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Hamilton Carnival
Date: Saturday 6th August 2005
Bay Front Park, Hamilton
Hamilton Mardigras Team
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It was not even a full week since Caribana was done... and braaaaps, Hamilton's Mardi Gras Carnival 2005! There were two big night shows scheduled as part of this year's weekend activities, "Madder than dat!" with Machel Montano & Xtatik and "We Comin 2005" with Shurwayne Winchester... with the usual Street Parade on the Saturday.

TJJ didn't attend any of the night fetes, but got word that the turn out was not as large as anticipated. It appeared that most folks got their double dosage of Xtatik, with added Shurwayne Vitamin C for Caribana... and having split shows didn't help either! Another question folks (mainly from Toronto) were asking was, "Where are all the Hamilton people???!!!"

Now, the lime at Bay Front Park on the Saturday after the Street Parade is another story! We like how Dr. Jay said it, "WOW... seeing all the families come out to celebrate Soca and the culture was gratifying... the genuine love coming from young and old alike was overwhelming." It was nuff drinks and food! We talking...Roti, Doubles, Black Pudding, Souse, Jerk Chicken, Roast Corn! We even treated weself to a Snow Cone with condense milk... when last???!!! Lil Prince still selling Snow Cone round de Savannah by QRC College?? Pressure! Everybody belly was full and content and entertainment was going down jus right! Then there was the 'Beer Tent', where both drinks and small talk was flowin'.

With all this happiness in de air, de camera tek a backseat! ;-)