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S.O.S. 2012 (Miami)
S.O.S. Miami 2012
Oct 7th, 2012
3rd Annual R.A.V.E 2012 (Miami)
R.A.V.E 2012

Oct 6th, 2012
Miami Vice 2012 (Miami)
Miami Vice 2012

Oct 5th, 2012

I'm Over You... Miami Carnival Have Me Bubbling & I Just Can't Stop!

As usual its that specific time of year in October where the only place to be for five (5) days, if you are a Caribbean/Soca/Carnival Lover .... MIA! And no, we are not missing in action!! Last year I said, "I think Miami Carnival should be more than five (5) days!" I am taking that back ... Miami Carnival needs not to change its duration. Once you are pumping ... PUMP! Do Not Stop ... Sleep is for the weak, the vain and the skiddish!

As always, these are the rules of the road from Trini Jungle Juice (your Carnival connoisseur) with respect to Miami-Broward ONE Carnival 2012 with a touch of entertainment from the Scornful one:-

ARRIVING DAY: Always book your flight for the week of Miami Carnival ... Wednesday to Tuesday, or better yet, one can extend this Wednesday to Wednesday. Especially for those who celebrating their anniversaries or even those blokes who meet new women and would like to spend more time with them! Seven to Eight days of Bliss ... you will need the extra days to relax, catch up with old friends, go out with new friends, or just go on the beach and listen to your own thoughts and possibly create lists in your head of things you need to do! Miami International Airport of Fort Lauderdale Airport is the way to go ... or you could drive from which ever state you are coming from. Furthermore, if you are a true diehard, or you are lacking holiday days from your work place, then Thursday to Monday is excellent as well.

WHERE TO STAY: We still strongly suggest you stay within touching distance of South Beach, Downtown Miami, or you stay in South Miami ... anywhere near to Biscayne Boulevard is a fantastic spot to be located. The numerous hotels on South Beach/Ocean Drive are also fantastic choices.

It is time for the Pump Extravaganza:- s
o with six (6) days of partying (Wednesday to Monday) you have a variety of events to attend and spend your hard earned money. The following list is what the Jungle Juice Headquarters suggest and strongly recommend for future attendees of Miami Carnival:-

Bacchanal Wednesday definitely has set their feet in the cement of Miami Carnival as this party does not seem to be budging or moving from its spot! We have not covered this event for the last two years but we do continue to hear great stories about this party. There has also been the Welcome To Miami Party furthermore, a newish event called Wicked In White.

Now with events finishing sometimes 5:00 AM, you wake up Thursday semi-haunted and with that, have lunch at the beach or just breeze out in your bed, some people go shopping at all the discount outlet malls, some might recover from jet lag and then you definitely have to get ready and bring out your Carnival Jumbie for either Girl Power Miami, Socavivor Ultra - The New Yorkers or TRIBE Ignite Miami. This year there was also a newish event OUCH ... So Sexy it Hurts Miami Edition and we are not sure how and what went down.

As always after the frolics on Thursday, breakfast at I-Hop is a must! Please always ask a Police Officer for directions when in doubt, they are sometimes guaranteed to tell you "I Eat There All The Time" ... or you could use your GPS. Next stop we going to jump up in the blazing hot sun at Socavivor Ultra - Rise Miami Meets Shine NYC (do not forget your shades, hat and preferably in white this year) This year after the success of last year it was still held on a beach. Sell Off! After lashing waistline and drinking shots on the beach, some needed sleep, then you have your choice again of parties from Black & White 'The Miami Carnival Edition'; Scruples Block-O-Mania, Miami Vice, Super F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 4 and newcomers The W Fete, shhh Miami .... Its really a disaster when choosing which event to cover/attend ... you could never keep every one happy!

No Sleep! No Sleep! ... Pump! Pump! ... Bring out your fruits, bring out your energy tablets, sugar rush needed! Pump! Pump! 2012 saw the creation and introduction of various breakfast parties with the following three (3) being the top contenders Amnesia A.M., D'Original Vale Breakfast Party (Miami Edition) and Sunnyside Up Miami.

That notwithstanding, this year also saw the inclusion an official J'ouvert in Miami-Broward ONE Carnival from 7AM to 1PM at the Central Broward Regional Park with several bands participating, including the likes of one of our favourite j'ouvert bands from Trinidad, Cocoa Devils.

Let's not forget about Thief Head Crew (THC) Buenos Dias Miami Boatride and the infamous Red Eye Breakfast Party ... not one but two (yes, it split again) ... running pretty much all day (9AM-9PM). Then comes the afternoon/evening boatrides ... Make your pick people ... we endorse both FREnZY Miami - Boat Cruise and Luxe Life :: Yacht Party.

