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Absolut Adrenalin
Date: Thursday 28th July 2005
Venue: Joker Nightclub, Toronto

Promoters: IBz, XCLuSV, 11th Hour & D'Bandit

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Wee Boy! 2005 Caribana King & Queen Xtravanganza show went well... gorgeous costumes and nice lime. So now is time to Party! After the show is the After-Party, and after the Party, it's the Hotel lobby! Yes, TJJ crew was 'Absolut Adrenalin' bound, to take in the vibes from carded DJ’s such as Back to Basics from NY alongside some of T-Dot's Hottest DJs like Starting From Scratch and D'Bandit.

TJJ rolled in about 1am and we must say that the party was just about gettin’ started. It took a little time to get warmed up, mainly because the DJ’s played more Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae than Soca, which is what the majority of the crowd really went for... but when de Soca did come on... whaaa! De jammin’ did really start! We mus’ tell all yuh somethin’... the beers at this fete were the coldest on de planet!!! Refreshing and nice... never had ones like that before!

Overall, the party had the same vibe all night... pretty laid back, more of a lime than a jam session. But it was all good, especially for those that kinda wanted to ease themselves into the weekend. As always special thanks to XCLuSV, D'Bandit and the rest of the promotions crew for continuing to show the Trini Jungle Juice fam much love.

We wonder what going on over at de Sunset Soca Boat Jam at Captain John's???!!!