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Madness vs Masala - De 3rd Annual Official Las Lap
Date: Monday 1st August 2005
Venue: Markham Fair Grounds, Toronto
Promoters: Island Boyz
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Gentle Peoples - this is the last stop on Caribana train for Trini Jungle Juice! Island Boyz's Official Las Lap fete up at Markham Fairgrounds... Madness vs Masala!

Now doors open at 3pm, and TJJ's plan was to get there early to catch de car park lime, then some Masala action, and finish off with de Madness! However, still recuperating from the weekend's festivities, we reach in time jus for de Madness. We talkin' bout 9:30pm or so... we tell ya... talk bout fashionably late! And we were really looking forward to hearing de original 'Rum til I Die' Adesh Samaroo and de rest of de Masala performers. At least we catch a Rikki Jai and Machel's Mor Tor!

So the place ram out with people and the DJs jammin' while everyone was waiting for Machel & Xtatik to get set up. You had some artists & hosts backstage in the VIP area chillin... big up to hosts SFK, Jai from CHIN Radio and E-Man, while others were outback taking in some fresh breeze with some drinks. We talking about Bunji Garlin & the Asylum band... large up man like Ian Pantin also on the inside, Shal Marshal, Sel Construction, Back to Basics and more. It was nice to see everybody just vibes-in' and enjoying themselves.

Machel & Xtatik came on, mash up de place, pack up and was out. You could easily tell all the folks that missed out on Fire Fete II, as they were more than happy to catch Machel for a true Xtatik jump up. We particularly enjoyed Machel's We Not Giving Up performance on the day... he really sang it with meaning! It was also nice to see him joke around with the kids in the audience after having some girls on winin' up on stage... talkin' bout, "Close your eyes kiddies!"

Everyone looked like they had a blast... and folks fete right up until the music cut off. Big thanks to IBz for providing a perfect way to wrap up Caribana! Stick ah fork in it folks... Caribana 2005 done! Who going Hamilton Carnival next week?