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Caribana Parade 2005 Pt II
Date: Saturday 30th July 2005
Venue: CNE Stadium and Lakeshore Blvd, Toronto
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All pretty gyal... all pretty gyal, throw yuh hands in de air! If yuh catch TJJ wining up in a band and not taking photos, doh fret... it's in our job description... paragraph 3, line 2! It reads, "Trini Jungle Juice photographers have right to wine and get on bad as long as the standard of work being performed is of high quality i.e. high quality photos, and of course, winin' and jammin'. If we receive any complaints from folks about receiving a poor quality wine or wok up, you may be reprimanded by the TJJ committee and face discharge."

Callaloo, we loved the tassa on de road!!! J'Ouvert Jab Jab possee, allya get we! De blue paint did not come off for anything! It's all good... we not calling no names... see photo instead... hehe. We go get allya back one day! Muuuuahaha.... muuuuuahahahaha.

We almost forgot to mention this... if you or your significant other got caught in a compromising position (with de horner man or woman OR jammin' hard on a bumsee you should not be wining on) by TJJ cameras and you vex... be sure to seek some professional counseling!!! IZ CARNIVAL!!! Heh, we didn't come up with de saying, "What happens in de party... stays in de party!" If you don't know, yuh better ask Rupee!

Did someone say Carnival in Yuh Backyard and Sisters of Soca for Carnival Saturday night! Like Machel Montano says, "Heee Haaaaaaa"!

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