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2005 King & Queen Xtravaganza (Caribana)
Date: Thursday 28th July 2005
Venue: Lamport Stadium, Toronto
Promoters: The Caribbean Cultural Committee
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~ King of the Bands ~
1st - Dexter Seusahai - 'The Scorpion King' - Callaloo
2nd - Rudy Rampersad - 'Kong In Paradise - Carnival Nationz
3rd - Ronnie Devignes - 'Smaug' - Mas Toronto

~ Queen of the Bands ~
1st - Laverne Moore - 'Shaira: Persian Goddess of the Sun' - Callaloo
2nd - Susan Ishmael - 'The Bird of Euphoria' - Carnival Nationz
3rd - Alicia Achue - 'Reflections of Mystic Jewels' - Mas Toronto

~ Male Individual of the Year ~
1st - Clint Francis - 'Culture Shock' - Burrokeet
2nd - Shane Mungal - 'Atar: Keeper of the Flame' - Callaloo (tie)
2nd - Mika Ackal - 'Hematite: The stone of the Mind' - Mas Toronto (tie)

~ Female Individual of the Year ~
1st - Hasosa - 'The Desparate Awakening' - Nip Davis & Associates
2nd - Carlene O'Brian - 'That Wicked Woman Known as Matilda' - Jesie Matthews
3rd - Sharida Ali - 'Arianna: The Great Persian Goddess' - Callaloo