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GLOW Toronto
Date: Friday 29th July 2005
Venue: Kool Haus, Toronto
Promoters: Island Style
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"Come back in de Glow... swing your body to and fro... we moving left to right... only WHITE we wearing tonight..." It was the 2nd installment of Island Style's Caribana Soca Festival... GLOW TORONTO and the Kool Haus was packed out with one set of nice woman in their sexy white outfits! And we love to see women in all white... not just a white top and some jeans like de fellas.

When we got on the inside, Shurwayne Winchester and Traffik were already on stage and the crowd was loving every minute of their performance. You could see everyone flags and rags waving high in de air, and when it was time for Shurwayne's water song, no one had any problems with gettin' wet! They finished up their set with 2005 hit Dead or Alive and we were likin' Shurwayne and Candy's new Matrix moves... you know when Neo was dodging bullets! You can check out the new Dead of Alive video right here on TJJ!

Next band up was Roy Cape All Stars. While they were conducting sound checks and such, Mr. Playhouse d Starboy held down the 1s and 2s giving the crowd all the vibes they needed. Large up all DJs on the inside. So, Roy Cape started up their performance and three big artists graced the stage during their set... D'Hitman, Faye-Ann Lyons and Denise Belfon. The crowd enjoyed each artist's unique style of entertainment... D'Hitman not only delivered more rum, but had 3 smallies on stage wining down low... Faye-Ann had everyone in the fete naturally raise their country's flag as she sang popular 2005 hit, Wave. And just when you thought she had the crowd all pumped up, surprise guest artist, Bunji Garlin, graced the stage!!! The fete went clear!!! Large up Bunji for continuing to Blaze De Fire.

Right nice, some call her 'Denise'... others call her 'Saucy'... but on this night, she was 'Saucy WOW'! Once again, Saucy mesmerized partygoers with her wining skills! And like she told TJJ, you don't just learn this type of talent... you are born with it! One of the highlights for Glow was when Saucy asked the front stage security, a older, heavyset Caucasian fella to spank her bumsee to the beat of the music. We stick on the pictures of this piece of action, but have it on video (we think)... so look out for that. Classic entertainment we tell you! Next up was Destra Garcia and Atlantik. Now, Atlantik recently lost their two front men (singers) and they didn't seem like the Atlantik that we saw in Trinidad Carnival, or even the Atlantik we saw a few weeks ago at Unite De Nations 4. However, this didn't hinder Destra in anyway from delivering an energetic and crowd pleasing performance. Maximus Dan came on with Atlantik and mash up de dance! What else yuh expect from a Soca crowd when they hear Maximus start to sing, "Ohhh lay, oh lay, oh lay..."???!!! This one name... Kick It Way... Dash It Way!!! Big up D'Gladiator.

Well, there is no way you can have a Glow fete and not have Alison Hinds on the inside. It was almost 4am, and the fans were still waiting to hear the sweet voice of the Bajan Queen. Sad to admit, but TJJ had to leave the fete before Alison's performance... and we were really looking forward to hearing and seeing her Roll It. Yeah, we had to head over to the other big event on the night... KOS J'Ouvert. What's even sadder, was when we reached the Sound Emporium club, they told us that de fete was done and all performers had already blessed de stage. So, no Alison... no J'Ouvert! Real bummer. The only thing left to do was to link up some corn soup and jerk chicken and head to we yard to catch whatever shuteye we could manage before hitting d'road for the 2005 Caribana Parade. TJJ signing out for de night... well morning!

PS. We trying to work some magic and link up some pics from KOS J'Ouvert... but don't hold yuh breath!