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Saldenah's 2005 Caribana Band Launch
Date: Saturday 11th June 2005
Venue: Saldenah's Mas Camp, Toronto
Promoters: Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club

With Caribana around the corner, Trini Jungle Juice was on de scene for another Band Launching. But this one was special... 15-time Band of the Year winner, Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club was celebrating their 25th Anniversary Band Launching with their 2005 Caribana "Rewind" presentation!

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TJJ rolled up to the Mas Camp about 11:45 pm. At first we questioned the location, seeing it appeared to be a dark and lonely industrial road, but we were reassured when we noticed plenty parked cars and people liming outside de Mas Camp. Now it was another one of those hot and muggy nights in Toronto (32 degrees Celsius), but inside de fete brought new meaning to the words "Heat in de place!" Oh lawwwwdddddddd it was HOT! Even the drinks were climatizing to the heat!

DJ Ryad, Soca Vibes and Gemstone kept de dance warm with the Soca vibes, and Larythms Iron & Acoustic Band entertained the crowd as they were jammin' to the beat of the music. About 1:00 am, the crowd's attention was drawn to the stage and the parade of 2005 costumes began. The costumes (and live models) were well received by the crowd, however, the only complaint from the crowd was that the models were rushed on and off the stage too fast. Maybe it was a time factor as there were several sections to display or de heat was simply too much to bear!

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Once the presentation was over, the models made their way to the front for press photos and such, and it was feting time. Partygoers really made the best of the heat situation... fanning one another, making bar runs, going back and forth to the front of the Mas Camp where it was air conditioned or just plain ole sweating de night away! By the time we discovered the one industrial fan inside the dance, it was time to grab a Bake 'n Shark and hit the road.

All in all, we must say it was a good time. Nice people, nice costumes, nice vibes. Hats off to the Saldenah Camp! But, as we told dem on the night... if the cooling situation was better, the fete could have risen to a whole other level. Much luv to all the new friends we made on the night. As Rupee would say, "Loooooveee you allll." Definitely looking forward to seeing Saldenah on the road for Caribana! Okay, okay, we also hoping for air conditioning or more fans for their next band launching! :-)