The task of any artist is to create days of future past, to make memories that will be looked back upon one day with fond nostalgia of songs that make you move, groove, invoke love, heartache , play and reconciliation, Negilla Cenac aims to stand that particular test when it comes to her music.

Born and raised in the picturesque town of Soufriere (St. Lucia), Negilla Cenac always possessed the burning desire to become and artist and is fully confident that one day she would achieve her dreams. Alongside her subtle but sexy sense of style, her character is charming. Yet this bright-eyed 26 year old is such to catch your attention. There is no doubt that Negilla Cenac has a voice and is a diva in the making that is ready to share it with the world - a prime example of a diva in the making, You need to look no further than the sultry singing artist simply known as Negilla.

She's a persistent new artist with a real sense of self worth; her love for music began at home, always singing around in the house, back in her elementary school days. At that time she was a member of the school choir and recalls singing at endless school shows. In secondary school she just loved the stage and performed throughout her school years at different events. She was also a member of the drama group, all to which she constantly credits her family.

Her focal inspiration is humbly crafted from key figures in her life, the likes of Junior, Kakle, Nigel, Pedro and, of course, her music and drama tutors for her grooming towards her becoming an artist. She credits Kryptonite Management Agency in aiding her to raise her expectations and prepare for the realms of entertainment on the world markets. Amongst the many events by which she captivated audiences which her superior vocal abilities, she particularly remembers her riveting performance of Only One Road - Celine Dion - which she sang to her graduating class in 1998 for which she received a standing ovation. At present, this accomplishment still surpasses her credentials as she enjoys many praises around her country from those who witnessed her magnificent rendition.

Negilla was to embark upon a brief project overseas which would later enhance her perspectives on various music genres. Upon her return to St. Lucia in 2004 she met Nigel Nicholas, a renowned artist in her country at the time, who then introduced her to Producer Patrice Regis. It was Regis that would soon produce Negilla's first chart-topping single entitled "MORE" - which would feature the current heavy-hitting artist Kakle. This track boasts a banging up-tempo rhythm, aptly labeled as the 'Rah Raah Riddim' - a jam that deals with emotions when meeting someone for the first time. The lyrics have a strong sense of honest reality attached and the infectious line "coming back for more" solidifies its appeal. This track was released in Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia and the United Kingdom March through April of 2006. It was on the top ten charts in Dominica steadily at number 5 for two months and peaked on Iwa's Top Twenty charts in St. Lucia, at the number 11 spot, over a two-week period.

Negilla is totally dedicated to her music. She puts all her thoughts that accumulates during her time at work on paper and is in the process of working on her first album that will be filled with various genres of music, hot, pulsating and groovy tracks that will be sure to keep people moving. With pure certainty, Negilla is here. She has arrived, she is seeing and she shall conquer. No complexities, simply beautiful music.

2006/2007 RELEASES
Negilla Cenac ft Kakle - More

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