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 Soca Implosion feat KMC Live (Orlando)
Soca Implosion ft KMC

May 23rd, 2009
Many Flags One Island Annual All Inclusive (Orlando)
Many Flags One Island

May 23rd, 2009
Glow 2kwine @ Gary Island Grill (Orlando)
Glow 2kwine

May 22nd, 2009

If you're looking for fun in the sun, relaxation, adventure and the happening of fetes and limes for Orlando Carnival, I ... Sultry Gyul will gladly give you the 411.

Orlando Carnival MasqueradersOrlando is the theme park capital of the world. The city destination everyone associates the thought of Walt Disney Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, Sea World, and Water Parks galore (Wet-n-Wild, Aquatica, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, and Discovery Cove) and so much more. Oh! Kennedy Space Center, I have actually felt the combustion and ground trembling on the 417 toll road from launches, and watch space shuttles from my backyard. But perhaps Orlando should be better thought of as an urban oasis and melting pot - where fruits and vegetables grow in backyards, houses designed with beautiful architect, diversity and multi-ethnic cultures from all over the world migrating.

There are thousands of luxury hotels, restaurants, conventions, museums, and cheesy souvenir shops … And let's not forget ladies! Shopping, OMG... shopping, and outlet stores. I must say very few places in the world can compete. With ready access to attractions, hotels, restaurants, and malls it is easy to see why Orlando attracts millions of tourist every year.

Even though we are a city that is full of family attractions, we do have nightlife and CARNIVAL!! That's right, you read correctly. Orlando Carnival takes place every year on Memorial Day Weekend. Yes, I know it's short and sweet and finishes to quick ... sHuhhhh! I know we need to do something about that!

Orlando Carnival MasqueraderOrlando Carnival has been growing for the past several years. I first attended Orlando Carnival in 2006 as a vendor selling Conch. Conch Salad, Conch Fritters, Crack Conch and Fish Dinner (Snapper, Macaroni Pie, Cole Slaw, Peas& Rice and Plantains). I must say everything sold ... but there were lots of requests for Conch Water!!?? Sorry, did not have that! In my second year, I played mas and limed heavily with friends. My third and fourth year, I represented TJJ. But my first experience goes back to South Florida for Carnival. But my favorite memorable Carnival experience @ Miami the year 2005. Finally two years later met up with TJJ @ Rise Miami meet Shine NY in 2007 and the rest is history!

TJJ Party Guru's Guide to Carnival in Orlando


  • Transportation: Reserve early due to high levels of tourism all year. If you're staying with someone make sure the car/person is reliable and dependable. Orlando is one big circle so it is impossible to get lost. (Just remember to access internet on cellular's and save TJJ as your favorites and select events. GoogleMaps is already built in ... how brilliant)
  • Accommodations: Reserve early once again if you want the resort life. Also lots of timeshares and vacations homes that are for rent. Better yet stay with a family or friend who likes to LIME.
  • Food: If you feel for a doubles, aloo pie, pholourie or buss-up-shut go to Singh's, Jamaican Patty, ox-tails, chicken, and veggie dishes go to Sunshine Bakery or One Stop Caribbean.
  • Duration: Just Friday night until Sunday night.
  • Mas: Cheups! You can organize your costume one-two weeks before Carnival. But it is recommended to reserve early. But yuh know how sometimes us West Indians are last minute or late smile
  • Health: Walk with water, energy drink, Caltrate and extra bladder.


Orlando Carnival MasqueraderFriday: This is the main night where you start to warm up on your extended Holiday weekend. The main event is the annual Glow Fete and Club Lux (Jamaica Meh Crazy). Partygoers drinkin' and ting and D'Jing vibes setting de mood.

Saturday: Islands Boys All-Inclusive Fete is the place to be. I must say this is the main event for Carnival Weekend. You pay one price and all proceeds to benefits charity. Then Club 360, Island Limelight, Soca Implosion, and D'Hut in which leads to morning breakfast fete.

Sunday: Play mas on de road with Island Fantasy growing bigger, badder, and sexier. Jump and have fun with Powerline Sounds HD, Bev Promotions, and other bands that are playing mas. Then watch some live performances and enjoy some food. The weather was not on our side this year. But that is alright, some people went out to Club LUX or Club OHM for their final weekend fete.

I would like to thank everyone who promotes their events on Kudos to those who log onto the website and view the photogalleries, events, music and videos, and who reads the reviews, blogs, articles and news. I must say TJJ would not be in existence if it was not for the diehard fans who keep us going. We love you all for letting the juice flow!


When the mouse is away, the cat gets to lime all day. See you next year Orlando Carnival!

Sultry Gyul for TJJ Familia

Sultry Gyul for TJJ Familia smile
Live, Love, Lime

General Warning: You know Carnival Hunting is not an easy thing. Please don't drink Rum until your kidney dies. Please take necessary precautions for those returning to work on Monday. The solution is: drinking less rum and more Coconut water on Sunday. Please don't contact your employer and call in sick, just to lime on Monday. It is not worth it, especially given the current state of the economy. Remember to travel with someone, drive safely, and fete responsibly.

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