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Carnival Nationz Boat Cruise
Date: Sunday 24th July 2005
Aboard the Enterprise 2000, Toronto
Carnival Nationz
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What better way to spend a Sunday evening than with friends and good music on a Boat Ride! Well, that was how Trini Jungle Juice spent the evening... the boat horns signaled boarding at 7:30pm and the parking lot lime moved on board the Enterprise 2000. Not all at once of course, yuh had to get in de last drink before boarding. ;-)

The vibe was hyped from the get go! The dance floor on the upper level by the DJ section was jam packed with people trying to ‘ease their tensions’ and we must say, they were doing a great job! Once the boat was well on its way the food came out. Yes, Yes... yuh know good food could take ah fete to de next level. They had macaroni salad, chicken and pelau with green salad. Talk bout hungry people... de line up was the length of the boat. No worries as everybody got their share and more!

The skies were a bit overcast, but the temperature was jus’ right, like a nice cold red Solo with a beef Roti! It had a little rain at the beginning but nothing to stop the hardcore liming and partying on the outside or inside of the boat.

Big up to the Carnival Nationz crew.... Bryce, Curtis, Dwayne and Marcus for continuing to show love to TJJ. We had a ball as always. It was a great turnout... truly a fun boat ride! "Are you ready for the road... are you ready???" TJJ out.