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Fire Fete II
Date: Sunday 31st July 2005
Venue: Kool Haus, Toronto

Promoters: JVR Entertainment, Callaloo, Calypso Hut 2
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When you thought that Fire Fete I was filled with fun and excitement, Fire Fete II was everything we expected it to be and more! Run de track - Mad... Mad... Mad.

This time we can proudly say that Trini Jungle Juice crew arrived on the scene at 9:45pm! Ah tell yuh real early... but de promoters say to come thru for 9pm so we can get we press passes organized and avoid the dramas of long line up and ting. But, let us tell you that the lines were already backed up like after work traffic heading out of Port of Spain. The party was hot ah ready, yes dis was a great start for the evening, rag in one hand and drink (and camera) in de next!

Image & Co. opened up the show. This was our first time seeing them perform since Kees and his brothers left the band, and nuff props to them... wicked performance! Ghetto Flex and Michelle X had the crowd nice and warm with some Soca tunes before switching it up with some other styles. There was a bit of Reggaeton by a guest artist (who's name we didn't catch)... 'da da Gaasoliina da da Gassoliina'... yeah yuh know wha' we talkin' bout... nice vibes. Then to further mash up the crowd was Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon, who did her famous number, Wine & Bend Over, with Ghetto Flex... 'Girrrrrl... ah waaaa you wine and bend over... put my hand on my shoulder... move yuh body in closer'. Denise... we love ya like we grandma cook food on a Sunday morning!

What we particularly liked on the night was the 'no time to waste' when it came to the performances. Before you could say a "Yeah Yeah" or line yuhself up for a wine, the next artist hit main stage and had everyone jumpin' and wavin'. We talking bout big names in the business like Maximus Dan, Iwer George and D'Hitman. Through out the night you could see nuff smallies on top of fellas shoulders jammin' away to the music. After all ah dat, we decided to hit backstage for a minute to check in with all the artists to get de latest entertainment news and gossip, while Mr. Playhouse and other DJs kept the feters in full swing.

Now de real wildness start when yuh hear "Hea Haaa" and Machel Montano and Xtatik reach on de stage an' cause some real bacchanal up in Kool Haus. De fire blazin' again! Hit after hit... mostly all of their 2005 tunes mixed in with classics like Big Truck and Water. We tell yuh between Iwer and Machel it was like a 'Wet Fete' with all de water in de place! Some of TJJ crew had to roll up we pants to we knees... craziness yes... but sweet! Some of the highlights during Xtatik's performance were the 'Bubble Nut' dance contest where one smallie really shook dat bubble nut, Rikki Jai & Machel singing big hit Mor Tor, and the surprise artist of the night... Fatman Scoop!!! Yeah, Hip-Hop Fatman Scoop that always says, "Throw your hands up... throw your hands up"!

De vibes at Fire Fete II was so good yuh didn't even want to stop to res' yuh foot, fuss de fete was sweet! When Xtatik did their last number at about 3:30am, the DJ's carried the crowd to the end. Yes, yet another great event and TJJ was happy to take you on the inside! So many folks to shout out... big up Maximus & Shel Shok, Ian D'Goose (Fire Fete host) and Saturday Night Live (SNL) star, Finesse Mitchell who was chillin' up in de cut. Special thanks to Rich Nice of JVR Entertainment, Marlon Singh of Callaloo and everyone else involved in putting together a successful show. Watch out for our Fire Fete II TJJ TV coverage... and we already hearing talk about Fire Fete III.

Las Lap "Madness vs Masala" tomorrow peoples. TJJ out.