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All Inclusive Fete
Date: Saturday 16th July 2005
Fortress North, Toronto
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This All-Inclusive party was really an all-inclusive with plenty food and drink AND Roy Cape All-Stars... boy when IslandVybz say All-inclusive they mean All-inclusive!

Trini Jungle Juice showed up at the fete at 1am, itching to hear Roy Cape, because yuh cyah have Caribana without dem! De DJ's had de crowd pumping inside the fete where drinks was flowing like crazy, and everybody had dat "ah feelin' nice" kinda smile on their face, so yuh know the vibe was sweet. Roy Cape in true soca all-stars fashion rock de fete with soca and reggae... we must give props to them. There was a slight mishap during the performance, where a light fixture fell on Roy's head, but no worries Roy was okay and de party didn't stop. Ah tell yuh, Roy Cape and de band sounding better and better each year!

Well at about 2am bellies start-a-rumbling, so TJJ went to sample the food offering. Belly real full up with corn soup, salt-fish and pelau... yes, yes it was nice! This was a short and sweet night for TJJ, the crew rolled out at 3:30am and people were still partying strong, which was great seeing that the party had a late start. Yeah, apparently there was a wedding reception at the venue which finished up around 12-ish, that might have been the reason why the fete never ram out. After all, it was an all-inclusive and people like to reach early. But from the looks of things, everyone on the inside had a nice time. IslandVybz…large up!