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After talking with meh partner Liverpool on the Booze Cruise in BIM, and hearing all de talk bout how Notting Hill Carnival is one of de besssss Carnival's outside of Trinidad, ah had to witness de mas 1st hand! So braps, bags packed and I on de 1st flight out to Gatwick. To my surprise, Spud McKenzie (TJJ South FL), London bound as well... but the funny ting is de man was actually looking for some football action and land smack in the middle of the Carnival action by fluke! Ah tell ya... life! The TJJ Team definitely has some serious road warriors... they could actually remake the movie "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" after TJJ if they wanted to, yes!

PoisonUK After Work Party (London)
PoisonUK After Work Party

Thur 23rd Aug 2007
Ah land in London on Thursday morning, and iz ah good ting I walk with meh jacket.... fuss it COLD! Ah could only think, "How de jail people going to play mas in this cold weather??!!" Weather forecast - bright and sunny for the weekend thru Monday/Tuesday. Like Notting Hill is a blessed Carnival or TJJ bring de SUN with us! Okay, clock change to 5+ hours.... we sensing jet lag on both ends of this trip!
Trini Luau All Inclusive (London)
Trini Luau All Inclusive

Sat 25th Aug 2007
Carnival Collision 2007 (London)
Carnival Collision 2007

Sun 26th Aug 2007

The 1st half of the Carnival weekend was all about Machel Montano HD, with a formal Press Conference held at the Trinidad and Tobago's High Commission on the Thursday evening before the big Rezzarek Concert at the Hammersmith Apollo on the Friday. Now with the concert wrapping up early (11pm), it was straight to the Official After Party at SE One nightclub, where Machel and crew was vibzing out. You should see the looooooong queue to get in!

Saturday was the day of All Inclusives, with Danclair & Friends hosting "Trini Luau" and PoisonUK catering for a more mature crowd at their "Ultimate All Inclusive Party" featuring David Rudder. It was a early night for us on Saturday since everyone wanted to rest for what turned out to be ah boss jump up on the Sunday (which is officially Kiddies Carnival). Two words.... "Chocolate Mas"! Man, people had ah time and ah half. It was like j'ouvert with chocolate instead of mud and in de hot sun (yes, the cold weather take a back seat as forecasted). After scrubbing behind de ears good, it was one time movements to "Carnival Collision". Busspepper, thanks for giving us jus what de doctored ordered for the Sunday night. Dance was nice!

Monday morning (well, midday for us late risers).... ready for Mas again! The TJJ Team spent most of our day jumpin' up with both PoisonUK and Lagniappe bands. But you know we hadda check out the action where ever it was.... including the Brazilian band! Wowie! We took so many photos On D'Road dat we decided to give ya two galleries to enjoy!

Before ah run, ah must say that the love TJJ got in the UK was incredible..... from the promoters, to the DJs, to our viewers. The love is mutual. We hope you all enjoy our Notting Hill 2007 Coverage. We know we definitely enjoyed covering it!

Special shout outs to our PoisonUK fam; Lagniappe fam; Bazoodee Ent fam; Busspepper fam; Babash Crew; Danclair and Friends; UK sound systems - The Gladiators, DJ Markee, Martin Jay and Alex Jordan; and of course the sexy Carib girls and crew who had notting but beautiful smiles (and let's talk bout the hot wuk and wining) for the TJJ cameras all weekend! Donna aka Sweet Pine J (inside joke).... it was great catching up. TJJ UK Crew... Dre, Benji, Amiel, Liza, Oliver, Jenny, Damon, Fiona, Bevan (and the list goes on and on) ah love ya long time! Keep up the great work!! If I forget to give ya a shout out.... you have my permission to holla and cuss meh out!

So, Notting Hill Carnival has definitely gotten my stamp of approval. I can't speak for anyone else, but In Liverpool we trust! DJ Spice, you know we liming next year Notting Hill again! I need another t-shirt dread.... ah gave ah smallie to wear to brace de cold and that was the last time I see it! ;-) Okay, where de nearest Tube station? Time to ride...

Next stop.... Labor Day in NY

Dre at the Finchley Central Tube station (London)

Chooks aka Daddy Juice signing out from London

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