Mr. SlaughterMR. SLAUGHTER

If you have to know only one thing about Derek Pereira aka Mr. Slaughter (formerly Dawg E Slaughter), know that he is a Warrior.

Warrior - One who is engaged in or experienced in battle.

Born on May 28th 1976 life was never the easy road travelled for this San Juan Knight. Then known as "Dovie", he used music as a refuge from hardship --- a comfort in times of trouble. Coming from a family steeped in verse and rhyme (his father was a parang star), a young Slaughter turned to music at the age eleven. Music was to be his stronghold, a place inaccessible to any enemy.

He is a Combatant. Combatant - Engaging in armed strife.

Nothing is ever done by chance only by faith and it was not mere luck that Slaughter chose to go with his uncle to a basement party one night in Brooklyn. His ascension to a DJ was pre-determined. Blessing the mic with his gritty, audacious, spirited vocals, there was no turning back. Going from sound systems Black Syndicate and Sel Construction to creating his own DJ crew- the aptly named X-Caliber Disco- Slaughter fought his way to the top of the business. As a radio presenter for 96.1 FM he introduced Trinidad and Tobago, subsequently the world, to the undeniable mixing power of X-Caliber. But once again the fight found him and Slaughter had to prove he was worthy of the airplay.

He is a Contender. Contender - To strive in opposition or against difficulties.

Smashing his way into the soca arena in 2001 on the Voodoo rhythm the provocative lyrics of Slaughter's "Millennium Wine" could not be denied. He was more than just a DJ, more than just a mic man, yet many didn't take him seriously. He's a one hit wonder many thought----they were wrong. Decimating 2002 with his most popular song to date, "Tic Toc" produced by Bajan producer, Peter Coppin, it was solidified. Slaughter bypassed being just another soca artiste, he was amongst the finest in the industry. The T&T Ragga Soca Composer of 2002 was here to stay.

Mr. SlaughterHe is a Vanquisher. Vanquisher - To defeat or conquer in battle.

"After fighting up as a soca artiste, I actually gave up as a writer," said Slaughter. The hiatus didn't last long. A secret unknown to many, Slaughter is quite the gifted lyricists. He penned the soul wrenching "A Cry for Peace" for two-time Calypso Monarch, Singing Sandra. The devastating "Trample" rhythm ruled the airwaves for 2004 Carnival. It even spurred a compilation CD in England named after Slaughter's song "Lif up Yuh Leg an Trample".

He is a Champion. Champion - One that is clearly superior or has the attributes of a winner.

Now an established and respected DJ, artiste, songwriter, producer and all-round entertainer, Slaughter is fighting his most harrowing battle to the date. His debut album "Bound 2 Represent" is welcoming the world into the life, the mind and the heart of Dawg E Slaughter known forthwith as Mr.Slaughter. If there is anything left to prove, then this is it. Songs like "Carnival (I Love U)" and "It's Not Easy" speak of the fight amongst promoters and artistes---the "backstabbing" that often takes hold of the soca industry. "What's My Name?" is a soca salsa jam, combining English with the language of T&T's close Latin neighbours. "Represent" the song is a patriotic hail to the red, white and black. Along with other tracks like "Con-Coc-Shun", "Ain't No Party" and "Taking Over"---"Bound 2 Represent" the album, is a defining moment for one of Trinidad's hottest new stars. "Bound 2 Represent" ---- a triumph over struggle.

"I am bringing out music that comes from the heart and I hope people would appreciate it." - Mr. Slaughter.

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Interview with Mr. Slaughter Interview with Dawg-E-Slaughter
by Andre C.Y. Choo Quan
Interview Date: 28th January 2006
Media: Streaming Video [3:03 min]

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