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Sunset Soca Boat Jam'05
Date: Thursday 28th July 2005
Venue: Captain John's, Toronto

Promoters: Island Style
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After leaving out of the the 2005 Caribana King & Queen Xtravanganza, it was one quick stop downtown to link up with more TJJ Crew then on to Captain John's, the boat that never moves. It was the first of 3 big nights for Island Style's Soca Festival for the Caribana Weekend... and when Island Style tells you 3 big nights, they mean 3 big nights! Wap wap, we pull up to the boat and things were a little chaotic on the outside as security was announcing that only folks with tickets can get in. With that in mind, we wrapped up all small talk and got on the inside because it was only a matter of moments before Capt. John's reached capacity.

Once on board, de small talk pick up right where it left off... this time, people have drinks in hand. The breeze was feeling nice and the crowd was looking sweet, so it was a few photos here and there before heading to the madness. When Caribbean Vibrations crew gave us de warning about our camera lenses fogging up, we figured it was just jokes... but geez an ages... the inside of the ship was hotter than a chula! Photo... wipe de lens... photo... wipe de lens! Soca Monarchs held things down nicely before Dr. Jay arrived in de dance and do de damn ting! Now, the main attraction on the night was the Bonnie & Clyde of Soca, Faye-Ann Lyons & Bunji Garlin, who plain and simple mash up de place. As Faye-Ann had the crowd moving to the Pot of Gold riddim with her big track, Break Away, Mr. Garlin hopped onto the table (de main stage on de night) and sang out... "I want you to Blaze de Fire, show me your lighters tonite..." and flatten what was left of de place! Men had to help hold Bunji up as the table was pretty much done for. TJJ had to personally let the captain of the ship know that de boat was literally on a slant (and if you don't know... yes Capt. John's is a boat that don't sail)! But this (and the heat) was last thing on any partygoer mind as they jumped and waved in a frenzy, singing out to all the melodies. Big big respect to Faye-Ann and Bunji who clearly showed folks that 2005 Caribana action had begun.... de weekend now start!

There was a little hiccup (some fella and a smallie get into some silly argument over space issues) in the fete towards the end of Bunji's performance, which held up some prime time feting... but nothing the Dr. (Jay) couldn't remedy! Everyone jammed down to the very last tune. And we got to big up Dr. Jay for telling the women to give the security a wine, which give feters another 10-15 mins of jammin'. We tell ya, real 'Soca or Die' antics... especially since Jay come straight from the plane to Capt. John's after touching down from Barbados like a real trooper! Large up Island Style for settings things off nicely. We looking forward to Friday night... two big jams... Glow and KOS J'Ouvert! Yeah Yeaaaaah!