It will always remain a teething problem on Carnival Saturday in Miami. The plethora of parties and events are just too much and the beautiful thing about it is that they normally score. Go to D'Ultimate All Inclusive Miami Day Fete or do you go to Moksha 'The Elite Cooler Fete' or Hysteria 'Ultra Elite All Inclusive' or Socavivor - Wet Fete pool Party.

In the uncontrollable urge to go out Saturday evening, there were two major contenders this year with SCORCH & SPICE and LIME with Trini Jungle Juice (Miami). Both events were marquee events and they both had their numbers with patrons opting to attend both via Scorch then LIME or LIME then Scorch. Either way, we believe patrons enjoyed themselves.

After those festivities and you want to party into the wee hours of Sunday Morning, please pop on your jet pack and rocket boosters and attend either Vibe Miami or you could walk a tightrope and jump through silver hoops and attend RAVE - Real Artist Vibe Experience. Miami Carnival Saturday is definitely about variety and versatility and testing your liver, heart & veins ability to continuously pump blood so that the brain can instigate some form of energetic motions ... so choose carefully!

Final Day of the Pump Extravaganza (well before all the Monday cool down parties) - Miami Broward ONE Carnival Parade & Festival. You are out on the road to dance, drink and socialise your problems away ... But Wait ... What Trouble Is This ... No Road? No!? We are parading around the Sun Life Stadium .... actually Parading Around the actual Sun Life Stadium in the Compound ... not on the road around the stadium ... a small road inside the stadium compound?

Who Came Up With This Idea??!! Blasphemy! It definitely wasn't fun feeling like we were only prepping to jump on the stage versus just actually jumping!! Ah well!!! This is a bit odd ... not ideal ... loads of pros and cons:- too many to list however, from a masquerader's point of view - there were too many stormers, the layout was too tight compared to the road where you have space to sprawl out and well its just not the same ....

That notwithstanding, the bands on the road were immense, and some of the bands we endorse are Generation X, Mascots International, Carnival Nationz Miami & NY's Natural Freaks.

Sunday night still remains a mystery on what to do and where to go! Only the people who are on holiday actually take part ... the "Floridians" who do not have Monday off normally stay home or attend house limes. But for the partiers ..... an array of events come to mind such as I Love Soca 'Miami Edition' @ Mango's; Soca On South Beach 'Miami Last Lap' @ Clevelander; and Socavivor Ultra - Jabba Strikes Back Miami @ Bongos.

If you do not have anything to believe in ... believe in the enjoyment and entertainment of Miami Carnival ... 2012 did not disappoint ... Remember ... there is no church in the wild ...


  • Always have a car, Rent one, Stay With People Who Have one - travelling and taxi is not the way to go in Florida!
  • Please wear Sun Block .... The Sun In Miami Has NO Friends!
  • Guys ... please wear a short pants attending parties and on the road that can roll up on your thighs ... these women in Miami like to bubble and bruck it down to the ground ... Thighs Need Some Space To Rotate!
  • Always tip your bartender, she will always make your future drinks heavier and will always charge you less each time you go back to the bar! *boatride vibes ... winks*


  • Do not wine on only one person and then STAY on that one person in any party if you are not single ... Wine On Everybody You Can ... Share The Love! Share The Waistline! ... That way you would not get in trouble for staying one spot!!!!!
  • Do not leave the house on an empty stomach .... Miami's bartenders hands are heavy!
  • If you are getting thrown out of the club, Do Not Go out without making a name for yourself ... Take Somebody With You ... If you are going down ... someone else must go down with you!
  • Do not fall asleep in the car after a party ... someone will scream at you and give you nightmares ...

There is nothing else for you to do at the start of October other than attend Miami-Broward ONE Carnival ... Next Up ... Trinidad Carnival 2013!!

Miami-Broward ONE Carnival

"You Drive Me Crazy Mama, Realmente Quisiera Usted Mamá, You Drive Me Crazy Mama, Y Yo No Puedo Negar"

Amiel aka Scorn Juice and The 2012 TJJ Miami-Broward ONE Carnival Team
Original Lime Flavor, Daddy Juice, Frenchie, Joy Juice, Derek, Lekan, Vamp Juice, Cubanita Juice, The Appraiser, Party McFly, Roopie, Juicy Juice, Dr. Ram Dass & Text-a-holic Juice.

Scorn's Miami Carnival 2012 Disclaimer: The Surgeon General advises that partying with and attending Carnivals that Professional and Experienced TJJ Fet-a-lot-athon® Party Gurus are present, have been proven to be disastrous to ones health. If you do come across any TJJ Party Gurus please be advised that we are just not professionals ... We Live Carnivals! We Love Carnivals! We Feel Carnivals! Furthermore, these pictures are meant for enjoyment and promotional purposes only! Any resemblances to real people, living or dead is purely coincidental! Please do not view these pictures while operating heavy machinery! Finally, after going through these splendid images we at TJJ are not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect, error or failure to perform!

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