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Vaughn's Red Eye Miami (Miami)
Vaughn's Red Eye 2013

Oct 12th, 2013
Frenzy Miami 2013 (Miami)
Frenzy Miami 2013

Oct 12th, 2013
Black and White 2013 (Miami)
Black and White 2013

Oct 11th, 2013
Big Phat Beach Party (Miami)
Big Phat Beach Party

Oct 11th, 2013
Miami Vice (Miami)
Miami Vice 2013

Oct 11th, 2013
Poolit (Miami)

Oct 11th, 2013
Girl Power (Miami)
Girl Power Miami 2013

Oct 10th, 2013
Junior Parade 2013 (Miami)
Junior Parade 2013

Oct 6th, 2013

Heading to the fete now, the all inclusive party, eating with the girls now mmmhhmmm, by the bar is where you can find me ...

I am holding my head because it has gone completely bad! Why you may ask? Miami Carnival, a staple in any true carnival junkie's itinerary and 2013 did not disappoint either! As always, the Trini Jungle Juice crew is at its largest in Miami Carnival, and we are here to cause ruksion, have eccletic fun and bubble, bubble, bubble ...

If you have never read one of our Miami Carnival Round Up's before, well then, may I say that this one has a bag of new entries in the party schedule and loads more people! Here's the Scorn's Log of Miami Carnival 2013:

Miami, Florida ... The Sunshine State etc etc ... you know where you are to be! Accommodations; I recommend staying in the Miami area - Downtown, Brickell, anywhere with quick access to the I-95. Ft. Lauderdale is cool as well, but you seriously need transportation or your crew must have at least one vehicle. South Beach is also an excellent choice of location for the week, but in general ... stay in Miami!

Wednesday - We suggest you land on Wednesday. A true junkie will want to ensure they get some recovery time, some down time because the next six days is pace, pace and more pace. However, you can always go wet your taste buds with Wicked In White or Bacchanal Wednesday. Two events that have seemingly locked down the Wednesday night spot and have not budged really, especially Bacchanal Wednesday ... I guess the key is in the name. *food for thought*

Thursday - Most people are now landing, finding their feet, and the Miami jumbie has definitely began to ressurect! It starts off in the night - I think for the last five (5) years TRIBE Ignite has been a complete Miami staple ... link up with your friends, link up with all the people who just landed ... its a very good opener! Also on this list has been an event which always seems to have a complete following, and this year was no different from the reports handing in at headquarters - Girl Power - Brilliant! New comer this year to Thursday night was Jam+Shhh promoted by the creators of J'ouvert Jamishness and Shhh out of NY.

Friday Morning - No Rest For The Wild - No Church In The Wild Either (eeee-der); after TRIBE, have some breakfast, and head straight to RISE Miami meets SHINE New York, another absolute astonishingly astutue and accomplished staple in Miami Carnival. Friends of Jungle Juice ensure they land in Miami JUST for this event! Some women just love wining on the chicken wire fence in this venue! There are always surprises in this event and when certain microphone users are telling women what they would want to do them while playing complete "stripper hard bass music" ... Entertainment Never Ceases!

Friday Afternoon - A clash of warriors occured this Miami and it definitely split the crowds - two events which we are told have been given excellent reviews - POOLit and SCORCH Duck Work - Capitalists in their own right I believe! Need I say more? Flip a coin, you choose, I think next year they will not overlap, or flow one into the other. Oh yeah, SUNdown Cooler Fete had a nice buzz this year too.

Friday Night - Big Phat Beach Party - are you tired? Yes? You can sleep on the beds and then come inside the event to bubble and groove! If you are not at Nikki Beach, you have to be at Scruples Block-O Mania, Black & White or Miami Vice; these events have been on the calendar as long as I can remember and it look like they aren't going anywhere! In the mood for loads of live entertainment, then Fantastic Fog Friday and Flash ... Light Up The Night! is for you.

