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Wednesday On De Roof
Date: Wednesday 27th July 2005
Sky Bar (Guvernment), Toronto
Higher Image, Jus Blaize & 11th Hour Entertainment
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Although it was a clear and perfect night for star gazing, it was far better to jump start the Caribana weekend by attending "Wednesday On De Roof" or what was originally advertised as "Soca On De Roof". Presented by the fellas of Higher Image, Jus Blaize & 11th Hour Entertainment, the event was held at Toronto's largest rooftop patio/lounge Sky Bar, located on top of the KoolHaus/Guvernment complex.

With much anticipation, TJJ rolled up to the event about 10:45pm and the fete was just getting into full swing. Despite ah little cool breeze (nothing ah good rum and coke couldn't fix!!!), the venue was amazing. There were couches to lounge on, a huge bar to make your way to, and of course some sweet music.

Special guest DJ's Court Jester from the KOS family & the one and only Starting From Scratch had the crowd swaying to the sweet songs of Reggae & Soca, switching up occasionally to the Hip Hop & RnB vibe. Of course, in between all the action, there was never a dull moment, with your host Scott Boogie who kept the crowd hyped.

TJJ couldn't have thought of a better way to flex on a Caribana Wednesday night. Soca on De Roof was a nice time seeing that it was also a mature crowd.... a welcome break from the madness that was going to be upon us in a few days! We stayed till the party done and de bouncers was practically moving you towards the door and back downstairs to the street. Yuh might say people was haunted, but heh... iz Caribana 2k5!!!

Big respect to Higher Image, Jus Blaize & 11th Hour Entertainment for showing TJJ love. We looking forward to their next event, Carnival In Yuh Backyard "De Poolside Explosion". Next stop... King & Queen Xtravaganza!