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Summer Sunsplash 2
Date: Saturday 27th August 2005
Venue: Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, Oahu

Promoters: 3 Sexy Guys
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On the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, when it comes to BIG shows, no one does it better than Jonathan Mack, in collaboration with Mike Galmiche and Laka, now known as 3 Sexy Guys. Their reputation for huge shows, averaging over 5,000 people, cannot be compared!

Saturday 27th August was no different. 3 Sexy Guys locked down the THE HAWAIIAN WATERS ADVENTURE PARK (which is the size of like 5 Emperor Valley Zoos in case you were wondering) and offered part 2 of the Summer Sunsplash series.

Despite a slightly late call for open gates due to some security compromises, all traffic flow was smooth. This delay however worked in favor of the party as it gave early attendees a feel for just how big the event was with lines that swirled around the parking lot.

With 5 stages spread throughout the park, 3 DJ and 2 live performance, concert-goers had the opportunity to sample all genres of music. Always a hit amongst Hawaiians were the usual suspects BET, NATURAL VIBES and RED DEGREE, who were jammin' the mellow vibes of Island Style Reggae. Another big hit was the dancehall stage where all de latest reggae chunes and some 'oldies but goodies' revealed just how many Jamaicans were on the island. Located in the middle of the park, it was a joy to skant your way thru while moving from one live stage to another.

A disappointment was the techno stage that was located in front of the food bar. The well lit food bar didn't enhance the glow sticks of the few die hard techno junkies. However, it wasn't long before the techno island was open... and the idea of being surrounded by water on an island with blinking strobe lights amidst the trees qualified as superb trance styles juggled by the world's #1 in the business, KIMBALL COLLINS.

ELEPHANT MAN buss up de dance and the show closed with THIRD WORLD, who brought some Aloha spirit along with the island's favorites... REGGAE AMBASSADOR and 96 DEGREES IN THE SHADE.

The show was a great success with almost 10,000 attendees. It was an 18 and over event, which worked by having allocated drinking areas. And since the closing hour for clubs in Hawaii like most US states is 2am, having a show this big with such acts running till 4am was a sure win!

Look out Hawaii... 3 Sexy Guys is your sure bet for great acts.... local and foreign!