Saturday Morning - Well yes ... Jumbie In Full Mode ... D' Original Vale or Sunny Side Up Breakfast Party Miami?? Once again, two events, different crowds, all the energy all the music and entertainment as you make it. If a party is not your vice this morning well listen here, head up to Central Broward Regional Park in Lauderhill and dirty your skin, bathe in the dirty mas, jump up in the paint & cocoa for the official Miami Broward J'Ouvert. There are loads of j'ouvert bands to choose from - Cocoa Devils, Whyte Angels, Red Antz, Fantasies, Big & Strong/Foreign Accent, Fanaticz, Gen X, China Mas and the list goes on and on. Blistering reports and countless tired faces later, j'ouvert definitely hit the spot!

Saturday Afternoon - You want to recover - NO! Do not wuss out ... Do not be a snail ... Get On Up and Dance! Vaughn's Red Eye Breakfast Party (9am-9pm), Frenzy Miami Boat Ride and Luxe Life (now on land) ... you cannot get away like that you have to come out and fete!

Saturday Evening/Night - The last Big Bang before the road. You have to be on the wining trip and ensure you bring out your vibe from deep down. One must attend SCORCH, Spice + JUICE premium drinks inclusive event. If this triple threat (yes, the 'Juice' is short for Trini Jungle Juice) does not tickle your fancy - you can check out to either The Ultimate Miami Day Fete loaded with big name bands/artistes or R.A.V.E. (A Real Artist Vibes Experience) and experience Machel Montano HD live!

Sunday - The one day that you have definitely attended Miami Carnival for ... the day you make your name, the day you ensure the lights and cameras are about you, what more can you ask for that beautiful weather, friendly people and flowing drinks! Numerous Mas bands to jump on the road with and the following comes to mind as exceptional - Mascots Int'l, Euphoria, D' Junction, Generation X & Natural Freaks.

Sunday Night - Well this one has been a mystery for sometime, however this year, we definitely had to hit up our Bim crew's (and new comer to Miami Carnival scene), Roast South Beach Edition. Other events which have been cemented in the Sunday Night line up are I Love Soca @ Mango's & Soca On South Beach (SOS) @ Clevelander. Can't go wrong with either. Special mention to the guys who threw 1st time party NURU "The Erotic After Carnival Event" for those who finished out on the road early (or didn't go at all). Initial findings have been positive. One to check our next year maybe?

Monday - The entire TJJ crew was just being asked where we going? What to do TJJ? And the events that came up on our radar were - Machel Monday, Glass House, Blue & Wet Fete - Miami Carnival never ends on the Parade!! It Goes On ...

There is nothing else for you to do at the start of October other than attend Miami-Broward ONE Carnival! Next Up ... Trinidad Carnival 2014!!

Miami-Broward ONE Carnival

I come looking for you with Haitians
I stay smoking on good Jamaican
I play with ladies from different races
You get money they started hating
(Turn Up!)
I woke up in a new Bugatti !!!!!

Amiel aka Scorn Juice (White Boy) and The 2013 TJJ Miami-Broward ONE Carnival Team; Original Lime Flavor (Mukesh), Daddy Juice (Redman), Frenchie, Joy Juice (Dr. Zan), Hypa Oriental (Sleepy Baby Shaggy), Cubanita Juice (Tallist), The Party Appraiser, Party McFly, Juicy Juice (Red Gyal), Dr. Ram Dass & Uptown Juice ($10 Crispy White Salmon & Bake Eater)

Scorn's Miami Carnival 2013 Disclaimer: The Surgeon General advises that partying with and attending Carnivals that Professional and Experienced TJJ Fet-a-lot-athon® Party Gurus are present, have been proven to be disastrous to ones health. If you do come across any TJJ Party Gurus please be advised that we are not just professionals ... We KNOW Carnival! We LOVE Carnival! We ARE Carnival! Furthermore, these pictures are meant for enjoyment and promotional purposes only! Any resemblances to real people, living or dead is purely coincidental! Please do not view these pictures while operating heavy machinery! Finally, after going through these splendid images we at TJJ are not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect, error or failure to perform!

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