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Trinidad & Tobago vs Bahrain
Date: Saturday 12th November 2005
Venue: Hasely Crawford Stadium, Trinidad
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So football fans... yes we are disappointed by the draw against Bahrain this weekend but all is not lost. Bahrain did not have a strong offensive game. It was as though the Bahrainians studied our techniques and had an answer to the strength of each of our players. Russell Latapy was silenced on the left. Dwight Yorke was marked effectively. And Stern John was reduced to infrequent glimpses of the ball. Their effective defense and quick counter-attacks allowed them to keep the score board clear and the crowd silent in the first half.

In the second half, our Soca Warriors played with energy more reminiscent of our game against Mexico in October. But a goal by Salman Husein of Bahrain in the 72nd minute silenced the TnT crowd again. Attempt after attempt by the Warriors were foiled by Bahrain's flooding defense. The equalizer by Christopher Birchall, when he struck a stunning 25 metre half-volley, gave the crowd its much needed lift. Suddenly, the rhythm section came back to life and the crowd was on it's feet. Unfortunately, we were not to see another ball in the back of the net.

The final score TnT (1) - Bahrain (1). We have been force into a must win situation. It is not just another opportunity to qualify, it is our last! The second leg game on Wednesday October 16th in Manama, Bahrain will decide which team will go to Germany 2006 - neither of whom have ever played in the World Cup finals. Good Luck Soca Warriors!!


We going to Germany!!! "Ohhh ohhh oooooo, oooooohooo... I'm a Soooooca Warrior." Run the Maximus Dan big tune "Fighter".

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