuh early!! Options are South Beach (enjoy de water) or under populated soca parties at odd night clubs. But, Wednesday night starting to build nicely with Bacchanal Wednesday and Socavivor series kick-off.

Thursday: TRIBE Ignite - Miami. Everything you expect from TRIBE; sweet woman and hype DJ'ing. Bring money for drinks. If you looking for live performances, Girl Power is the way to go! Then hit up annual Miami Rise meets Shine NY to keep the vibe rolling straight til like 2pm on Friday.

Friday: For de South Florida vibe, Scruples Block-O is guaranteed free drinks and free bamsee to wine on till LATE, do NOT miss this Fete. Alternative is Black and White, also bananas, also free drinks. Afterwards, (bout 4-5am) go Socavivor's Int'l Flag Night with Machel - Insomnia type vibes. Still in seach for live performances? Then check out Glow Miami or Soca Gold.

DJ Stephen & Wendel of Close Connections on music truck at Broward Carnival'08Saturday: Find yourself in a Breakfast Party. Pending your vibes, affiliation or loyalty, either de "Original" or de "Official" Red Eye Breakfast Party. This part is important, afterwards go home and bade and be careful about taking a five's. Day Fetes is where you recuperates; not watching Telemundo. University Fete have mad performances. DV8 and Miami Fly Girls/TAO have best food and drinks. You're probably going to have to pick, so text de gal/fella you were wining on last night to see where dey going. Tons of night fetes to chose from. Our pick is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for intimate vibes. But both Gen X Cooler Fete and Island Elite's Big Phat Fish have nice vibes!! For massive crowd and live performances, go to Machel Montano Concert (HD Miami or Alternative Concept MIA) or Cooler Fest (CDC & Associates - same folks that use to do the Convention Center fete).

Sunday: Be on de road early. 1-2 o'clock is too late. If in Miami Carnival, play Mas with Generation X. China Mas is another big band, and from what we see, Vibrationzz have some pretty, pretty dolly in de band! For Broward Carnival, jump with Mascots International. Also, One Island Body Paint Band is huge and full ah fun! If you're not sticking around to enjoy the post Carnival concert (which is great entertainment), go home when it get dark!

TJJ Team @ Miami Carnival'08Monday: A few Las Lap fetes .. but nothing to risk losing ya job about if you lied to your boss and called out sick. Catch that flight home!!

Disclaimer: Professional and experienced TJJ Fet-a-lot-athon® Party Gurus have rigorously tested these Carnival grounds and are providing said recommendations based on the fundamentals that the audience is a healthy rum drinking islander. If while performing any of these actions you begin to feel any dizziness, fatigue or pain please stop and consult your physician immediately.

TJJ Fet-a-lot-athon® Party Gurus


Okay, Panidad back ....

Miami & Broward Carnivals were simply perfect! I wanna welcome all the newcomers to TJJ ( Enjoy our photo galleries, writer's reviews, videos, flyers of upcoming fetes, our store, among other goodies! And for those of you true TJJ Junkies, thanks for your support! I met sooo many of you out in fetes and in Broward Carnival and I wanna thank you for the compliments, ideas and grrreat vibes! YOU GUYS ARE WHAT MAKE US! We love when you guys (and chicas) come up to us to greet us ... and teef a lil' wine! smile

Did Miami Carnival & Broward Carnival 2008 live up to the expectations? Check out our Miami/Broward Carnival 2008 Post Mortem and give us your feedback today!

I'm out! Until our next adventure....

Panidad outside Scruples Block-O 2008 fete


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